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Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow. Read at your own risk.
Warped Savior

The Ultimate final boss. An insectoid nightmare from the depths of hell. Here stands your final challenge.

Warped Savior










Megido Flame, Chaotic Embrace, Ragnarok

Item Drops

Warped Core


The distorted result of Yggdrasil's power, mutated inside the maggot into this form.





Background Edit

The Warped Savior is the true form of the Insatiable Pupa. Due to the Pupa feeding on Yggdrasil's power, the Warped Savior began to manifest within the Pupa. Not only is it the cause for the Pupa's corruption, but its immense power is enough to easily destroy the world, were it not sealed. Luckily, a brave researcher managed to seal the Pupa inside the Hall of Darkness, preventing the Warped Savior from unleashing its true power. With the beast sealed, the researcher began developing a compound that could weaken it, but died before finishing his research.

Now, it is up the explorers to finish the compound and destroy this abomination.

Strategy Edit

Before even attempting this boss, it is strongly recommended that the chemical compound be created to weaken the Warped Savior. To complete the compound, the entire floor must be explored to find all five colored injectors and the research notes. The research notes are clues to the proper order of injecting the chemicals.

Solution: Green > White > Blue > Red > Yellow

Injecting the chemicals in the correct order will reduce the dealt damage, half its HP, and disable Ragnarok.

Warped Savior will begin the encounter with Vanish Barrier, its eye closed and four tentacles that deal high physical damage with status inflictions. Removing all tentacles will force the eye open. The tentacles will attack with splash, piercing, line, random and party abilities. Using the FortressShield Party skill is risky, since the damage taken may often be overwhelming for the user. Having a form of healing ready at all times is strongly recommended if the attacks can not be prevented.

While its eye is closed, the boss will be nearly immune to all damage. Only a pair of tentacles will attack per turn. Be sure to quickly remove them, as they can deal heavy damage that also inflicts bind / status on party members.

If both Cowardice Claw and Covetous Claw are left alive too long, they will ready their combo attack Guillotine, which deals massive physical damage to the entire party.

If any appendage(s) is left alive too long, the boss will open its eye and begin its attack pattern. When it closes its eye again, it will regrow any missing tentacle(s).

When the correct chemical combination was used, the boss' attack pattern after the eye opens will be:

Vanishing Wave > Megido Flame > Chaos Blizzard > Volt Cyclone > Chaotic Embrace > Holy Crest > Eye Close > Vanish Barrier

*Note: a level 99 party with the completed compound will find this encounter very difficult if caution is not taken.

Hard Mode: without the compound, the boss will have default stats, full HP, the ability to use all four tentacles each turn, and access to Ragnarok. Should a party manage to bypass the initial Ragnarok after the eye has opened, the boss will immediately begin its attack pattern using party-wide elemental attacks that is sure to one-shot the entire party no matter how many resistances have been bolstered. Only an offensive-heavy party with the capability to defeat the Fallen One before Turn 5 may consider fighting without the aid of chemicals. That is the only exception; if else, abandon the thought.

The benefits to fighting the boss without the compound is the time saved. There is no conditional loot for completing this feat.

Tips Edit

A Runemaster with Fire, Ice and Volt Runes, or a Fortress with Element Guard will mitigate a large portion of the attacks.

Chaotic Embrace can be dangerous, as it inflicts random status effects (including Petrify) at a high chance. Should the need arise, having the burst skill Hygieia’s Bowl to remove all negative status effects will greatly change the outcome.

Holy Crest (same as Heavenbringer's Holy Crest) while the boss is alone will deal ~200 untyped damage party wide, but the attack power increases with every limb left alive.

As no part of the Warped Savior has any resistance, spamming powerful untyped attacks such as Origin Rune is highly effective for getting rid of the tentacles. Afterwards, using random targeting skills such as Squall Volley, or Galvanic Rune paired with Volt Rune will prove to be most effective.

The boss can be given a weakness with a Runemaster's Rune and then exploiting it with either a Landsknecht's element link, or an Imperial's drive skills.

Skills Edit

  • (Only when chemicals are not used) Ragnarok: High-priority, instant death to entire party. If it uses this move, it's a guaranteed game over, even with death resistance. Great care must be taken when you see its eye open.
  • Megido Flame (Uses ???): Massive fire damage, entire party.
  • Chaos Blizzard (Uses ???): Massive ice damage, entire party.
  • Volt Cyclone (Uses ???): Massive lightning damage, entire party.
  • Chaotic Embrace (Uses ???): High-chance infliction, random status (Sleep, Panic, Curse, Petrify, Paralyze, Blind), entire party.
  • Holy Crest (Uses ???): Untyped damage, entire party. Damage increases with each tentacle still alive.
  • Vanish Barrier (Uses ???): High-priority, doubled TP for next skill, entire party. Cast while the eye is closed.
  • Hollow Barrier (Uses ???)​: Reduces Burst Gauge bar by 1.
  • Vanishing Wave (Uses ???): High-priority, removes all buffs, entire party.
  • Exhaustion Wave (Uses ???): Doubles TP cost of any skill used by the party this turn.
  • (Action, self) Eye Open: Removes all status and weakening effects.
  • (Action, self) Eye Close: Brings all defeated tentacles back to life with full HP (does not effect already living tentacles).

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