Armoth (Etrian Odyssey)Edit

An elephant whose tusks are so strong that a single strike is

enough to fell most warriors.

Enemy Data
HP 1200
AT 119
DF 57
EXP 2040
Skills Bullrush, Charge
Items Great Tusk
Weakness None
Resistance None
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Skills Edit

  • Bullrush (Uses ???):
  • Charge (Uses ???):

Related MonstersEdit

Armoth (Etrian Odyssey II)Edit

A large, extremely territorial elephant that adapts to its environment.
Enemy Data
HP 1230
AT 42
DF 42
Skills Charge, Bullrush
Items Red Jaw, Metal Horn
Weakness Fire
Resistance Ice, Volt
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Armoths are first encountered on 13F.

It is also highly resistant to volt attacks so they should be avoided if possible.

Skills Edit

  • Charge (Uses ???):
  • Bullrush (Uses ???):

Cave Elephant (Etrian Odyssey III)Edit

Cave Elephant
Cave elephant
An ancient elephant that survived through natural selection. Its charge is fearsome to behold.
Enemy Data
HP 718
AT 34
DF 33
EXP 2154
Skills Withering Glare, Charge In
Items Red Tusk
Weakness Volt
Resistance Pierce, Ice
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Cave Elephants are first encountered on the 10th floor.

They will use Withering Glare to reduce the defense of the entire party for two turns. Also, they are able to use Charge In, an attack that hits the entire party and therefore works amazingly well together with Withering Glare.

They deal a good amount of damage, but they also look tougher than they really are. Just hit them fast and hard and they should fall quickly.

Skills Edit

  • Withering Glare (Uses Head): Reduces the partys defense for 2 turns. 
  • Charge In (Uses Legs): Hits the entire party for damage. 

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.

Related Monsters Edit

Tusked Ruin (Etrian Odyssey Untold)Edit

Tusked Ruin
A giant elephant that has adapted to forest life.

Its tusks glimmer prettily when cooled.

Enemy Data
HP 3390
AT 29
DF 20
EXP 8500
Skills Charge,


Items Great Tusk,

Iced Ivory (Conditional)

Weakness None
Resistance None
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Tusked Ruins are FOEs found in the lower floors of the Primitive Jungle. They patrol back and forth about fixed paths, but if they catch sight of the player they will turn aggressive until the player leaves their line of sight. However, they then change their paths according to where they now face.

Tusked Ruins will not travel over damage tiles, so if a player has sufficient health they can make use of said damage tiles as shortcuts to avoid needlessly drawing the Tusked Ruin's attention.


  • Charge (Uses ???):
  • Bullrush (Uses ???):

Conditional DropEdit

  • To get the Iced Ivory, you need to finish the Tusked Ruin with an Ice attack.

Related MonstersEdit

  • Unknown

Evil Mammoth (EOU2) Edit

Evil Mammoth
A woolly beast, bred to endure extreme cold. Get too close and you might see its tusks up close!
Enemy Data
HP 1314
AT 32
DF 28
Skills Charge

Destructive Fang

Items Giant Tusk

Elephant Hide

Weakness Confused
Resistance Pierce
Immune None
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This monster is encountered on the 14th & 15th floor of the Frozen Grounds. It will attempt to use charge, which uses it's 1st turn, to hit your entire party.

Use it's delay to dish as much damage as you can and it should go down before it has the chance to.

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