List of weapons that is found in Etrian Mystery Dungeon. These can be bought at Chano Retail.

Swords Edit

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Forge Slots Forge Slots Used
Knife A small blade distributed to new adventurers during registration. Atk +3 None 100 En 0 Empty
Short Sword A one-handed sword shortened for ease of use. Atk +5 Rat fang x1, Cyanite x1 195 En 2 Agility x1
Poison Knife An unusual blade with a groove that perpetually runs with poison. Atk +9 Sky iron nail x1, Corundum x1 1150 En 2 Poison x2
Hatchet A single-bladed tool often used when working in the forest. Atk +12 Sticky web x1, Iridescent ore x1 600 En 3 Agilitiy x1
Broadsword A wide, double-edged sword used for slashing. Atk +17 Gold quill x1, Iridescent ore x1 1500 En 3 Technique x1, Agility x1,  Strength x1
Klewang Specially forged to facilitate cutting things. Atk +22 Poison hypha x1, Dolomite x1 2200 En 3 Agility x1, Strength x1
Shamshir A sword with a crescent-shaped blade for rending. Atk +27 Rabbit tail x1, Dolomite x1 2350 En 3 Technique x1, Strength x1
Viking Sword A double-edged longsword made to cleave its target in two with a single strike. Atk +32 Bud tusk x2, Steel earth x1 2550 En 3 Strength x1, Hit x1
Murgleis A holy sword with a sacred relic embedded in its golden handle. Atk +38 Spotted tongue x2, Steel earth x2 2850 En 2 Empty
Talwar A longsword whose slashing strength is optimized via its curved blade. Atk +45 Mountain claw x2, chalcedony x2 2950 En 4 Foot bind x1
Stunning Sword A strange sword with a groove that always drips with a paralyzing agent. Atk +46 Thunder tooth x3, Red jasper x3 4100 En 3 Hit x1, Paralyzing x2
Macuahuitl A long-hilted wooden sword, embedded with obsidian. Atk +54 Icy rind x2, Chalcedony x2 3600 En 5 Fear x1
Greatsword Famed for its power and its large size, making it usable only by the most skilled. Atk +65 Zapper skin x3, Chalcedony x3 3800 En 3 Sleep x1
Beagalltach A divine sword known for cutting down prey with the handle, despite its tattered blade. Atk +70 Wallaby fist x3, Red jasper x4 4450 En 2 Empty
Saptarishi A sword with Ursa Major carved into it. Used for driving away demons. Atk +75 Eryngii cap x3, Red jasper x4 4700 En 2 Empty
Yataghan A short sword whose large pommel prevents it from slipping from its bearer's hand. Atk +80 Crimson fang x3, Rose quartz x4 4950 En 3 Empty
Walloon Sword A sword with a split guard, Used with an eye towards striking attacks. Atk +85 Baboon skin x3, Rose quartz x4 5200 En 4 Empty
Bastard Sword A longsword designed for battle. So long that it must be held with two hands. Atk +90 Feather x4, Rose quartz x3 5350 En 5 Empty
Cavalier Killer A heavy longsword made to cut off the legs of one's enemy. Atk +95 Thorny shell x4, Dark pyroxenite x3 5050 En 5 Foot bind x5
Icy Almace An ice-bladed sword, forged by a smith who honed his skills with the substance. Atk +100 Tiny tooth x4, Dark pyroxenite x3 6550 En 4 Ice atk x4
Dvergr Sword A legendary longsword said to have been forged by those who dwell below. Atk +120 Bison Fur x5, Slate x3 6650 En 2 Empty
Falchion A wide-tipped sword, made to serve. Atk +125 Tiny tooth x5, Slate x4 5950 En 5 Empty
Katzbalger A double-edged sword that relies on its weight for damage. Atk +128 Withered vine x5, Slate x4 ??? 5 Empty
Hrunting A sword forged from the wings of a great dragon. Wing Bone x5, Slate x4 ??? 2 Empty
Gram A renowned sword with a dragon design on the hilt to signify the dragon's defeat. Atk +140 Magma Shard x5, Tiger's Eye x4 ??? 1 Empty
Dainslef A demonic sword that refuses to be sheathed until it has bathed in fresh blood. Atk +145 Petal Stone x5, Tiger's Eye x4 7900 En 2 Empty
Steel Sword A sturdy longsword forged with Damascus Steel. Atk +150 Petal Stone x5, Serpentinite x5 7000 En 3 Empty
Bloody Sword A greatsword with a long, unsavory history of being used in executions. Atk +155 Frigid sickle x5, Serpentinite x5 ??? 4 Empty
Moralltach A famed sword that can pierce anything in the world with just one stab. Atk +160 Dinogator Skin x5, Eclogite x5 8100 En 3 Empty
Durandal A holy sword that glitters with a sage's divine protection. Atk +180 Mille Shell x2, Fluorite x4 ??? 5 Fear x1
Caladbolg The quivering magic sword is said to be capable of splitting mountains. Atk +185 Old Shell x1, Fluorite x 4 ??? 3 Empty

