There are a variety of weapons in Etrian Odyssey. Only a few are available for purchase at Shilleka's Goods in the beginning, but more can be unlocked by selling monster drops to her.


Name Buy Sell Description Effect Classes Requirements
Shinryuu 250,000 10,000 Longsword sharp enough to slaughter even the great dragons. ATK+250

All Stats+20

LSPDMATRH Fire Scale x 1

Ice Scale x 1

Volt Scale x 1

Duergar 95,000 10,000 Legendary longsword said to have been forged by demihumans deep underground ATK+200 STR+14 AGI+9 LPD Sword Rib x 1
Flamberge 12,000 4,800 Longsword with a wave-like curved blade. ATK+182 STR+13 LPD Space Nail x 5
Pattisa 8,500 3,400 Longsword with a curved guard. Used to crush opponents. ATK+167 LPD Space Claw x 1
Epee 7,000 2,800 Thin sword with a sharp blade, meant for thrusting. ATK+139 STR+8 AGI+5 LPDTR Steel Claw x 1

White Fang x 5

Last Estoc 6,700 2,680 Longsword with a sharp point, meant for thrusting. ATK+151 LPDTR Rex Throat x 2 Space Nail x 1
Steelsword 4,400 1,760 Solid longsword made of Damascus steel. ATK+125 LPDTR Steel Chip x 1
Executor 3,600 1,440 Longsword made from the claw of an Executioner beast. ATK+97 STR+6 TEC+4 LPDTR Red Hide x 1

Death Claw x 1

Katzbalger 3,300 1,320 Wide-bladed longsword with a golden S-shaped guard. ATK+106 LPDTR Shiny Horn x 1

Heated Fur x 5

Claymore 2,400 960 Large, two-handed steel sword with a cross-shaped guard. ATK+78 LPDTR Carapace x 1

Shred Nail x 1

Viking 2,100 840 Double-edged longsword meant for pillaging. ATK+57 STR+5 VIT+2 LPDTR Tiger Fang x 1 Sharp Horn x 1
Shamshir 1,900 760 Long, curved blade made of steel. ATK+63 LPDTR Elastic x 5

Steel Bone x 5

Rapier 1,200 480 Sharp steel longsword with a fistguard on the hilt. ATK+45 LPDTR Iron Shell x 1

Light Wood x 10

Broadsword 830 332 Steel double-edged sword with a wide blade. ATK+34 LPDTR Steel Lump x 1
Boar Spear 720 288 Hunting sword shaped like a beast's fang. ATK+29 STR+3 LPDTR Large Fang x 1 Thorn x 5
Shortsword 350 140 Battle weapon made from a hard shell. ATK+15 LPDTR Hardwood x 1

Hard Shell x 1

Dagger 250 100 Short sword crafted from a small animal fang. ATK+9 LPDTR Small Fang x 3
Scramasax 150 60 Large knife designed for combat. ATK+8 LPDTR None
Knife 100 10 A small blade anyone can use. ATK+6 LSPDMATRH None


Name Buy Sell Description Effect Classes Requirements
Sage Wand 125,000 10,000 Legendary wand said to confer wisdom upon its bearer. ATK+150 TEC+20 TP+30 MATH Beast Eye x 1
Arcana Rod 58,000 10,000 A mystic wand that focuses its bearer's concentration. ATK+100 TEC+15 MATH Royal Mane

x 1

Warhammer 9,600 3,840 Battle hamer for striking down enemies ATK +131 HP +22 MATH Space Husk x10

Tiny Tooth x10

Mystic Rod 5,600 2,240 Rod tipped with a crystal that aids the wielder's concentration. ATK+109 TEC+10 MATH Gem Core x 2
Godendag 4,480 1,792 Staff with a spiked sphere at its tip, used to strike down enemies. ATK+99 HP+19 MATH Red Beak x 5

Steel Chip x5

Luck Staff 2,640 1,056 Mysterious rod said to bring good fortune to its bearer. ATK+78 LUC+5 MATH Pure Root x 3
War Mace 2,320 928 Rod used to strike down enemies. ATK+70 HP+15 MATH Carapace x 10
Gem Staff 1,520 608 Short, thin staff tipped with a monster's gleaming glass eye. ATK+53 TEC+4 MATH Glass eye x 2
Bone Flail 1,360 544 Striking weapon made by combining an animal tailbone and claw. ATK+47 HP+11 MATH Tailbone x 5

Bird Talon x 1

Down Staff 670 268 Two-handed hardwood staff, decorated with feathers. ATK+22 TEC+2 MATH Feather x 1

Light Wood x 5

Bone Mace 480 192 Spiked staff made with animal bones and fangs. ATK+15 HP+7 MATH Beast Bone x 15

Large Fang x 1

Bone Staff 200 80 Staff made from animal bones. ATK+5 MATH Beast Bone x 1
Staff 120 48 Two-handed staff for adventurers. ATK+3, TEC+1 MATH None
Wand 90 10 Staff used to increase one's concentration when casting spells. ATK+3 MATH None


