Vampire Tree (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

Vampire Tree
A plant warped by the miasma found in the Labyrinth.
Enemy Data
HP 6558
AT 60
DF 60
EXP 17890
Skills Spirit Dry, Parasite Venom
Items Sapping Root, Ruler's Blade
Weakness Fire
Resistance Ailments and binds
Immune None
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These F.O.E. will only appear in certain areas while the party is battling other enemies, and they will disappear if they haven't joined the battle before it ends. They also infinitely respawn if killed.

Vampire Trees are the first sign for a drastic increase of difficulty, since their Parasite Venom does a hefty amount of damage while healing them again. It can take some turns to get the damage under control. Also, for the first FOE in the sixth stratum, their defense is rather high, which can result in pitiful damage done by your party members.

Skills Edit

  • Spirit Dry (Uses Head): Drains the partys TP.
  • Parasite Venom (Uses Head): Damages all party members and has a chance to poison; heals the Vampire Tree for about 1.5 times the damage made by this attack.

Drops Edit

  • Sapping Root (Worth: )
  • Ruler's Blade (Worth: )

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.

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