A list of weapons found in Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight. These can be bought from Sitoth Trading.

The "Special" column is to show if the item is offered in another way, either as a quest reward or from a treasure box. In-game, they are shone gold, similar to conditional drops. If something requires a special drop to buy it at the store, then list the items needed. Weapons that list themselves as the Special ingredient are normally obtained as quest rewards or from chests.

Swords Edit

Swords are the most widely-used weapons, available to the Landsknecht, Protector, Ronin, Dark Hunter, Troubador, War Magus, Fafnir, and Sovereign.

Name Stats Description Price Special Drops
Dragonbane* ATK+210, All Stats +5 A two-handed sword said to be able to cut all, even the great dragon. 600,000
Dragvandil ATK+220, HP+40, TP+40 An ancient sword, said to be awaiting a true explorer's command. 510,000 1 Frozen Wing
Cursed Sword ATK+189, HP+20 A powerful longsword. It is made from the bones of a certain forest monster. 149,500
Laevateinn ATK+174, TEC+2, Type: Fire A burning sword that was infused with the sun's radiance upon its forging. 128,500
Tyrfing ATK+181 An infernal blade, said to bring either glory or ruin to the wielder. 120,000
Hrunting ATK+171, HP+15 Many monsters fell to this blade. When bloodstained, it's said to be unbreakable. 110,000
Sky Metal Blade ATK+160, TP+20, TEC+2 A shining blade. As if alive itself, it exudes a soft warmth. 105,600 1 Sky Metal Shard
Dainsleif ATK+165 A cursed blade that is said to seek the blood of the living when drawn. 100,000
Alondite ATK+156, All Stats+3 A sword named after a blade once held by a mythic knight.Demonic power lies within. 96,000
Vorpal Blade ATK+158 A great sword that is said to have cut a beast of legend in half. 90,000
Duergar Blade ATK+146 A legendary longsword said to have been made by a fey creature deep underground. 60,000
Crescent Sword ATK+139 A sharp blade in the shape of a crescent. It is said to ward off evil. 50,500
Melputteh ATK+132 A two-handed sword used to stab opponents with it sharp point. 38,000
Shamshir ATK+124 A curved blade specialized for cutting. Its pommel curves towards the hand. 27,000
Light Blade ATK+120, TEC+1, TP+10 A two-handed sword made form a luminous bird's talon. It glows, even now. 23,200
Pattisa ATK+114 Broad and balanced, this longsword can be used with either one or two hands. 18,000
Flamberge ATK+104, Type: Fire A burning sword with a wavelike blade. Made from the flames of the Demi-Fafnir. 16,550
Executor ATK+108 A two-handed sword specialized for cutting down enemies. 15,000
Scale Sword ATK+101, TEC+1 A sword made from the hard scales of a multi-headed monster. 12,550
Harpe ATK+103 Made from a forest monster's sickles. It is said to decapitate with one strike. 10,000
Alabaster Sword ATK+90 A simple sword, crafted from a stone obtained from a giant snow monster. 8,000
Talwaar ATK+82 The hand guard and hilt are shaped as a cross. Its blade is made of strong folded steel. 6,250
Cutlass ATK+74 A one-handed shortsword enhanced with horns and scales. Sharp and easy to use 5,000
Katzbalger ATK+67 A sword with a uniquely shaped hand guard. It's more sharp than it is heavy. 2,900
Broadsword ATK+63 A straight sword with a wide blade. It was made using the sturdiness of the shell. 2,200
Kora ATK+55 This sword's tip is almost at a right angle. The weight allows for great force. 1,400
Dragon Scimitar ATK+48, VIT+1, TEC+1 A one-handed sword with a wide curved blade, made from a black dragon's claws. 1,070
Falchion ATK+51 Made from a collection of chipped swords. The blade broadens closer to the tip. 800
Sauschwert ATK+45 A hunting sword with a tip like a boar's tusk. Looks somewhat like a spear. 700
Wyvernbone Blade ATK+42, Type: Ice A cold blade made form the bones of the fearsome wyvern. 650 1 Frozen Bone
Gladius ATK+37 A simple short sword. Its tip is very sharp and is designed well for stabbing. 470
Falcatta ATK+31 A one-handed sword balanced with the weight at the tip, for forceful cuts. 340
Kukri ATK+21 A short sword with a curved sickle like blade. There is a unique symbol on its hilt. 130
Yggdrasil Sword ATK+222 Dragonfire opens Yggdrasil's Blossom, and a new "Key of God" shines with holy light. 100 1 Yggdrasil Sword
Stun Knife ATK+10, Stun effect When the blade is drawn, an embedded charm stuns enemies briefly. 100 1 Stun Knife
Dagger ATK+15 A light and easy to use small sword that is even used by non-explorers as well. 50
Hrothgar's Sword** ATK+49, All Stats +1 The sword used by Hrothgar. The Beowulf crest is carved into the blade. --
Ragnarok*** ATK+255, HP+999, TP+999 A legendary sword said to cleave the land, cut the sea, and call forth the end. 100 1 Ragnarok