Name Buy Sell Description Effect Classes Requirements
Flame Axe 99,000 10,000 Legendary battle-axe that burns when striking a foe. ATK+200 STR+9 Element: Fire L Fire Fang x 1
Meteor Axe 165,000 10,000 Axe that can shatter the stars, made from a gigantic statue's arm. ATK+240 STR+14 L Statue Arm x 1
Fasces Axe 10,200 4,080 Axe made from a meteroite steel blade attached to tightly bound vines. ATK+207 STR+11 L Space Husk x 5

Death Stem

x 10

Space Claw x 1

Bhuj 8,400 3,360 Large battle-axe with a double-edged blade made from golden fangs. ATK+198 L Gold Tusk x 1

Gold Horn x 1

Francisca 6,400 2,560 Hand axe with a meteorite steel blade extruding from its haft. ATK+179 L Space Nail x 1
Labyris 5,280 2,112 Axe with a sharp, double-edged blade made of Damascus steel. ATK+162 STR+9 L Sand Twig x 10

Steel Claw x 1

Breaker 3,960 1,584 Large axe called "The blade that cracks boulders." ATK+151 L Broken Eye x 3

Hard Shard x 5

Halberd 3,200 1,280 Long weapon that combines a spear with an axe. ATK+116 L Nyx Scythe x 1
Bardiche 2,880 1,152 Large battle-axe with a rough, crescent-shaped blade. ATK+104 STR+6 L Red Blade x 1

Blood Fang x 5

Great Axe 2,280 912 Powerful steel battle-axe, meant to be wielded with both hands. ATK+97 L Carapace x 5
Tabar 1,800 720 Steel axe with a crescent-shaped blade. ATK+86 L Bone Shard x 1
Biliomg 1,440 576 Axe strengthed by its resilient bird's-leg haft. ATK+77 STR+3 L Bird Limb x 1

Iron Shell x 5

Battle Axe 996 398 Steel battle axe with a heavy blade designed to sever enemies' limbs. ATK+58 L Iron Shell x 1

Steel Lump x 5

Broadaxe 720 288 Steel axe with a sharp blade designed to crush enemies. ATK+44 L Steel Lump x 5
Celtis 500 200 L-shaped axe whose blade was crafted from a large, sharp fang. ATK+32 L Huge Fang x 1
Hand Axe 300 120 Small hand axe whose blade was crafted from a hard shell. ATK+18 L Hard Shell x 5 Hardwood x 5
Bone Axe 180 72 Small hand axe made from animal bone. ATK+11 L Beast Bone x 5
Hatchet 140 56 Light, easy-to-use hand axe. ATK+9 L None


Name Buy Sell Description Effect Classes Requirements
Masamune 179,000 10,000 Ancient, yet still sharp, sword for slaying demons. ATK+240 STR+15 R Demon Core

x 1

Hisamemaru 76,000 10,000 Legendary katana said to be enveloped in a misty rain

when unsheathed.


Element: Ice

R Frost Bone x 1
Hachi 24,000 9,600 Katana with a Hachi-leaf crest on its guard to bring good luck

ATK +215 LUC +15

R Ant's Jaw x 1
Kuzunosada 18,800 7,520 Sharp katana with beast-warding characters engraved in the blade. ATK+209 R Gold Horn x 5
Zanmatou 8,050 3,220 Beast-hunting katana with a blade longer than the human body. ATK+179 R Space Claw

x 5

Shida 6,440 2,576 Katana with a long, slender, Damascus steel blade. ATK+149 R Steel Chip x 5
Kogarasu 3,800 1,520 Unusual katana whose tip is double-edged. ATK+119 R Shiny Horn x 5
Ohdachi 2,760 1,104 Long-bladed katana made from a monster's claw. ATK+90 R Shred Nail x 3

Bug Nest x 5

Uchigatana 1,380 552 Curved steel katana meant for close combat. ATK+55 R Iron Shell x 3
Wakizashi 400 160 Short, sharp katana with a metal blade. ATK+20 R Metal Horn x 1

Hardwood x 5


Name Buy Sell Description Effect Classes Requirements
Arc Drawer 114,000 10,000 The Ocean King's longbow, whose arcing arrows deeply pierce foes. ATK+220 STR+12 TEC+8 ST Ice Spine x 1
Zamiel Bow 65,500 10,000 Demon's bow decorated with feathers, granting its user infinite power. ATK+202


ST Ebon Plume

x 10

Failnaught 13,200 5,280 Legendary bow that can hit any target. ATK+181 STR+7 TEC+6 ST Royal Hide x1

Space Claw x1

Arbalest 9,350 3,740 Long-range weapon that pierces easily through metal armor. ATK+161 ST Death Stem x 5

