A list of weapons that are found in Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl. These can be bought from Shilleka's Goods.

The "Special" column is to show if the item is offered in another way. In-game, they are shown as gold, similar to conditional drops.


Spears are only available for Highlanders and Protectors.

Name Description ATK Effect Ingredients Buy Price Special?
Wyvern Spear A magic spear that contains the terrifying power of the Wyvern. 218 HP+40 TP+40 Restrained Legs x1 220000 Y/Hi
Moon Spear A crescent blade on the spearhead allows it to both slice and pierce. 185 Ant Claw x5 52600 --
Partizan Protrusions along the sides of the blade allow the user to parry attacks. 167 VIT+2 Blade Spiral x3 46000 --
Winged Spear A spear with extensions at the bottom for catching enemy attacks. 155 Saw Fin x3 39000
Pylon Spear A spear of untested power, using technology left behind by the ancients. 151 TP+10 Story Mode Only

Unknown Shell x1

37000 --
King's Spear A unique, single-edged spear that has recently come into style in Etria. 147 Space Claw x1 33000 --
Tonbogiri A famous spear with enough power to split anything in two. 151 TEC+3 AGI+5 Chaos Eyes x1 30300 --
Awl Pike A sharp spear that can easily pierce a soldier's armor. 136 TEC+2 Drywall x5

Gold Fur x1

27400 --
Hayakaze A god's spear that dances like a breeze, yet strikes like a gale. 125 Tiny Tooth x3 21950 --
Oomiyari A powerful spear that is twice the size of normal spears. 118 VIT+2 Steel Chip x10

Red String x1

16400 --
Tepoztopilli A long spear with a sharpened piece of rock as a spearhead. 110 Hard Rock x1 13700 --
Black Beast A long spear that uses a sharpened beast fang as the head. 101 Savage Tusk x1 10900 --
Ahlspiess A short, yet maneuverable spear whose head is half its entire length. 93 AGI+2 Developed Jaw x3 7680 --
Sarissa A wide-range spear with a socket-style head, allowing for quick replacement. 86 Rigid Thorax x3 6310 --
Long Spear A longer-than-average spear, made for attacking distant or airborne enemies. 77 Deposit Piece x2 4930 --
Horn Spear A spear crafted using the horn of the Jungle King. Flexible, yet firm. 73 VIT+2


Sharp Horn x1 4260 --
Tiger Lance A spear with a head made from a tiger fang, able to pierce opponents. 71 TEC+1 Tiger Fang x1 3290 --
Ice Fang Made from frozen ivory, it freezes those who touch the blade. 74 Ice Iced Ivory x1 3160 Y
Scorpion A number of claws and axe heads are at the end of this dangerous weapon. 65 AGI+3 Toxic Barb x1 2860 --
Flame Spear A spear using a Firebird's plume. Its short length increases its utility. 62 Fire Fire Feather x5

Light Wood x1

2470 --
Lance A cone-shaped spear made for thrusting. Often used in sporting events. 53 VIT+1 Sharp Stinger x6

Venom Barb x1

1640 --
Black Guisarme A useful weapon, with a spike and a scythe blade for thrusts and slashes. 51 HP+10 Story Mode Only

Black Stinger x1

1420 --
Fuscina A three-pronged spear, originally intended for use as a farm tool. 48 Story Mode Only

Spinnerette x5 Bat Skin x2

1200 --
Hasta The spearhead is made from a large thorn and can easily be removed. 45 Thorn x3 650 --
Framea A long spear with a willow-leaf head, designed to inflict terrible wounds. 38 AGI+1 Mandrake Root x3 410 --
Harpoon A spear with a sturdy wooden handle and a cruel barbed point. 28 Hardwood x1 160 --
Short Spear A pole with a blade attached to it used mainly for hunting. 22 ---- 110 --
Dismemberer A spear that takes out the enemy's legs with its saw-like blade. 10 Bind Legs Dismemberer x1 100 Y
Highlander Spear A traditional spear of the Highlanders. You were given this as you set off. 20 Highlander's initial weapon. Cannot be sold/bought Hi


Guns can only be wielded by Gunners.