Katanas Edit

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Forge Slots Forge Slots Used
Kodachi Its small size makes this katana easy to handle. Atk +10 None 600 En 0 Empty
Mumeitou A katana of unknown origin, but surpassing sharpness. Atk +30 Hard skin x1, Cyanite x2 2130 En 3 Empty
Doutanuki This rough katana is known to pierce through chest with just one strike. Atk +40 Tough leg x2, Iridescent ore x2 3120 En 1 Empty
Shinobigatana With a short blade and minimal curve, this katana excels in portability. Atk +55 Muddle hypha x2, Iridescent ore x3 4550 En 0 Empty
Nodachi This katana's length rivals the height of a human. Atk +75 Needle tail x3, Corundum x3 4800 En 2 Hit x1
Juzumaru A beautifully gleaming katana without a smudge or blemish on the blade. Atk +85 Shining Rectrix x3, Chalcedony x4 6400 En 2 Empty
Houcho A kitchen knife made to tear human flesh. Its victims are said to go into shock Atk +99 Armor shard x4, Chalcedony x4 6000 En 3 Head bind x3
Kumo Otoshi A katana with the power to cut down even heavenly creatures. Atk +108 Sharp claw x4, Chalcedony x4 6250 En 2 Empty
Ichimonji Supposedly used by an ancient martial god. Atk +120 Black crab shell x5, Red jasper x4 7400 En 0 Empty
Fuujin One of two katanas known to cut apart the heavens. The other blade is called Raijin. Atk +130 Bloody fist x5, Rose quartz x4 7800 En 3 Agility x3
Raijin One of two katanas known to cut apart the heavens. The other blade is called Fuujin. Atk+135 Hard Bark x4, Nephrite x5 7950 En 3 Volt Atk x3
Kurourushi A long bodied katana, as long as a person is tall. It's painted pitch black. Atk+ 140 Baboon Bone x4, Tricolor Stone x5 7050 En 1 Empty
Kijin Daiou This legendary katana is said to have been forged in one night by an oni. Atk +145 Berserker claw x2, Dark Pyroxenite 7200 En 2 Empty
Nihil Youtou A magic katana that demolishes all foes with its engraved curses. Atk + 180 Soft Sickle x4, Eclogite x4 8650 En 2 Empty

Maces Edit

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Forge Slots Forge Slots Used
Pick-axe A pick-axe that can dig through walls. Breaks after being used for a while. Atk +1 Mole claw x1, Forest aloe x1 900 En 1 Break Walls
Golden Pick-axe A highly durable pick-axe, fortified with the antlers of a golden deer. Atk +1 Golden Horn x9, Fluorite x9, Evil Copal x9 ??? 1 Break Walls
Crushing Club A striking weapon with a chunk of metal bound to a wooden pole. Atk +15 None 1250 En 0 Empty
Light Mace A simple, heavy club. It's powerful but difficult to wield. Atk +22 Sticky web x1, Cyanite x1, Sturdy timber x1 2250 En 2 Vitality x1
Spiked Club A light battle club that is used by less experienced soldiers. Atk +29 Spotted tongue x1, Iridescent ore x1, Teak wood x2 2600 En 3 Strength x1, Vitality x1
Morningstar This bashing weapon crushes its target's bones with the spiked steel ball at its tip. Atk +33 Shining rectrix x1, Iridescent ore x2, Teak wood x2 3550 En 4 Vitality x1, HP x1, Technique x1
Nirrti A club with numerous stone spikes driven into one end. Atk +36 Mountain claw x2, Corundum x2, Guaiacum wood x2 3900 En 3 Vitality x2, Technique x1
Volcanic A heated club cut from a chunk of igneous rock. Atk +39 Deer Skin x1 4500 En 0 Empty
Heavy Mace A warhammer whose destructive power was increased by making it heavier. Atk +42 Thorny shell x2, Cyanite x2, Mahogany x2 4150 En 2 Hit x1
Broad Pick A sharp hammer that can rip through the sturdiest armor. Atk +45 Butterfly Wing x2, Steel Earth x2, Jet-black Pith x2 4250 En 3 Empty
Kanasaibou A hammer made completely of metal. Atk +66 Golden horn x2, Dolomite x3, Trileaf stalk x3 4300 En 4 Empty
Langyabang A battle club with stumps attached to the striking side. Atk +76 Giant petal x2, Steel earth x2, Ice stake x2 ??? 1 Empty
Breaker A war mace known as the blade which crushes boulders. Atk +80 Ostrich feet x2, Chalcedony x3, Wisteria branch x3 5100 En 4 Empty
Warhammer A battle hammer used to bludgeon one's enemies into submission. Atk +85 Bison Fur x2, Red Jasper x2, Thujopsis Root x3 5400 En 3 Empty
Jadagna A battle club with a spherical tip on the business end. Atk +90 Crusher's Hide x2, Rose Quartz x2, Holly Lumber x3 ??? 1 Empty