*The Dragonbane can only be obtained by selling the Emperor, Blizzard, and Dragon Scales. These are rare, non-conditional drops from the Storm Emperor, Blizzard King, and Great Dragon respectively.
**Hrothgar's Sword can only be obtained during Classic Mode, and cannot be sold. ***DLC only.

Katana Edit

Katanas are available only to Ronin and Fafnir.

Name Stats Description Price Special Drops
Amenohabagiri ATK+250, HP+40 A katana that has inherited the name of a sword that slew a demon lord. 800,000
Hisamemaru ATK+241, Type: Ice A mystic blade said to cover the area in a mist when drawn. 660,000
Kazakiri ATK+233, AGI+5 A large katana forged from the claws of a wyvern. It has a wide, arcing cut. 500,000
Hotarumaru ATK+205 A famous katana. Its blade glows eerily, and can cut through all demons. 167,500
Shishinoko ATK+194, VIT+3 A katana with lion-like ornamentation. Each night. It releases a doleful roar. 152,000
Kotsujiki ATK+186 A katana forged from chrysoprase. Can cut through even bones with a single strike. 139,500
Ichimonji ATK+178 A ghostly katana that was once wielded by an ancient god of war. 125,500
Kogarasumaru ATK+171 A strange katana with a thin tip and a blade on both sides. It has a deadly stab. 111,500
Onimaru ATK+164 With a single strike, this evil-repelling katana killed a nightly-raiding demon. 83,800
Hamonhirumaki ATK+154 A very long katana said to have been used to slay a demon that tormented the people. 68,400
Nihil Blade ATK+147, TP+10, AGI+2 An unholy katana that can cut anything. 59,000
Dotanuki ATK+148 A famous katana with a weighted blade. It can slice two sturdy helms with one strike. 51,800
Sekitou ATK+142, HP+10, VIT+2 A wide katana with a red blade, forged from the pieces of a monster's horn. 43,700
Monohoshizao ATK+136, HP+10, AGI+3 A very thin and long katana, forged from a forest monster's horn. 42,800 1 Severed Horn
Doujigiri ATK+138 A famous katana that is said to have beheaded a rampaging giant ogre. 34,700
Juzumaru ATK+123 A katana with a beautiful pristine blade. Beads are placed on it to ward off demons. 25,100
Kishindaio ATK+116 A legendary katana that is said to have been forged by an ogre over one night. 20,950
Nikkari ATK+109 An extremely sharp katana that can even cut through stone. 13,950
Ochiba ATK+98 Usually used in pairs, it is said that every leaf's fall marks a kill by this blade 10,500
Ganyu AT+90 A giant katana that can sever even boulders with its weight. 7,000
Heshikiri ATK+86 A katana made of monster claws. It's sharp enough to cut with even gentle pressure. 5,700
Nodachi ATK+81 A katana made from a unique red metal. Its blade is the height of a person. 4,190
Tachi ATK+74 A katana made with iron to improve the sharpness. Has a unique curved blade. 3,070
Kurodachi ATK+65 A pure black katana. It is colored from blade to sheath, with no ornamentation. 1,960
Fushuu ATK+63 A long katana with a straight blade. It was reforged using a ancient hilt. 1,650
Warabide ATK+53 A katana with a spiral design of budding bracken on its pommel 1,020
Kodachi ATK+46 Not very long, but can be extremely versatile. 810
Wakizashi ATK+36 A sharp and short katana, forged from a hard shell. 480
Sasuga ATK+28 A short katana that is very sharp an easy to use. Comes in handy in large brawls. 200
Hyuga ATK+242 A legendary katana wielded by a female ronin. 100 1 Hyuga
Kotegiri ATK+10, Arm bind effect A katana for targeting opponents' arms. The blade is long, and less curved. 100 1 Kotegiri
Mercy Blade ATK+10, Instant kill effect A short katana meant to grant swift death to the gravely wounded. 100 1 Mercy Blade
Guardian Blade ATK+19 A short katana that can be easily used by women and children. Said to ward off evil. 100

Axes Edit

Axes can only be equipped by Landsknechts, but with the Highlander DLC, Protectors also can use them.