Name Description ATK Effect Ingredients Buy Price Special?
Megido Gun An enchanted gun that sets enemies on fire. 232 Fire Heat Horn x1 240000 Y/G
Abaddon The projectiles of this gun are said to devour the souls of their victims. 209 TEC+5 Sinister Beak x1 79700 --
Torador A matchlock using Armor Rat Plates. Its long barrel is easy to aim. 195 Roller Spikes x1 57500 --
Flechette A special weapon that fires a series of arrow-like Projectiles. 174 Lady Palm x3 50300 --
Steel Gun An improved gun that uses special steel rounds. 161 Shiver Stinger x1 43100 --
Volt Gun Accurate enough to shoot birds from the sky. 153 AGI+2 Gold Tusk x4

Red Fur x1

36300 --
Dark Saker Its sights can detect beasts in the darkness. 141 Thorn Stem x4 30000 --
Arquebus A primitive but devastating long gun that is fired from the shoulder. 132 TEC+2 Artificial Hermit x1 23600 --
Kuni-kuzushi A heavy weapon that fires a tiny cannon ball. 130 TEC+4


Story Mode Only

Burnt Barrel x1

22400 --
Wyrmhunter Its bullets can pierce through thick armor. 124 Hard Rock x4

Nyx Scythe x2

17900 --
Iron Saker A pistol reinforced to fire more powerful rounds. 116 Damascus Ingot x3

Steel Chip x1

15100 --
Petronell A gun with a folding stock that allows it to be fired with greater stability. 107 VIT+2 Flamerat Skull x1 12000 --
Thunder Saker Anyone who touches the bullets from this gun will be shocked. 103 Volt Paralyzed Leg x1 10950 Y
Handcannon Its true power shows in point-blank shots. 99 Crab Leg x3

Glimmer Stone x1

8410 --
Nalnari Fits naturally into the bearer's hand. 90 TEC+1 Scale Plate x1 6900 --
Godhunter Can fire multiple arounds simultaneously. 79 Steel Chitin x1 5360 --
Abyss A lightweight gun that can shoot an insect out of the air. 76 AGI+3 Story Mode Only

Pink Wing x1

4260 --
Roc's Maw A firearm named for its resemblance to a bird beak. 73 AGI+1 Glow Talon x1 3590 --
Shotgun Capable of firing both barrels simultaneously. 65 Venom Barb x2

Light Wood x2

2700 --
Culverin A small, easily concealable firearm. 59 HP+10


White Fang x5 2400 --
Madfa A single-shot firearm of an almost absurdly large caliber. 56 TEC+1 Sharp Stinger x1 1800 --
Spider Muzzle This gun uses hardened spider webbing to stabilize bullets' trajectories. 52 Story Mode Only

Spinnerette x1

1300 --
Hakenbuechse A gun with a claw attached that relieves the shock of recoil. 48 Beetle Jaw x5 720 --
Volcanic A firearm with an easy-to-load breech. 41 AGI+1 Enamel Leg x4

Mandrake Root x1

450 --
Butterfly Barrel A pistol decorated with a butterfly's proboscis and other enamel ornaments. 30 Steel Snout x5

Enamel Leg x2

180 --
Fire Gun A simple, muzzle-loading firearm that holds one shot at a time. 24 ---- 120 --
Rock Saker A firearm that can petrify enemies with its special bullets. 10 Petrify Rock Saker x1 100 Y


Swords are the most widely-used weapons, available to the Landsknecht, Protector, Ronin, Dark Hunter and Troubadour.