Staves Edit

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Forge Slots Forge Slots Used
Wand A staff designed to focus the user's magic. Atk +5 None 210 En


Technique x1
Rod A staff built to last through battles. Atk +11 Fiery rind x1, Teak wood x1, Small flower x1 825 En 3 TP x1
Staff A staff made for forest explorers. Atk +15 Mole claw x1, Guaiacum wood x1, Mint x1 1250 En 5 TP x2
Shakujo A buddhist ritual tool that increases its bearer's spiritual power significantly. Atk +22 Spotted tongue x1, Mahogany x1, Crane ginseng x1 2050 En 5 TP x3
Mystic Rod A staff decorated with crystals that aid in the bearer's concentration. Atk +26 Beast fist x1, Paulownia bark x2, Scarlet sage x1 3850 En 5 TP x2
Bone Staff A staff made from the large fangs of a boar. Atk +30 Boar tusk x1, Jet-black pith x1, Luminous moss x1 2700 En 2 Strength x2
Mirage Rod Illusionary staff that protects the user. Atk +32 Lion claw x1, Mahogany x2, Crane ginseng x2 3230 En 5 Hit x1
Malice Rod A staff containing a burning spirit. Atk +35 Bloody Blade x1, Trileaf Stalk x2, Glove Grass x2 ??? 4 Empty
Flabellum Decorative feathers at the end of this staff accentuate its beauty. Atk +38 Angel wing x1, Ice stake x2, Crabapple x2 3650 En 5 Technique x1
Vajra An oriental ritual tool with a spear-like blade at the tip. Atk +40 Thorny shell x2, Wisteria branch x2, Osmunda frond x2 4600 En 5 Foot bind x1
Khakkara A noisy staff that ancient monks carried on long journeys. Atk + 45 Indigo Vine x2, Wisteria Branch x2, Osmunda Frond x2 4350 En 5 Curse x1
Luck Staff A mysterious staff that brings good fortune to its bearer. Atk +50 Golden Shell x2, Yggdrasil Trunk x2, Aloe x2 4400 En 8 LUK x1, TEC x1
Moon Staff A fiendish staff that drives those without a strong will to madness. Atk +53 Ostrich feet x2, Thujopsis root x2, Ambrosia x2 5450 En 5 Technique x2
Arcana Rod A mage's staff that's said to contain divine power. Atk +58 Ostrich feet x3, Cave palm bark x3, Fennel x3 5150 En 4 Empty
Golden Staff A gorgeous, gilded staff. Atk + 61 Dinogator Skin x3, Cave Palm Bark x3, Fennel x3 5250 En 5 Empty
Gunbai A fan known to have been used by an undefeated general to issue orders. Atk +64 Hard Bark x3, Tough Vine x3, Deathly Bud x3 6050 En 6 VIT x1
Solar Staff A staff that shines as brilliantly as the sun. Atk +67 Ostrich Feet x3, Pagoda Branch x3, Life Honey x3 ??? 8 Empty
Tactician Fan A staff with a fan attached to it. Drives off evil spirits from the battlefield. Atk +70 Berseker Claw x3, Pachypodium x3, Narcissus x3 5750 En 5 Empty

Smallswords Edit

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Forge Slots Forge Slots Used
Dagger A short-bladed knife that's easy to wield without hindrance. Atk +4 None 185 En 0 Empty
Panic Fleuret A stabbing sword with a special tip that confuses its victim. Atk +11 Shining rectrix x1, Dolomite x2 2500 En 4 Confusion x4
Fleuret A stabbing-focused sword for less experienced warriors. The light blade offers no defense. Atk +19 None 1750 En 2 Hit x1
Parazonium A dagger with an unusual triangular blade. Atk +25 None 2400 En 3 Empty
Verdun A rapier with a focus on ease of use. It can be wielded either with one or both hands. Atk +34 None 2650 En 4 Sleep x1
Stiletto A thrusting weapon with a cross-shaped tip. Atk +44 None 2900 En 4 Confusion x1
Pugio A simple dagger fit for stabbing. Atk +63 Zapper skin x1, Steel earth x2 3950 En 4 Empty
Rapier A rapier that can easily pierce most things of a certain solidity. Atk +70 Soft plume x2, Chalcedony x3 4050 En 3 Empty
Estoc This rapier's thin body grants it excellent piercing capabilities. Atk +75 Eryngii cap x2, Chalcedony x3 4200 En 3 Empty
Flamberge A sword with flame-like waves on it. Deals more damage by stabbing than cutting. Atk +80 Thorny shell x2, Chalcedony x3 4650 En 3 Empty
Baselard A larger-than-average dagger with great offensive capabilities. Atk +84 Deer Skin x2,

