"The double-edged sword of progress"

The ice pillars of the frozen lake have formed a maze. If a Black Flame is lit deep within, the labyrinth shows an utterly different side of itself.

Underground Lake (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

This cave is one of the 3 caves littering the Sacred Mountains, though it's the only cave that you cannot fully explore due to the ice pillars. Inside the pillars of ice are Patrol Bat's which have been somehow preserved in the ice, once the ice is melted with the Black Flame from the Windy Archive, you'll be allowed further exploration.

Gather PointsEdit


  • Fennel (cooled)
    • Its fruit is crushed to harvest oils.
    • 120 en
  • Glove Grass (cooled)
    • This grass is toxic if handled incorrectly.
    • 360 en
  • Flame Fruit (heated)
    • This fruit warms one up from the inside when eaten
    • 400 en


Small ChestEdit

  • B/2-4/1: Spread Hammer
  • C/1-4/2: Skull Crusher

Monsters FoundEdit

FOEs PresentEdit


  • Preserved by Ice - An adventurer told me that the bodies of ancient creatures are frozen in ice at the Underground Lake. I want one!
  • Deliver perpetual ice - Can someone take some clear ice from Underground Lake to the Vessel Town?

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