Name Description ATK Effect Ingredients Buy Price Special?
Shinryuu A longsword sharp enough to slaughter even the great dragons. 210 ALL STATS+5 (Fire, Ice & Volt scales

from great dragons)

200000 All
Judgment Sword 177 Gold Carapace x9

Gray Pincer x9

Dainsleif A cursed sword seeking fresh blood to feed on. 158 Blue Crystal x7

Calculus x5

42000 --
Icy Almas A sword with a blade carved from a supernaturally-cooled block of ice. 142 Ice Frost Scythe x1 37800 --
Blazing Sword A magical sword forged with a special ore, imbuing it with the power of fire. 146 Fire Wing Scale x10

Blaze Material x3

36000 --
Great Sword A sword longer than the average person is tall. Its power comes from weight. 136 VIT+3 Space Claw x3

Obsidian Fang x2

30000 --
Golden Sword A beautiful longsword decorated with shells that glitter like gold. 127 Gold Shell x3 25000 --
Ilwoon A decorated flat sword with a wide tip. 118 Tiny Tooth x1 20000 --
Damascus Sword An even larger blade of Damascus steel. The ripple pattern is a work of art. 113 TEC+1 Damascus Ingot x3

Magatama x2

15000 --
Damascus Blade A longsword of Damascus steel, with beautiful ripple patterns in the metal. 106 Steel Chip x3 12500 --
Pattisa A longsword with a curved guard. Used to crush opponents. 96 Savage Tusk x3 10000 --
Executor A two-handed sword intended for the sole purpose of slashing its targets. 90 Fish Scale x3 7000 --
Queen Saber An intricately decorated, curved blade made from the claw of an ant queen. 79 HP+20


Death Claw x1 6600 --
Brave Sword Wielded by fully-fledged hunters, and crafted out of monsters hunted personally. 81 AGI+2


Bloodbear Claw x3

Bug Nest x3

5750 --
Shamshir A long, curved blade made of steel. 71 Steel Chitin x3

Honey Crystal x3

4500 --
Shotel A curved sword made from the claws of moles living in the Labyrinth. 67 Story Mode Only

Curved Claw x1

3200 --
Viking A double-edged longsword meant to cause terror while pillaging. 65 VIT+1 Tiger Fang x3

Laterite x1

3000 --
Bone Sword A sword crafted using a variety of bones and claws. 59 Bent Claw x5

Broken Wing x3

2250 --
Tiger Fang Crafted from the giant incisors of a white tiger. 55 HP+10


White Fang x1 2050 --
Vorpal It has split legendary creatures in half. 46 HP+20


Tied Scythe x1 1800 Y
Broadsword A double-edged length of steel with a wide blade and a cup-hilt for defense. 49 VIT+1 Scarlet Ore x1 1500 --
Boar Spear A hunting weapon shaped like a beast's fang. 42 AGI+1 Metal Horn x5 600 --
Shortsword A fighting blade crafted from rabbit's teeth. 35 Rabbit Tooth x5 370 --
Baselard A short sword crafted from beast fangs with a unique I-shaped grip. 26 Small Fang x5 150 --
Slumber Knife A dagger that puts enemies to sleep before they even notice their wounds. 10 Sleep Slumber Knife x1 100 Y/All
Blinding Dagger A dagger that temporarily disables the opponent's optic nerve. 10 Blind Blinding Dagger x1 100 Y/All
Stun Knife A dagger enchanted with a spell that seals enemy movement. 10 Stun Stun Knife x1 100 Y/All
Sonic Dagger A light dagger designed for high speed attacks. 10 Action Speed Up Sonic Dagger x1 100 Y/All
Scramasax A large knife designed for combat, in use since ancient times. 21 ---- 100 --
Dagger A small blade that anyone can use. 14 ---- 50 All


Bows are exclusive to Survivalists and Troubadours.