Red Jasper x3

0 En 4 Empty
Royal Rapier A high-quality rapier only permitted for use by knights recognized by a lord. Atk +90 Metallic horn x2, Dolomite x3 5300 En 2 Empty
Ice Fang A magical sword that freezes anyone it touches. Atk +90 Hard Bark x3, Rose Quartz x4 6100 En 3 Ice Atk x3
Hauteclaire This rapier's golden guard and inset gems make it more suited for noble use. Atk +96 Giant petal x3, Nephrite x4 ??? 1 Empty
Misericorde Penetrates openings in armor to give dying knights a merciful end. Atk +101 Frigid sickle x3, Tourmaline x4 ??? 4 Hit x1
Epetam This wicked, Powerful small sword is known to fly around on its own, seeking blood. Atk +130 Berserker claw x4, Tricolor stone x3 7100 En 2 Empty
Colichemarde A lighter version of an estoc, this rapier is easy to wield with just one hand. Atk +140 Bison Fur x4, Dark Pyroxenite x4 6850 En 3 Empty
Azoth An alchemist's dagger with a great demon sealed inside. Atk +153 Rainbow Skin x5, Tiger's Eye x5 8400 En 5 Empty

Rifles Edit

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Forge Slots Forge Slots Used
Hakenbuechse A gun with a claw attached to reduce recoil. Atk +9 None 550 En 0 Empty
Handcannon A personal firearm with plenty of stopping power and a tremendous kick. Atk +15 None 1250 En 1 Empty
Torador A matchlock rifle with a long barrel for easy targeting. Atk +20 None 1850 En 2 Sleep x1
Madfa A firearm that fires large-bore ammunition. Atk +25 None 2450 En 3 Foot bind x1
Dark Saker A gun that can hunt beast who lurk in the darkness without fail. Atk +33 Bud tusk x1, Dolomite x2, Paulownia bark x1 2750 En 4 Fear x1
Iron Saker A firearm strengthened by wrapping its body in sturdy steel. Atk +45 Icy rind x1, Steel earth x2, Jet-black pith x2 3500 En 1 Empty
Arquebus An improved hakenbuechse with increased firepower. Atk +50 Beetle shell x1, Chalcedony x2, Mahogany x2 3700 En 1 Empty
Godhunter A shotgun that can fire multiple shells at once. Atk +55 Sharp claw x2, Chalcedony x2, Jet-black pith x2 4000 En 2 Empty
Leg Eater A gun that can take out an enemy's legs regardless of the user's aim. Atk +60 Crimson fang x2, Chalcedony x2, Yggdrasil trunk x3 3750 En 3 Foot bind x3
Tanegashima An instantaneous-discharge matchlock developed by a gunsmith in the Orient. Atk +65 Metallic horn x2, Red jasper x2, Wisteria branch x3 5000 En 1 Empty
Nalnari A gun whose shape fits naturally in the hand. Atk +70 Feather x2, Rose quartz x2, Ice stake x3 4750 En 1 Empty
Pepperbox A gun with a revolving magazine that allows for continuous fire. Atk +75 Golden horn x2, Nephrite x2, Tough vine x3 4850 En 3 Foot bind x1
Ice Cannon A cannon modeled after a legendary blue dragon Atk +80 Giant petal x3, Tourmaline x2, Cave palm bark x3 ??? 1 Empty
Silver Buster A gun that drives off evil with special silver bullets. Atk +85 Indigo Vine x3, Tricolor Stone x3, Holly Lumber x3 5900 En 1 Empty
Gourai Cannon A firearm that shoots thunderbolts from a reinforced cannon-type barrel. Atk +90 Ostrich Feet x3, Dark Pyroxenite x3, Cork Tree Bark x3 ??? 3 Volt Atk x3
Brionac A magical gun that brings death to one's enemies at the speed of lightning. Atk + 105 Tiny Tooth x4, Serpentinite x3, Deathly Vine x3 ??? 1 Empty
Dragoon A gun that has been miniaturized with no loss of quality. Atk +110 Red Plume x4, Eclogite x4, Deathly Vine x3 ??? 2 Empty
Marute A firearm named after a large spear, in honor of its destructive power. Atk + 115 Withered Vine x4, Fluorite x3, Deathly Vine x4 ??? 1 Empty