Name Stats Description Price Special Drops
Meteor Axe ATK+238, HP+50, VIT+5 An axe made from a giant statue's arm. It is said to crush even stars. 750,000 1 Statue Arm
Flame Axe ATK+227 Type: Fire A legendary axe that is said to create flames with each strike. 620,000
Ogre Axe ATK+204 An axe made of a blood red material. Said to have been wielded by an ogre. 165,000
Royal Axe ATK+186 A battleaxe used by warriors that were chosen by the king. 142,000
Nickel Axe ATK+163, VIT+4 A large axe made from a light but sturdy form of nickel. 112,100
Gaia Axe ATK+165 A battleaxe made from wood obtained from monsters. Using it draws earthly power. 103,500
Poleaxe ATK+154 An axe made from meteoric iron. Its weighted end can smash through enemies. 70,400
Steadfast Axe ATK+146 An axe with a hilt made from shock-risistant gel material. Can strike powerfully. 56,200
Lochaber ATK+138 A slender-bladed axe on a long hilt. The hooked tip can knock riders from mounts. 49,100
Bone Axe ATK+130, HP+10, VIT+2 An axe specialized to crush. It is saaid to glow, the more it destroys. 38,700
Halberd ATK+132 A multifunctional battle axe with a spearlikke tip and an axelike blade. 31,000
Fang Axe ATK+127, TP+15 Made by tying a sturdy boar tusk on the end. A crude but powerful axe. 27,100
Grand Axe ATK+119 A battle axe with a hilt longer than a person is tall. 23,200
Spectrum Axe ATK+110 A beautiful, small axe made from a polished shell that shines in many colors. 17,350
Tabarzin ATK+100, AGI+3 A small axe with a hooklike blade, made from a crushed carapace. 11,950 1 Crushed Carapace
Bipennis ATK+103 A two-handed axe. Its augmented hilts mean more weight for powerful blows. 10,700
Sky Axe ATK+90 A beautiful axe with the unique color of celestine. Some think it a work of art. 8,050
Epsilon Axe ATK+83 A long polearm. Its name comes from the unusual shape of its blade. 6,450
Battle Axe ATK+79 Formerly used as a tool this dual-bladed axe was modified for use in battle. 3,870
Broba ATK+74 Its flexible handle can amplify the force of its blows. Its blade is crescent-shaped. 3,360
Sekifu ATK+68, HP+10, VIT+1 An easily-swung axe of stone. Sturdier than standard ore. 2,870 1 Bound Right Arm
Broadaxe ATK+60 An axe strengthened with monster fangs. Its sawlike blade can make precise cuts. 1,920
Tshirovha ATK+46 Bladed on both sides, with a spike t its top. This axe can also be used to stab. 730
Spiked Axe ATK+35 An axe strengthened with the spikes of forest monsters. Its strikes are punishing. 400
Kalinga ATK+30 An axe with a unique head, made from the spines of forest-dwelling rodents. 230
Francisca ATK+24 A small axe. Its blade has a large curve, and it is very easy to handle. 165
Yggdrasil Axe ATK+240 A noble-owned treasure of High Lagaard. It cannot rust, and cuts even diamond. 100 1 Yggdrasil Axe
Axe of Shivers ATK+10, Fear effect A guesome looking axe. said to emit the wails of its victims as it is wielded. 100 1 Axe of Shivers
Slumber Axe ATK+10, Sleep effect A strange axe, said to cause those struck with it to fall asleep. 100 1 Slumber Axe

Whips Edit

Whips are only available to Dark Hunters and Sovereigns.