Name Description ATK Effect Ingredients Buy Price Special?
Arc Drawer The Ocean King's longbow whose arcing arrows deeply pierce foes. 191 VIT+5


Venom Spine x1 163000 Y
Sarnga Made from the Flower Queen, the arrows it fires grow wings. 186 TP+30 Royal Vine x1 122000 --
Ichibal A holy bow used by those who gain the favor of the god of hunting. 170 HP+30


Crystal Plume x1 52700 --
Aquael A complex bow with a confusing drawstring mechanism. 159 Black Root x9

Roller Tail x5

39200 --
Grendawa Its sturdy grip allows for more powerful shots. 145 Calculus x1

Haze Wing x7

34200 --
Zamiel Bow A demon's bow decorated with feathers that grant the user infinite power. 133 AGI+4 Throbbing Vine x1 29400 --
Failnaught A legendary bow that can hit any target. 121 TEC+2 Giant Wing x1 24550 --
Arbalest A long-range weapon that easily pierces metal armor. 116 Thorn Stem x3

Death Stem x3

20450 --
War Bow A large combat bow favored by armies. 108 Strong Web x1 16300 --
Faerie Bow A cute bow strengthened with lacquer and decorated with faerie wings. 102 AGI+3 Faerie Wings x4

Faerie Pitch x2

12200 --
Heaven Bow A legendary bow that can loose shafts at the speed of light. 96 Faerie Wings x3 10200 --
Vine Bow A bow for advances archers reinforced with animal tendons and vines. 87 Bird Tendon x1 8180 --
Ill Wind A longbow used by an ancient, warlike tribe. 82 TP+20


Stretchy Skin x1 7210 --
Hunter Bow A light, easy-to-use hunting bow. 80 VIT+2 Developed Jaw x1 5730 --
Fin Bow A longbow made out of several branches from forest foliage. 74 Sea Branch x3 4700 --
Bat Bow A small bow utilizing the elasticity of bat wings. 65 Bat Wing x1 3680 --
Hindi A small bow made of coconut bark suited for close combat. 61 TEC+2 Palm Bark x1 2450 --
Hereward's Bow A fine bow that requires great skill. A replica of a famous thief's bow. 58 AGI+2 Bird Limb x1 2140 --
Long Bow A powerful longbow carved from a giant branch. 54 Leafy Branch x3 1840 --
Hard Sling A sling slicked with monster's ichor. 45 Sticky Goo x1 1220 --
Beast Bow A longbow created by stringing a large beast's horn. 40 TEC+1 Metal Horn x3 490 --
Short Bow An easy-to-carry bow that is strung with a small vine. 32 Vine x1 300 --
Enamel Bow A small bow made from sturdy bone. 24 Enamel Leg x1 120 --
Panic Bow The sound created by the arrows it fires confuses the enemy. 10 Panic Panic Bow x1 100 Y
Wood Bow A common bow made from carved wood. 19 ---- 80 --


Whips are only available to Dark Hunters.

Name Description ATK Effect Ingredients Buy Price Special?
Heaven to Hell A strike from this is said to be able to knock an angel down from heaven. 200 Ant's Jaws x1 181000 Y
Volt Whip

Whip made from the Storm Emperor's barbel. Calls down lighting when swung.

185 Volt Barbel x1 144000 --
Dominator Two different-colored straps braided together with beautiful decorations. 177 HP+30

Boost Up

Vine Strand x1

Rose Whip x1

136000 Y
Rat Whip Leather straps wrapped around an armored rat tail. It can shatter bones. 169 Roller Tail x1 43500 --
Noir Queen A black whip as alluring as it is evil. 154 Black Root x1 38000 --
Comet Whip Appears as a star falling through the night sky. 141 Haze Wing x1

Shiver Stinger x3

32600 --
Tormentor Whip used for torture that's said to lead its victims to heaven. 131 TEC+3 Angel Wing x3 27200 --
Whip of Grief The Thorn Stems embedded all along its length cause suffering and grief. 122 Thorn Stem x1 22600 --
Knout Leather and metal strips twisted together and soaked in monster blood. 113 Demon Fur x1 18100 --
Nine Tails Royal cat o' nine tails adorned with beautiful ornaments. 109 TEC+2


