Wealh Art

A Doomed Adventuress.

Wealh is a character from Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City.

She is encountered as part of the quest to fight the Blizzard King.


Wealh is a Protector from High Lagaard. She has come to Armoroad in order to prove her worth as a Dragon Slayer. When encountered during the quest to fight the Blizzard King, Wealh attempts to ask them the party to, due to her own skill at doing so, let her handle the Dragon instead. The choice is then left to the group to let her or not. If the group allows her, she will fight the Blizzard King before the party. If they refuse, Wealh will demand that they recover a weapon of hers - a spear - from Aman's Inn in Armoroad. Upon returning to Armoroad, Aman has no clue what Wealh was talking about, and it quickly becomes apparent that Wealh led you on a fool's errand to allow her to face the dragon first.


Wealh's encounter with the Blizzard King ends about as well as one might expect. The group arrives just in time for the critically-injured Wealh to speak a dire warning about the Blizzard King's power, before the beast ends her life in a single blow. The group sees to her respectful burial after the incident, a dire reminder of the price of recklessness in the Labyrinth.


  • According to the Official Guide, Wealh is the younger sister of Hrothgar from Etrian II, and is believed to be a surviving member of Guild Beowulf. Tragically, she shares his fate.
    • This is substantiated by both identical weaponry and armor to her brother and Wealh having the crest of Guild Beowulf on her armor's pauldron. Unlike Hrothgar, she lacks the emblem of High Lagaard on her other shoulder.
  • Wealh carries on the tradition of her brother by the fact that both attempt to run ahead of the party in order to deal with a greater threat, only to meet an unfortunate end.
  • Following the trend of the previous games, the Blizzard King's active involvement with NPCs (as opposed to Storm Emperor and the Red Dragon's apathy towards them) in this game made Wealh the target of its wrath.


Wealh and Flausgul

Flausgul and Kurogane(right), shown alongside Wealh(left).

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