Voltking (Etrian Odyssey II) Edit

These dragonlike beings can create and control bolts of lightning to destroy their enemies.
Enemy Data
HP 4000
AT 70
DF 70
Skills Roar, Fury
Items Spinal Fin
Weakness Fire
Resistance Physical, Volt
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Voltkings are found throughout the 4th Stratum.

They are passive FOEs that move once every two turns and do not pursue you, making it easy to escape or ambush them from behind. They have extremely high defense and offense. However they rarely attack aggressively at full health and instead use Roar which inflicts terror on the whole party.

When their health drops by a certain amount, they begin spamming high powered Voltage attacks which hit the entire party mulitple times and attack more aggressively.

Skills Edit

  • Roar (Uses ???):
  • Fury (Uses ???):

Related Monsters Edit

Lightning Drake (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold) Edit

Lightning Drake
A dragon with a long, electrically charged horn that reacts when poisoned.
Enemy Data
HP 2191
AT 59
DF 48
Skills Thunderous Fury
Items Electric Crest, Coated Horn (conditional)
Weakness Fire
Resistance Death, Petrify, Fear, Sleep, Panic, Paralyze
Immune Volt
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Lightning Drakes are enemies found in the outermost areas of 18F and 19F of the Petal Bridge (EO2U). Taking resemblance from the Storm Emperor, their Thunderous Fury skill is a volt attack that can inflict Fear or Curse on those struck.

Conditional DropEdit

To get the Coated Horn, kill the Lightning Drake while it is poisoned. Selling this to the shop unlocks the Lightning Gage, the strongest gauntlet for Gunners.

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