Name Stats Description Price Special


Queen's Whip ATK+213, Force ↑↑ A regal whip made from a root, its power sealed within. Has a divine air about it. 520,000 1 Bound Root
Crimson Eater ATK+209, TP+40, VIT+5 A crimson whip that makes even the brightest flames pale in comparison. 470,000 1 Glinting Claw
Volt Whip ATK+204, AGI+5, Type: Volt A hunting whip made from a voltaic barb. Strikes enemies with lightning speed. 420,000
Ancient Tendril* ATK+199, Head/Arm/Leg bind effect A whip made from thorned barbs. Has a binding effect. 270,000
White Rhino ATK+179 A white whip made from a tough rhino horn with a beautiful alabaster color. 111,000
Noir Queen ATK+163 A black whip that has a strange elegance and air of seduction about it. 87,500
Ice Whip ATK+153, Type: Ice A long whip made from folding Frosted Hulls. Emits a chill when struck. 74,500
Tormentor ATK+147 A long whip that can send monsters to heaven, striking with a distinct clap. 66,000
Ninetails ATK+138 A whip of blue hide, bundled in nine different ends to increase its power. 46,000
Dead Whip ATK+126 A long whip that spreads destruction and death. 31,400
Scented Whip ATK+117, TP+10, TEC+3 A whip of flower vines, with a strong aroma. It spreads with each strike. 29,700 1 Bloom Wood
Dragon Whip ATK+114, TP+15 A long whip made from tough dragon bone. Powerful enough to crush bones. 24,700
Plant Whip ATK+118 A blue whip made from sturdy plant. It ensnares enemies ensuring no escape. 20,300
Beam Whip ATK+110, Force ↑ A beautiful, long whip that glows softly with each strike. 19,800
Gale Whip ATK+112 A whip with a sharp, than blade. A vicious wind rips through those to oppose it. 17,400
Spider Web ATK+105 A light and sturdy whip made with the spider webs from the labyrinth. 14,900
Wolf's Pain ATK+100, Type: Ice An extraordinary whip made with cold white wolf fangs. It freezes all it touches. 10,550
Red Fin Whip ATK+92 A bright red whip made from sturdy and flexible fish fins. 7,250
Elephant Nose ATK+84 A whip that moves oddly like an elephant's trunk. Its precise motions can snare foes. 6,200
Rouge Whip ATK+75 A scarlet whip that is said to bring bad luck to any that hold it. 4,750
Heart Briar ATK+68 A whip made from crest feathers bundled for durability. Easy to hit vital spots. 2,750
Green Whip ATK+60 A flexible but sturdy whip made from the soft wings of a monster. 1,820
Red Whip ATK+50 A flashy red whip that was made from the vines of red trees from the forest. 1,190
Rafflesia Whip ATK+43 A flowery whip made from giant flower petals of a plant from the forest. 580
Leather Whip ATK+30 A whip made from animal skin thinly cut and woven together to give it more power. 260
Nail Whip ATK+26 A whip with Crawler nails attached to the end to increase its cutting capabilities 150
Plain Whip ATK+20 A weapon made plant vines connected to a handle. Used to strike and entangle enemies. 105
Frost Whip ATK+215 A white whip, once the pride of a duke. It reads its wielder's mind, obeying their will. 100 1 Frost Whip
Paralyze Whip ATK+10, Paralyze effect A whip that ensnares and paralyzes with poison, rendering enemies helpless. 100 1 Paralyzing Whip
Sonic Whip ATK+10, Action Speed ↑↑ A whip designed for ease of use. Allows the user to make very fast strikes. 100 1 Sonic Whip
Binding Whip ATK+10, Leg bind effect A special whip that wraps around the target's legs and disables them. 100 1 Crippling Whip

*DLC only.

Staves Edit

Staves can be equipped by Alchemists, Medics, Hexers, Troubadors, War Magi, and Sovereigns.

