We've made some progress, and have deciphered something about a Water Mark. Find out how to make it react and report.


Quest GuideEdit

Talk to the count. He will talk about an imperial document.

"Starting from Area 1, if you follow a specific route to the endpoint, the water mark will very likely react. The current waypoints for the route are (C-4/5-4) and (B-5/3-2). The endpoint is estimated to be somewhere in A-4... We estimate our progress to be at 25%."

In order to trigger the water mark, you must pass over a set of 7 waypoints within the Cloudy Stronghold in a specific order, but only the exact location of 3 waypoints are known. The key to finding the remaining waypoints is to follow along a ridge, starting at D2, row 4, column 5 (D-2/4-5). With each successful waypoint hit, a counter increases by 1. The waypoints are located at the following coordinates: 

  1. (D-2/4-5)
  2. (C-4/5-4)
  3. (C-5/5-5)
  4. (B-5/5-5)
  5. (B-5/3-2)
  6. (A-5/5-4)
  7. (A-4/1-5)

Once the 7th waypoint is hit, the water mark will be activated south-west of your location, at (A-4/5-1). Head to that location and check the spot. Return to the Count, talk to him,  and choose Yes. Mark the water mark's location on the map. Return to the Dancing Peacock to complete the quest.


  • Item: Morbarabakets
  • Exp: 6,300 per party member

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