Name Buy Sell Description Requirements
Medica 20 8 Medicine made of boiled herbs. Recovers 30 HP. None
Medica II 150 60 Medicine made of flower extract. Recovers 100 HP. Tiny Petal x 10
Medica III 500 200 Medicine made of crushed nutshells. Recovers 200 HP.

Crabapple x 5

Mint Leaf x 1

Medica IV 1,200 480 Medicine made of pulverized rock coral. Recovers 350 HP. Rock Coral x 10
Medica V 2,000 800 Medicine made of Yggdrasil's honey. Recovers full HP.

Life Honey x 3

Shiny Seed x 1

Amrita 200 80 Tonic made of pulverized forest herbs. Recovers 15 TP. None
Amrita II 900 360 Tonic made of honey-soaked strawberries. Recovers 50 TP. Strawberry
Soma 1,000 400 Potion made of fairy honey. Recovers partial party HP.

Dry Peach x 1

Fairy Sap x 3

Hamao 1,400 560 Potion made of scented honey. Recovers 300 HP and 50 TP.

Mint Leaf x 2

Amber Lump

x 10

Hamaoprime 2,500 1,000 Potion made of Yggdrasil's honey. Recovers full HP and TP.

Volt Core x 1

Shiny Seed x 1

Sap Weed x 3

Theriaca A 150 60 Panacea made of boiled flower petals. Removes bindings. Bug Wing x 5
Theriaca B 500 200 Panacea made of boiled star-seeds. Removes status ailments. Starseed
Axcela 500 200 Herbal perfume that restores 10 boost points. None
Axcela II 600 240 Strawberry extract perfume that restores 30 boost points. Strawberry
Axcela III 1,500 600 Perfume fit for a Queen. Restores 100 boost points.

Shiny Seed x 2

Oleander x 1

Nectar 500 200 Revival elixir made of honey. Resurrects with low HP. Amber Lump x 5
Nectar II 1,200 480 Revival elixir made of peaches. Resurrects with medium HP.

Sap Wine x 1

Dry Peach x 3

Warp Wire 100 20 Thread used to return the party to town from the Labyrinth. None
Magnet 250 100 Magnet that warps you back to the last Geomagnetic Field used. Scrap Iron x 3
Ward Chime 200 80 Its repellent chime decreases the encounter rate. None
Gold Chime 1,000 400 Its repellent chime greatly decreases the encounter rate.

Carapace x 1

Glass Eye x 1

Bravant 600 240 Candy made of bitter mugworts. Slightly increases attack. Amber Lump x 1
Bravant II 1,200 480 Candy made of ant honey. Greatly increases attack. Andy Honey x 3
Stonard 600 240 Jelly made of boiled leaves. Slightly increases defense.

Thick Leaf x 3

Mint Leaf x 3

Stonard II 1,200 480 Jelly made of mushroom paste. Greatly increases defense Cordyceps x 3
Blaze Oil 600 240 Oil that imbues a weapon with the element of fire. [1] Cross Seed
Freeze Oil 600 240 Oil that imbues a weapon with the element of ice. [1] Cross Seed
Shock Oil 600 240 Oil that imbues a weapon with the element of voltage. [1] Cross Seed
Ice Mist 800 320 Ice-dissipating mist. Briefly lessens ice damage. Narcissus x 1
Fire Mist 800 320 Fire-dissipating mist. Briefly lessens fire damage. Narcissus x 1
Volt Mist 800 320 Volt-dissipating mist. Briefly lessens volt damage. Narcissus x 1

[1] = The effects on the oil's only last for 1 battle, a can only be used during battle, also, you need 1 cross seed for 1 oil, when you buy a bottle it will say "out of stock" if the shop has run out of cross seeds, you need to sell more.

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