Name Stats Description Price Special


Kerykeion ATK+175, TP+200, TEC+7 Legendary staff with a dragon symbol. Said to contain a god who controls mortal hearts. 380,000 1 Paralyzed Wing
Petal Staff ATK+191, HP+80, Sleep effect A curious staff made from monster roots causing fatigue. If hit, enemies fall asleep. 216,000
Stardust ATK+170, HP+50, TEC+5 A striking weapon said to have more force than even a shooting star. 99,000
Glacier Rod ATK+151, VIT+6, Type:Ice A staff made from the horn of a dragon of ice. It can freeze even the air itself. 72,000
Ancient Scepter ATK+138, VIT+6, TEC+5 A legendary staff said to have been held by a naval king that conquered the seas. 66,500
Guardian Staff ATK+143, HP+60, TEC+5 A staff made from the guardian of the fifth stratum. Said to raise the user's abilities. 52,200
Sage Wand ATK+119, TP+40, TEC+5 A mystical staff made from the shell of an ancient creature. Said to grant wisdom. 48,000
Black Scepter ATK+115, TP+70 A staff with the black core of a monster attached. Dignified and fit for a king. 35,800
Red Staff ATK+110, TEC+5, AGI+5 A red staff made from the floating crystals in the forest. Increases the user's focus. 34,700
Combat Flail ATK+117, HP+40 A staff of hollow ironwood with multiple thorns at the end for striking power. 29,600
Blitz Staff ATK+103, TP+30, TEC+4 A mysterious staff with an inset tourmaline that increases your focus. 29,300
Purple Khakkhara ATK+95, TEC+4, VIT+4 A staff with venomous-looking purple rings containing great power. 16,100
Scorpion Maul ATK+106, VIT+3, AGI+3 A hammer made from scorpions in the forest. It emulates scorpion tail strikes. 15,100
Rose Quartz Staff ATK+90, TEC+4, AGI+4 A beautiful staff with a rose-colored crystal orb attached to the end. 12,900 1 Rose Quartz
Madness Staff ATK+100, HP+30, TP+30 A staff said to draw out the power of the crazed eye attached to the end. 11,600 1 Crazed Wolf Eye
Golden Wand ATK+79, HP+20, TP+40 A gaudy staff that is empowered with magic through its golden crest. 8,950
Luck Staff ATK+89, TP+35, LUC+10 A small staff with an odd shape. It is said that fairies bring luck to the user. 7,100
Gleaming Rod ATK+75, TP+20, TEC+3 A staff with a blue core. The arcane symbology etched on it amplifies spells. 5,950
Crystal Mace ATK+63, TP+30, TEC+2 A two-handed staff decorated with lovely crystals. It's said to aid concentration. 5,000
White Khakkhara ATK+72, TP+40, VIT+3 A staff used for striking. Made from a durable white stone, shaped into rings. 4,550
Crimson Staff ATK+65, TEC+4, Type: Fire Made from the skin of a fire-Wielding demon. Spirits of flame live inside. 3,500
Steel Khakkhara ATK+58, TEC+3, VIT+3 A staff said to protect the user with the multiple rings attached to the end. 3,000
Gara Rod ATK+67, HP+15, TEC+2 A staff made from a monster's boiled tail. It makes an annoying sound when swung. 2,730
Pine Staff ATK+51, TP+20, TEC+2 A staff of red pine. Its calming scent improves the wielder's focus. 2,080 1 Red Pine
Lactarius Maul ATK+53, HP+10, VIT+2 Fungal spores are used to reinforce the staff's bulk, making it a blunt weapon. 1,640
Lactarius Staff ATK+39, TEC+2 Its orb is infused with mushroom spores. Increases the effectiveness of spells. 840
Maimai Bat ATK+42, HP+10, TEC+1 A staff made from a forest snail's hard shell. The end has a knot patterned as a swirl. 640
Morcego Staff ATK+37, TP+20, TEC+1 A red staff wrapped with ragged bat wings. Said to increase the user's focus. 580 1 Punctured Wing
Warhammer ATK+33, HP+5, VIT+1 A staff with a monster's core adorning the end. Spellcasters use it for self-defense. 270
Antler Staff ATK+26, TP+8, VIT+2 A staff that increases the user's focus with the strange antler at its end. 230
Amud Staff ATK+19, TP+8, TEC+1 A staff raising spellcasters' abilities. Its orb is made from caterpillar claws. 110
Yggdrasil Staff ATK+207, HP+50, TP+50 The world's greatest staff. An embodiment of Yggdrasil's power, filled with vitality. 100 1 Yggdrasil Staff
Hex Staff ATK+10, Curse effect A staff with multiple hexes carved into it. Contains the power of many curses. 100 1 Hex Staff
Cranial Hammer ATK+10, Head bind effect A mysterious hammer that can bind the enemy's head with a precise strike. 100 1 Cranial Hammer
Staff ATK+14, TP+5, TEC+1 A light and simple two-handed staff. Made specifically for exploring the forest. 90
Wand ATK+12, TP+3 A staff made from the trees near the city. Used to focus when casting spells. 40

Bows Edit

Bows are exclusive to Survivalists and Troubadors.

