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The Warlock (Japanese name) is a new class in Etrian Odyssey V. Taking parallels from Alchemists, Zodiacs, and Runemasters from previous games, Warlocks are magic specialists, and the main source of elemental damage in the game. They have also loaned a few field support skills from Survivalists, gaining the ability to temporarily reduce the encounter rate or help the party traverse damage tiles. As expected of mage classes, Warlocks can wear only clothing. However, along with wielding staves they are also capable of using artillery instead - the same weapons the Dragoons are known for.

Legendary NamesEdit


The Omnimancer grants the ability to use their magic to hit with physical attributes to strike any kind of weakness and have a better all-rounded stat growth.


The Elemancer further hones their already-immense elemental attacks, becoming glass cannons as they receive monstrous TP, Intelligence and Agility growth.


Skill Description Type Requires Extra
Magi Mastery Increases the power of Magi skills. Mastery None
Quick-Chant Allows the use of Chant skills without taking up your turn, at extra TP cost. Passive None Level to reduce cost.
Fireball Ranged fire attack to 1 enemy, with splash damage. Magi None
Icicle Lance Ranged ice attack that pierces enemy lines.
Lightning Ranged volt attack to 1 enemy line.
Amplifier Raises the elemental ATK of 1 ally line for 3 turns. Support None Lv5 and 10 increase duration.
Magic Shield For one turn, elemental damage to the party is reduced. Support Amplifier Lv3
Focus Chant Next Magi skill increases in power, but can only hit a single target. Chant None
Levitation Prevents floor damage and raises chance of preemptive strike for a set number of steps. Field None Lv5 and 10 increase duration.
Invisible Lowers encounter rate for a set number of steps.

Skill Description Type Requires Extra
Reserve Magic Changes the element of a Magi skill being used this turn to match that of the previous one, while increasing damage. Passive None
TP Up Increases maximum TP. Stat Up None
Windstorm Ranged cut attack to all enemies, may bind arms. Magi Fireball Lv3
Icicle Lance Lv3
Lightning Lv3
Lv5 and 10 increase bind rate.
Earth Spike Ranged stab attack to all enemies, reduces their magic attack for 2 turns.
Rockfall Ranged bash attack to all enemies, may stun. Lv5 and 10 increase stun rate.
Altar Three turns later, performs a ranged bash attack to all enemies, may petrify. Magi Windstorm Lv5
Earth Spike Lv5
Rockfall Lv5
Anti-Magic May block magic attacks on the user's row. Passive Magic Shield Lv3
Life Drain Increases Union Gauge whenever an enemy weakness is hit. Passive Anti-Magic Lv3 Max Lv5
Multistrike Chant The next Magi skill hits 2-6 times across all enemies randomly instead, at lower damage per hit. Chant Focus Chant Lv5 Lv5 and 10 reduce damage penalty.
Magic DEF Up Increases magic defense. Stat Up None

Skill Description Type Requires Extra
Common Magic Increases offenses if another party member used an INT-based attack earlier this turn. Passive None
Curb DEF Up Increases ailment/bind resistance. Stat Up None
Explode Ranged fire attack to all enemies. Magi Fireball Lv5
Ice Stream Ranged ice attack to all enemies. Icicle Lance Lv5
Thunder Break Ranged volt attack to all enemies. Lightning Lv5
Magic Leak For 3 turns, restores other allies' TP while using TP. Support Explode Lv3
Ice Stream Lv3
Thunder Break Lv3
Lv5 and 10 increase duration.
Cutting Costs May use TP skills for free. Passive
Magic Weapon Melee attack using the user's weapon to an enemy. Damage calculates off INT instead of STR. Attack Magic Shield Lv3
Reduction Chant Reduces the damage and cost of the next Magi skill. Chant Focus Chant Lv5
Magic ATK Up Increases fire/ice/volt damage. Stat Up None


Learn to Love the Elements With the Warlock in Etrian Odyssey V Beyond the Myth01:01

Learn to Love the Elements With the Warlock in Etrian Odyssey V Beyond the Myth


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