Purple Thread x1 13600 --
Antler Whip A powerful whip combining Gold Antlers and Bird Tendons. 101 Bird Tendon x3

Gold Antler x2

11300 --
Evil Whip Because it uses a Hexroot vine, it is said to bring disaster to the enemy. 92 Sap Vine x1 9070 --
Wind Whip Long whip tipped with crab legs that twine around its target. 84 VIT+1


Rock Coral x3

Crab Leg x1

6300 --
Vine Whip Whip with hard thorns embedded in it for a higher kill rate. 81 HP+10


Squeezing Ivy x1 5830 --
Shred Whip A whip with a Bloodbear Claw at its end that rips everything apart. 78 Gum Throat x3

Bloodbear Claw x1

5210 --
Gum Whip Elastic bands woven into the leather reduce weight and increase elasticity. 69 Elastic Skin x1 4080 --
Toxic Whip A chain with a deadly purple stinger attached for a higher kill rate. 63 TEC+1 Venom Barb x3

Scrap Iron x5

2720 --
Plant Whip A whip made froma highly resilient plant. 56 Flex Vine x1 2040 --
Nail Whip A whip with a large monster claw attached to its tip. 47 Bent Claw x1 1360 --
Insect Whip A whip with a beetle mandible affixed to the end. 42 VIT+1 Beetle Jaw x1 550 --
Bullwhip A strong whip made from woven leather straps. 34   Gum Hide x2 340 --
Fang Whip A whip with a small beast fang attached to its tip. 25 Small Fang x1 140 --
Paralyzer A whip that wraps around enemies and bites at them with a paralytic poison. 10 Paralyze Paralyzer x1 100 Y
Light Whip A weapon made from vines, used to attack and restrict enemy movements. 20 ---- 90 --


Katanas are available only to Ronin.

Name Description ATK Effect Ingredients Buy Price Special?
Ameno Habakiri A long, ancient katana, noted for being able to slay even gods. 255 HP+80 Story Mode Only

Demon Core x1

295000 --
Hisamemaru An illusionary katana said to bring rain in battle. 242 Ice Drake Wing x1 221000 --
Munechika A katana with a blade shaped like a crescent moon. Its curve is enchanting. 221 TP+20 Blue Blood x1 108000 --
Doujigiri It can behead even the toughest oni. 210 Ant Claw x1 70700 --
Juzumaru A beautiful, unblemished katana. 198 Blue Crystal x1 62000 --
Kotsujiki A katana made from a Saw Fin that can slice through a beast's very bones. 181 STR+3 Saw Fin x1 53000 --
Kijin Daiou Said to have been forged in one night by an oni. 170 Obsidian Fang x1 44200 --
Kuzunosada Anti-demon wards are etched into its blade. 159 Gold Tusk x1 36800 --
Zanmatou A magnificent sword, made to slay demons. 148 Crimson Eye x3 29500 --
Kamui Ranketam A katana granted to those who have achieved recognition from the gods. 144 AGI+10 Steel Claw x1 27000 --
Nikkari Said to dismember stone statues in one swipe. 141 Nyx Scythe x1 22100 --
Monohoshizao A long, slender katana made from ancient technology. 132 AGI+3 Damascus Ingot x1 18400 --
Kishido Blade A long, heavy, two-handed sword created through foreign swordmaking techniques. 120 VIT+2 Hard Shard x3 14700 --
Ochiba Its strikes are rumored to cause leaves to fall from the trees. 113 Red Blade x1 10300 --
Iwa-otoshi Its heavy blade can cleave even boulders in two. 102 Bug Nest x1 8470 --
Oodachi A long-bladed katana made from monster bone. 90 Bone Shard x1 6570 --
Sensui Shows its true power if its user is cornered. 84 AGI+2 Tiger Fang x4 4420 --
Ganryu-jima A long, wooden sword carved by a famous swordsman on the way to a duel. 79 HP+20


