im seriously getting worried at EO4, in many ways.

i mean, on one hand, with the casual difficult, anyone will be able to finish this game D: and, c'mon, no game overs and unlimited ariadne threads? next time they will add a super guide to it xP

on the other hand, well, think, if they are taking that easy on us on the casual difficult... just imagine how freaking hard the normal one will be (look at the damage difference of the FOE on each difficulties). not that it is a bad thing, the harder the better XD

adios social life, see you in a month or two

世界樹の迷宮IV カジュアルモード:秘宝1 紹介動画02:11

世界樹の迷宮IV カジュアルモード:秘宝1 紹介動画

Casual mode

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