Name Stats Description Price Special


Zamiel Bow ATK+194, TP+40, LUC+5 A bow with the power of a monster from the ruins. Said to grant unlimited strength. 470,000 1 Poison Wing
Thunder God Bow* ATK+190, Force ↑ 120,000 1 Confusing Bow
Avarice Bow ATK+174 A magic bow that allows one to act with complete stealth. 100,500
Volt Bow ATK+163 Type: Volt An arcane bow made from the backfins of a thunder dragon. Its arrows become lightning. 87,000
Flash Bow ATK+160, LUC+10 A strange bow made from a shining wood of the forest. Its arrows gleam brightly. 79,000 1 Glow Wood
Shidgedou ATK+141 A longbow made by combining branches and monster spines found in the forest. 60,000
Windlass Bow ATK+134 A projectile weapon that uses strong elasticity to fire powerful shots. 53,500
Arbalest ATK+131, HP+20, VIT+3 A ranged weapon made from a monster's metal pieces. Its shots pierce armor. 45,700
Niflheim Bow ATK+127, Type: Ice A bow made from a forest demon's wings. Its shots will freeze unwary enemies. 40,200
Dark Horse How ATK+120 A bow made from forest horse's hooves. Firing it requires some strength. 36,500
Gastraphetes ATK+114 A weapon made from gel material to strengthen and enlarge its form. 29,100
War Bow ATK+108 A large bow strengthened with monster vines and beaks. Often used in armies. 18,100
Gendawa ATK+102, TP+20 A bow of flexible monster wings. The handle is denser, requiring power to fire. 16,800
Hades Bow ATK+94, TEC+3 A bow that fires a shot that calls the living to the underworld. 14,450
Heaven Bow ATK+101 A legendary bow said to shoot arrows at the speed of a shooting star. 14,100
Aquael ATK+96 A weapon made with a flexible flower vine. Requires some skill to pull the bowstring. 12,000
Snow White ATK+87, Type: Ice A white bow made from snowy vines. The bow itself is breathtakingly beautiful. 9,750
Hunter Bow ATK+84 A hunting bow that is small and easy to handle. Made with a light material. 6,700
Dragonfly Bow ATK+76, HP+10 A large bow strengthened by using severed flexible forewings. 5,540 1 Severed Wing
Mammoth Bow XL ATK+79 A bow strengthened and decorated with a red elephant's tusk. Also seen as an art piece. 5,000
Hindi ATK+68, HP+15 A shortbow strengthened with spider string. Used in close quarter combat. 3,660
Composite Bow ATK+71 A long bow with increased range and power by combining assorted forest branches. 3,350
Winged Bow ATK+60 A bow decorated with the crest feather of a monster. Lauded as sophisticated art. 2,310
Scorch Bow ATK+56, Type: Fire A magic bow made with a red metal. Its arrows burst aflame in flight. 1,880
Self Bow ATK+58 A bow that is made with a single piece of material. 1,740
Long Bow ATK+54 A bow that has been made bigger with monster materials. Its power is improved. 1,470
Wrapped Bow ATK+49 A bow strengthened with ostrich leg tendons to increase its durability and power. 940
Kagenui ATK+43, TP+10, VIT+2 A bow made from a monster tail. Can fire arrows powerful enough to pierce anything. 790
Dragonscale Bow ATK+45 A bow made from the scales of a dragon, with powerful piercing capabilities. 570
Beast Bow ATK+35 A longbow made with flexible wood and large wings, balanced for power. 400
Wood Bow ATK+31 A bow that uses a flexible branch from the forest as a bowstring to increase its power. 310
Short Bow ATK+26 A small bow for easily carrying around. The string is made from ray flower fiber. 230
Panic Bow ATK+10, Panic effect A bow that confuses enemies with the bizarre sound of its arrow firing. 100 1 Panic Bow
Blind Bow ATK+10, Blind effect The arrows of this bow are tipped with a poison to briefly neutralize eye nerves. 100 1 Blind Bow
Sling ATK+17 A sling of woven sheepskin. 85
Suzumekoyumi ATK+13 A small bow made from trees and vines growing around the city. Easy to handle. 45

*DLC only.

Guns Edit

Guns can only be wielded by Gunners.