Jomon Oak x1 3920 Y
Kurodachi A katana with a simplified grip. It is painted entirely black for stealth. 75 Scrap Iron x1 3300 --
Nagawakizashi A wakizashi that is the size of an average katana. 64 Violet Ore x3

Leafy Branch x1

2190 --
Warabite Its tip is curved inward and rounded off. 57 VIT+1 Bronzite x3 Thorn x1 870 --
Kodachi A katana with the flexibility of a short sword. 47 Bronzite x1 550 --
Wakizashi A short, sharp katana with a metal blade. Can be used in confined spaces. 35 AGI+1 Steel Snout x1 220 --
Sasuga Has a sharp edge, despite its small size. 28 ---- 150 --
Kotegiri A katana made with less curvature in order to easily target the arms. 10 Bind Arms Kotegiri x1 100 Y


Axes can only be equipped by Landsknechts.

Name Description ATK Effect Ingredients Buy Price Special?
Meteor Axe An axe that can shatter the very stars, made from a gigantis statue's arm. 240 HP+50


Statue Arm x1 260000 Y
Flame Axe A legendary battle-axe that burns when striking a foe. 229 TP+30


Fire Fang x1 163000 --
Earth Axe Grants its user the power of the earth. 195 Gray Pincer x1 62600 --
Corsesca An axe designed to break through any armor. 178 Shiver Stinger x5 54800 --
Giant Axe Designed with a longer handle for more power. 166 Sawfish Scale x5 47020 --
Executioner Axe An axe used to judge the sins of evildoers. 162 HP+30


Judge Claw x1 44800 --
Space Axe An axe used to judge the sins of evildoers. 158 VIT+3 Red Blood x5

Space Husk x3

39000 --
Bhuj A war axe with a long blade and a knife concealed in the handle. 148 Artificial Hermit x5

Strong Web x3

32500 --
Francisca An axe made from a special material with a unique curved shape. 137 Drywall x1 26000 --
Labyris An axe with a beautiful, double-edged blade made of rippling Damascus steel. 130 VIT+2 Pearl Carapace x3 19500 --
Breaker A large axe known as "the blade that cracks boulders". 123 Hard Rock x3 16200 --
Halberd A long weapon that combines a spear with an axe. 112 Gold Antler x1 13000 --
Great Axe A two-handed steel battle-axe with a heavy hard to deliver powerful blows. 95 Bone Shard x5

Deposit Piece x1

7510 --
Bardiche A large battle-axe with a rough, crescent-shaped blade. 90 HP+20 Black Carapace x1 6720 --
Tabar A steel axe with a crescent-shaped blade. 84 Steel Chitin x5 5870 --
Biliomg An axe strengthed with resilient bird claws and wood. 77 VIT+2 Glow Talon x3

Palm Bark x2

3900 --
Battle Axe A steel battle axe with a heavy blade designed to sever enemies' limbs. 70 Iron Shell x4

Bent Claw x3

2930 --
Broadaxe A steel axe with a sharp blade designed to crush enemies. 59 Violet Ore x1 1950 --
Sekifu An axe made from stone and wolf fangs, stronger than your average iron ore. 55 VIT+3 Broken Tusk x1 1200 --
Celtis An L-shaped axe crafted from wolf fangs. 51 Wolf Fang x1 780 --
Hand Axe A small axe made from pyroxene. Stronger and heftier than a Bone Axe. 44 HP+10 Beetle Whisker x5

Pyroxene x3

490 --
Mantis Axe An axe that was once a living weapon on the arms of a great enemy. 36 AGI+3 Classic Mode OnlyBlood Plate x1 300 --
Bone Axe A small hand axe made from animal bone. 33 Beast Bone x3

Beetle Whisker x2

200 --
Hatchet A light, easy-to-use hand axe. 26 ---- 130 --
Axe of Shivers A crooked axe that shrieks with the voices of the dead at its victims. 10 Fear Axe of Shivers x1 100 Y


Staves can be equipped by Alchemists, Medics, Hexers and Troubadours.

