There are a variety of weapons in Etrian Odyssey II. Only a few are available for purchase at Sitoth Trading in the beginning, but more can be unlocked by selling monster drops.


Name Buy Sell Description Effect Classes Requirements
Vorpal 29,800 11,920 It has split legendary creatures in half. ATK+129 LPDTRW

5 x Cat's Eye

5 x Red Collar

Caledfwlch 16,800 6,720 A holy sword imbued with lightning. ATK+111 Type:Volt LPDTRW 1 x Spinal Fin
Melputteh 13,500 5,400 A sharp two-handed sword with a long handle. ATK+111   Type:Stab LPDTRW 2 x Coal Bone
Flamberge 8,960 3,584 A long sword with a twisted, wave-like edge.

ATK+98     VIT+2       HP+10   

LPDTRW 1 x Curve Horn
Patissa 8,230 3,292 Long blade that can be used one- or two-handed ATK+100 LPDTRW 1 x Plum Quill
Executor 6,210 2,484 Two-handed sword made to mow down one's enemies. ATK+90 LPDTRW 1 x Heaven Pin
Flissa 4,850 1,940 A special sword with a wide blade and thin tip. ATK+80 STR+2 LPDTRW 5 x Adularia     5 x Snow Quill
Estoc 4,640 1,856 A long, slender sword, made for piercing

ATK+76 HP+10 Type:Stab

LPDTRW 15 x Bug Nest
Talwaar 4,120 1,648 A long sword, bent for improved cutting power. ATK+79 LPDTRW 1 x Red Fin
Cutlass 3,080 1,232 Simple one-handed sword with a sharp blade ATK+70 LPDTRW 1 x Torn Tail
Rapier 2,580 1,032 One-handed sword fit for cutting ATK+66 TP+10 LPDTRW 1 x Spire Horn
Katzbalger 1,550 620 Its weight cuts more than its sharpness. ATK+63 STR+1 VIT+1  LPDTRW 5 x Red Ball
Broadsword 1,230 492 Double-edged sword with a wide, cleaving blade. ATK+60 LPDTRW 1 x Armor Hull
Kora 820 328 Its tip is angled for greater destruction ATK+50 LPDTRW 1 x Rock shard
Carp Sword 440 176 One-handed sword that tapers to a point. ATK+43 LPDTRW

1 x Gem Eye

7 x Feather

Gladius 280 112 A simple short sword, designed for piercing. ATK+35 LPDTRW 3 x Metal Hull
Falcatta 150 60 One-handed sword whose weight is in its tip. ATK+20 LPDTRW 1 x Rat Needle
Kukri 120 48 A short blade that's curved like a sickle. ATK+18 LPDTRW Available from Start


Name Buy Sell Description Effect Classes Requirements
Arcana Rod 52,100 20,840 A mage staff that's said to contain divine power. ATK+133 TP+40 MATHW

10 x Deep Leaf

5 x Ruin Talon

Quest Rod 13,600 5,440 An adventurer's staff that can crush boulders. ATK+117 MATHW 1 x Lemon Core
Purple Rod 8,860 3,544 Despite its appearance, it holds strong magic.

ATK+99       TEC+1       TP+10 


5 x Plum Quill

5 x Scent Wood

Sting Maul 8,850 3,540 A heavy maul fashioned after a scorpions tail.

ATK+104    STR+1        HP+10

MATHW 1 x Dark Lymph
Thorn Rod 8,210 3,284 Thorny, linked roots made to destroy enemies.