Name Stats Description Price Special


Agneyastra ATK+201, TP+25, Force ↑↑ A gun infused with the diabolic heat of a fire-breathing monster. Turns all to ash. 480,000 1 Flame Breath
Toxic Cannon* ATK+180 Random ailment effect A gun that fires ammunition made from venomous claws, causing dire ailments. 300,000 1 Bound Talon
Angel Cry ATK+173 Its gunfire sounds like the voice of an angel, leading the dead to heaven. 101,500
Land Saker ATK+155 An enormous gun held by putting it over the shoulder. 82,000
Golden Gun ATK+141 A golden gun that can be disassembled and carried freely. 59,500
Iron Barrel ATK+131, VIT+5 A gun made from a light metal, found in the forest already in cylinder form. 50,900 1 Light Chip
Silver Buster ATK+134 A beautiful gun of true silver. Fires silver bullets, and wards against evil. 44,800
Steel Gun ATK+124 A new gun made with a blue carapace that can fire special steel bullets 32,400
Dark Saker ATK+116, LUC+8 A gun crafted from black seeds. It is said to slay monsters dwelling in darkness. 22,300 1 Dormant Seed
Arquebus ATK+107 A gun with a stock at the end, so the user can rest it on their shoulder to aim better. 17,900
Wyrmhunter ATK+101 A gun strengthened by using a blue birds beak. Its bullets can pierce thick armor. 13,400
Iron Saker ATK+96 A gun with a barrel strengthened with vast amounts of a metal found in prehnite. 12,000
Zamiel Gun ATK+92, TP+20 An occult firearm, based off a certain marksman's gun. It is unerringly accurate. 11,100
Ice Culverin ATK+88, HP+10, Type: Ice A gun that uses a monster core to freeze the barrel, and fire icy shots. 9,550
Handcannon ATK+84 A gun that is best used at close range. 6,550
Nalnari ATK+77 Fits naturally into the bearer's hand. 5,600
Godhunter ATK+73 A gun that fires scattershots. The barrel is strengthened using a white metal 4,650
King's Gun ATK+70, LUC+5 This gun fires cactus spines that have been converted into bullet form. 3,640
Fire Saker ATK+67, Type: Fire A gun that can fire flaming bullets by converting frozen iron. 3,010 1 Frozen Iron
Bone Culverin ATK+64 A gun made from the thighbone of a giant forest monster. 2,240
Shotgun ATK+55 A gun that has two barrels that fie at the same time to increase firepower. 1,640
Madfa ATK+46 A gun able to fire large ammo made from assorted monster fragments and claws. 1,040
Bayonet ATK+37 A gun made easier to reload. 440
Hakenbuchse ATK+33 A gun with claws attached. These lock it in place to absorb recoil. 350
Culverin ATK+24 A gun that has been made smaller with a shell spike attached. Easy to carry around. 130
Fire Gun ATK+18 A simple one-shot gun. As a muzzleloader it must reloaded from the front. 100
Agnea ATK+204 A one-of-a-kind magic gun that fires a beam of light, with no smoke or bullets. 100 1 Agnea
Rock Cannon ATK+10, Petrify effect A gun that petrifies its target with a specialized bullet. 100 1 Rock Cannon
Tedutsu ATK+14 A simple gun, requiring incendiary powder in order to fire. 50

*DLC only.

Claws Edit

Claws are weaponry specialized for Beasts.