Name Description ATK Effect Ingredients Buy Price Special?
Sage Wand A legendary wand with a monster's eye, said to confer wisdom upon its bearer. 170 TP+200


Beast Eye x1 131000 Y
Asclepius A staff with a snake ornament said to reveal the secrets of life and death. 148 TP+140


Gold Carapace x3

Roller Spikes x3

31400 --
War Flail A staff that sharpens the user's senses. 176 HP+80


Black Root x3

Red Crystal x1

27500 --
Quest Rod An adventurer's staff that can crush boulders. 127 TP+100


Throbbing Vine x3

Wing Scale x1

23600 --
Dragonbone Staff A powerful staff that can shatter an opponent's bones in one strike. 143 HP+60


Dragon Tail x1 22000 --
Gold Wand Strengthened with magically charged gold. 118 TP+80


Gold Tusk x3

Gem Core x3

19650 --
War Hammer A heavy battle hammer for smashing foes. 132 HP+40


Space Husk x1 16300 --
Mystic Rod A cane decorated with a crystal to help focus mental abilities. 98 TP+50


Crimson Eye x4

Shiny Vine x1

13100 --
Mirage Rod The dark green gems that adorn this staff project illusions at targets. 92 TEC+3


Sand Twig x5

Magatama x1

9820 --
Godendag A staff with a spiked crystal at its tip, used to strike enemies. 111 HP+50


Sandfish Crystal x3

Sand Twig x3

8200 --
Luck Staff A mysterious rod said to bring good fortune to its bearer. 79 LUC+20 Pure Root x3

Dried Peachtree x1

6550 --
Gridarvol A staff whose sheer size strikes fear in enemies. 101 HP+40


Story Mode Only

Bull Horn x1

6240 --
War Mace A steel rod with great weight, used to strike down enemies. 72 HP+30


Bone Shard x2 3750 --
Gem Staff A short, thin staff tipped with a perfectly transparent gem. 59 TEC+3 Sea Pyroxene x1 2900 --
Rainbow Stick A staff with a crystal orb that refracts light into a pretty rainbow. 57 TP+40


Clear Core x1 2450 Y
Pearlescent Staff An oaken staff inlaid with an iridescent coating. 54 TP+30


Light Wood x4

Rainbow Gel x1

1950 --
Bone Flail A striking weapon made by linking the wing bones of monsters. 56 HP+20


Broken Wing x1 1400 --
Down Staff A two-handed staff decorated with monster feathers. 40 TP+20


Stretchy Feather x3 980 --
Staghorn A light and durable staff made by repurposing a gallant deer antler. 31 TP+10


Deer Antler x1 560 --
Amud Staff The crystal on its tip acts as a magical focus. 36 TP+20 Pyroxene x5

Metal Horn x1

390 --
Camel Flail A striking staff with a camel's tail attached to it. 42 HP+20


Story Mode Only

Split Tail x1

350 --
Bone Mace A heavy blunt weapon made with various bones around a wooden handle. 37 HP+15


Hardwood x5

Monkey Bone x3

240 --
Cranial Hammer A mystical metal hammer that can bind an enemy's head through physical harm. 10 Bind Head Cranial Hammer x1 100 Y
Hex Staff A staff with cursed writing all over it. 10


Hex Staff x1 100 Y
Bone Staff A slightly macabre staff crafted from animal bones. 21 TP+10


Beast Bone x5

Monkey Bone x1

90 --
Staff A two-handed staff for adventurers who lean towards magic, or just lean. 16 TP+5


---- 60 --
Wand A small staff for focusing the user's magic. Simple, but easy to use. 12 ---- 40 --