"Prancing beasts and unseen paths"

A clear spring in the center of a dangerous ravine populated by Bounding Beasts. Rumor has it a secret path may lead past it's fierce deer guardian

Valley Spring (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

This dungeon is a little harder to access as there are 2 pacing Bounding Beasts guarding it from the north, so you'll have to slip past by exploiting the crack in the wall under the Dense Bushland to access it. It's not particularly extraordinary, there is only one quest here, 2 treasure boxes and one Furyhorn guarding a certain location. Also, unlike the previous caves, the pink flowers which are indicators that you can pass through are only present on one side of the path, where normally they would be present on both sides; this makes them much more difficult to find them as a result.

Gather PointsEdit


  • Supple Branch
    • Quite durable, despite it's flimsy appearance.
    • 25 en
  • Guaiacum Wood
    • Hard to work with, but exceedingly durable.
    • 50 en


  • B/2-3/5: Pelta
  • B/2-4/5: Old Breastplate (Part of the Quest Treasure on my Mind)
  • C/1-4/3: Solid Moccasins

Monsters PresentEdit

FOEs EncounteredEdit


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