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    If we're gonna make these maps together, we're going to need to establish some mapping guidelines. We've talked a bit about them in the past, but I think we should eventually add them as a section to the manual of style.

    For now, though, my ideas:

    List links to all the maps with stratum name.

    Place a map under a (with header).

    Only put a map quad here. No other words - it gets trouble some with importing.

    Draw all walls that a tile has. Even if we are having some kind of weirdness where declaring a N or a W wall has no effect, if we fix it someday, you don't want to add N and W walls everywhere.

    b for normal tiles. If the tile has no special effect and you can stand on it for any amount of time that you want (and event dialog does not matter he…

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  • Pim gd

    Item Compendiums

    August 14, 2012 by Pim gd

    I had another idea today...

    Should we add how to obtain a specific item in the item compendium? In game, the games sometimes tell you that new gear is available, but not yet completely unlocked. This usually happens when you have only not enough of only 1 component - for example, I need more Venom Twigs for some gloves (King's Arm). Listing in the Compendiums that these come from Sickwoods would be quite useful.

    It would also improve the flow from the articles - when you can link from the compendium to the monsters, the monster articles are more commonly used and the compendium would be more commonly used.

    Plus, not everything is dropped. Can anyone tell me where you can find an Ice Sheet in EO2? (Think, where is it?)

    I know where it is - thir…

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  • Pim gd

    EO3 Sprite sheet problems

    August 9, 2012 by Pim gd

    It has come to my attention (cough, fancy word usage there, lets tone it down) that the spritesheet for EO3 has problems.

    Allow me to illustrate (okay, so no toning down then, thanks brain):

    Left is hand cropped by me. Right is taken from the .

    Is there any way to resolve this issue, or must we resort to handcropping all of them?

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