Gold Horn x 1

War Bow 7,500 3,000 Large combat bow favoured by armies. ATK+140 ST Rex Throat x 5
Shidgedou 6,300 2,520 Long bow fitted with a pliable string. ATK+123 STR+8 ST Dried Vine x 5

Throb Vine x 4

Heaven Bow 4,840 1,936 Legendary bow that can release shafts at the speed of light. ATK+111 ST Sand Twig x 5

Dried Vine x 1

Vine Bow 3,630 1,452 Advanced archer's bow strengthened with animal tendons and vines. ATK+97 ST Tendon x 1

Dried Vine x 1

Fin Bow 3,400 1,360 Longbow made from the fin of a large fish. ATK+88 STR+5 TEC+4 ST Huge Fin x 1
Hunter Bow 2,640 1,056 Light, easy-to-use hunting bow. ATK+75 ST Bat Wing x 5

Bone Shard x 5

Self Bow 2,090 836 A bow all made form the same material. ATK+59 ST Elastic x 5
Hindi 1,870 748 Small combat bow made from the Jungle King's horn. ATK+49 TEC+4 ST Sharp Horn x 1

Gum Vine x 4

Long Bow 1,320 528 Powerful longbow crafted from a beast's tailbone. ATK+39 ST Tail Bone x 1

Gum Vine x 5

Hard Sling 890 356 Sling slicked with monsters' ichor. ATK+30 ST Sticky Goo x 3

Light Wood x 5

Beast Bow 700 280 Longbow made by stringing a large beast's fang. ATK+24 STR+2 TEC+1 ST Large Fang x 1

Gum Hide x 10

Short Bow 290 116 Small, easy-to-carry bow. ATK+15 ST Horn x 2

Gum Hide x 5

Enamel Bow 170 68 Small bow made from a hard ivory horn. ATK+9 ST Horn x 1
Wood Bow 140 56 Common bow made from carved wood. ATK+7 ST None


Name Buy Sell Description Effect Classes Requirements
Volt Whip 147,000 10,000 Whip made from the Dragon's barbel. Calls down lightning when swung. ATK+200 STR+11 Element: Volt D Barbel x 1
Thorn Whip 130,000 10,000 Whip made by braiding the Flower Queen's vine with a steel cord.

ATK+195 STR+13 TEC+9

D Royal Vine x 1
Dominator 78,000 10,000 Graceful, long whip adorned with decadent tooling. ATK+180 STR+7 Boost Rate+ D Rose Whip x 1

Wine Whip x 1

Tormentor 21,500 8,600 Whip used for torture that's said to lead its victims to heaven. ATK+175 STR+10 D Angel Wing

x 10, Gold Tusk x 1

Dead Whip 7,650 3,060 Ominous red whip made from corpse entrails drenched in blood. ATK+157 D Death Stem

x 5 Gold Tusk x 1

Knout 6,300 2,520 Leather and metal strips twisted together and soaked in monster blood. ATK+136 D Red Blood x 3

Rex Throat x 1

Nine Tails 5,040 2,016 Royal cat o' nine tails adorned with beautiful ornaments. ATK+125 STR+8 AGI+6 D Red String x 3

Red Thread

x 3

Blade Whip 3,960 1,584 Difficult-to-handle metal whip made from nine connected metal pieces. ATK+115 D Tendon x 5

Steel Chip

Sting Whip 2,970 1,188 Long whip tipped with a tiger fang that pierces its foes' hearts. ATK+103 D White Fang x 1

Heated Fur x 5

Shred Whip 2,610 1,044 Whip with a sharp blade at its end that rips everything apart. ATK+94 STR+6 AGI+3 D Crab Leg x 5

Death Claw x 1

Wind Whip 2,160 864 Long whip tipped with crab legs that twine around its target. ATK+79 D Crab Leg x 1

Shred Nail x 5

Gum Whip 1,710 684 Tough whip made by braiding elastic frog throats together. ATK+70 D Gum Throat

x 5

Toxic Whip 1,540 616 Whip with a deadly purple stinger attached for a higher kill rate. ATK+57 STR+4 D Toxic Barb x 1

Stinger x 10

Edge Whip 1,080 432 Whip with a treated monster claw that rips enemies to shreds. ATK+49 D Gum Vine x 1

Bent Claw x 1

Nail Whip 750 300 Whip with a large monster claw attached to its tip. ATK+38 D Bent Claw x 1
Vine Whip 540 216 Whip with hard thorns embedded for a higher kill rate. ATK+28 STR+1 D Vine x 10

Thorn x 10

Bullwhip 320 128 Whip made by weaving leather and plant vines. ATK+16 D Vine x 5

Gum Hide x 5

Fang Whip 230 92 Whip with a small beast fang attached to its tip. ATK+10 D Small Fang x 5
Light Whip 135 54 Thin, cord-shaped weapon used to bind the enemy's movement. ATK+7 D None