Name Stats Description Price Special


Wolfram Nail ATK+231, HP+40, VIT+4 A claw made from a nail hammered into a giant. It defies all natural law. 700,000 1 Broken Stake
Blood Nail ATK+198 A claw made of a blood red metal. Something about it brings out one's feral nature... 153,000
Ogre Claw ATK+176 A claw made of versatile metal found in a caterpillar claw. It never breaks or bends/ 119,000
Breaker ATK+169, HP+30 A claw made from the shards of a forest statue. It crushes as well as it cuts. 107,000
Solar Claw ATK+162 A claw made of extremely light but durable metal. It shines as brightly as the sun. 95,000
Damascus Claw ATK+159, TP+30 A claw made of a mysterious metal that never rusts. Beautifully rippled. 81,200
Meteor Nail ATK+150 A unique claw of fine material that relies on its density to cut more viciously. 64,900
Sonic Claw ATK+140 A claw made from bat fangs. Designed for stealth and efficiency of cutting. 45,200
Gold Claw ATK+128, AGI+3 A claw made from the talons of a bird. They gleam with a bright gold color. 35,600
Thorn Fist ATK+130 A weapon with monster thorns attached. Good for both attack and defense. 32,100
Wind Claw ATK+121 A claw with a razor-thin blade, letting the wielder cut with claw and vicious wind. 23,600
Turtle Claw ATK+115 Said to be made from a centuries-old turtle shell. Resembles a turtle's hand. 17,850
Aqua Claw ATK+108, Type: Ice A claw crafted from a cold blue core. Creates a curious vapor where it cuts. 15,200
Sapphire Claw ATK+104 A well-polished clawm made from quality material. 11,900
Shell Claw ATK+93 A claw crafted from a hard shell. The polished pieces are patterned prettily. 8,950
Rusty Nail ATK+82 A claw made from the front legs of a dragonfly. The blades barely curve. 5,950
Flame Claw ATK+77, Type: Fire A claw made from the horn on the back of the Fire Drake. Burst aflame when wielded. 4,740
Iron Claw ATK+76 A claw forged with an iron found in the antlers of deerlike monsters. 3,570
Red Claw ATK+66 A beautiful claw decorated with shining forest rubies. 2,620
Stone Claw ATK+59 A claw made from the shards of an Odd Statue. 1,670
Hell Claw ATK+55, HP+5 A claw said to be left behind by a messenger from hell. 990
Royal Claw ATK+45 A claw crafted from polished, sturdy shells. 630
Wyvern Claw ATK+40 Sharp claws crafted form the skull of the wyvern residing in the forest. 550
Mole Claw ATK+29 A simple three-blade crafted from mole claws. 225
Bear Claw ATK+23 Claws made for fighting, based on bear claws. 155
Claw of Bonds ATK+234 The world's greatest claws. Rightfully belongs to true allies of the forest. 100 1 Claw of Bonds
Wooden Claws ATK+17 A weapon not meant for killing, but more for protecting the arms and hands. 70
Iron Nail* ATK+50, HP+10 The claws Wulfgar used. Like their user's fur, they have a cool black color. --

*The Iron Nail can only be obtained in Classic Mode, and cannot be sold.

Spears Edit

Spears are only accessible if the player purchases the Highlander DLC, and are available for Highlanders and Protectors.

Name Stats Description Price Special


Wyvern Spear ATK+223, HP+40, TP+40 An arcane spear infused with the power of the terrifying wyvern. 660,000 1 Paralyzed Wing
King's Spear ATK+187 A spear with a one-sided blade. Many explorers prefer using this. 149,000
Moon Spear ATK+174 A crescent blade on the spearhead allows it to both slice and pierce. 120,000
Partizan ATK+160 Protrusions along the sides of the blade allow the user to parry attacks. 98,500
Darkness Spear ATK+153, TP+25 A very large spear, forged form Jet Black Iron. 74,600
Winged Spear ATK+144 A spear with featherlike extensions at the bottom for catching enemy attacks. 59,600
Awl Pike ATK+135 A long spear not suited for close range. Its sharp end can pierce any armor. 41,500
Horn Spear ATK+126, VIT+4 A red spear that uses a monster's horn as the head. 32,700
Hayakaze ATK+122 A godly spear that dances like a breeze, yet strikes like a gale. 29,500
Black Beast ATK+118, HP+20 A long spear that uses a sharpened beast fang as its head. 26,200
Cross Spear ATK+113, VIT+3 A spear with protrusions on the that allows one to bloc sudden attacks. 23,000
Oomiyari ATK+109 A powerful spear that is twice the size of ordinary weapons of its kind. 19,700
Tepoztopilli ATK+103 A long spear with a sharpened piece of rock as a spearhead. 16,400
Ice Fang ATK+98, Type: Ice A spear that uses a freezing fang as the head. Freezes anything it pierces. 13,550
Ahlspiess ATK+97 A short, yet maneuverable spear whose head is half its entire length. 10,950
Whitefang Spear ATK+86 A normal-looking spear made with White Metal obtained from Snow Lizards. 6,850
Sarissa ATK+80 A wide-range spear with a socket-style head, allowing for quick replacement. 5,450
Long Spear ATK+72 A longer-than-average spear, made for attacking distant or airborne enemies. 3,280
Glaucus Spear ATK+64 A flexible and beautiful spear made with the tail feathers of a Madness Owl. 2,540
Lance ATK+59 A cone-shaped spear made for thrusting. Often used in sporting events. 1,970
Hasta ATK+47 The spearhead is made from a large thorn, and can easily be detached.
Framea ATK+38 A long spear with a willow-leaf head, designed to inflict terrible wounds. 500
Harpoon ATK+27 A spear with a jagged point, using the needles of rodents in the forest. 200
Short Spear ATK+22 A pole with a blade attached to it used mainly for hunting. 145
Teboko ATK+16 A weapon with a slightly curved blade attached to a simple wooden pole. 60

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