ATK+102    HP+10

MATHW 1 x Hazard Eye
Gold Wand 6,190 2,476 Strengthened with magically charged gold. ATK+89 TP+15 MATHW 2 x Gold Crest
Malice Rod 5,510 2,204 A flame spirit resides within this staff. ATK+73 TEC+8 Type:Fire MATHW 1 x Red Wings
Luck Staff 4,890 1,956 A staff that raises the user's luck. ATK+79 LUC+5 TP+10 MATHW 1 x Front Wing, 5 x Shell Chip
Mirage Rod 4,780 1,912 Illusionary staff that protects the user. ATK+50  TP+50 MATHW 1 x Curse Bone
Haze Rod 4,160 1,664 Glowing blue staff that raises the user's magic. ATK+72 TP+10 MATHW 1 x Blue Core
White Rod 3,070 1,228 Melee staff made of linked stones. ATK+73 HP+10 MATHW 1 x White Gem
Shard Mace 1,880 752 Made with a crystal that assists concentration. ATK+60  TP+10 MATHW 3 x Red Core
Milk Maul 1,530 612 Increased spore density heightens its power. ATK+65 HP+15 MATHW 20 x Open Cap, 5 x Hardwood
Gara Rod 1,250 500 Boiled, hardened tail of a forest animal. ATK+63   HP+10 MATHW 2 x Ruby Shard
Milk Staff 830 332 Emits mushroom spores to diffuse enemy magic. ATK+48  TP+10 MATHW 2 x Open Cap
Horn Mace 440 176 Staff with a durable horn fastened to the tip. ATK+45 HP+20 MATHW

7 x Red Shard

3 x Hard Root

Maimai Bat 420 168 Mage staff created from durable shells ATK+37  TP+10 MATHW 30 x Husk Shard
Warhammer 370 148 Melee-oriented staff used mainly for support.

ATK+41 HP+10

MATHW 2 x Gel Core
Amud Staff 130 52 The crystal on its tip acts as a magical focus. ATK+18   TP+8 MATHW 2 x Husk Shard
Staff 80 32 Two-handed staff used by forest explorers. ATK+15   TP+5 MATHW Available from start


Name Buy Sell Description Effect Classes Requirements
Bomb Axe 267,000 106,800 Hell-forged axe that burns away all things. ATK+196 Element: Fire L 1 x Sharp Claw
Meteor Axe 251,000 100,400 An axe that can destroy even the stars. ATK+181 STR+14 ACC+ L 1 x Statue Arm
Royal Axe 33,300 13,200 Battleaxe issued to the king's royal guard. ATK+138 L 20 x Short Nail
Corseca 18,700 7,480 An axe designed to break through any armor. ATK+129 STR+3 L 1 x True Soul
Bardiche 17,200 6,880 Long battleaxe designed to pulverize foes. ATK+126 TP+20 L

1 x Tourmaline

5 x Black Hoof

Poleaxe 16,800 6,720 Its heavy blade is made to crush opponents. ATK+128 L 1 x Comet Chip
Lochaber 12,400 4,960 A battleaxe with a long, slender blade. ATK+116 L 2 x Black Hoof
Halberd 11,100 4,440 Has three edges for various attack types. ATK+109 HP+30 L 1 x Stone Beak
Poison Axe 8,410 3,364 A battleaxe doused with strong poison. ATK+101 VIT+2 AGI+2 L

5 x Prehnite

15 x Bee Needle

Big Axe 7,980 3,192 Designed with a longer handle for more power. ATK+104 L 1 x Pale Beak
Goliath 6,250 2,500 An axe imbued with the power of a giant. ATK+91 VIT+2 L

1 x Red Blade

1 x Blue Core

Color Axe 5,800 2,320 Small axe created from a polished carapace. ATK+95 L 1 x Color Hull
Volt Axe 4,740 1,896 Its lightning destroys enemies from within. ATK+84 Type:Volt L

1 x Whole Hull

2 x Space Husk

Bipennis 4,450 1,780 A weighted axe that delivers heavy blows. ATK+88 TP+10 L

7 x Snow Quill

1 x Celestine

Biliomg 3,890 1,556 Its flexible blade is made from insect claws. ATK+86 L 3 x Torn Tail
Beheader 3,360 1,344 Made to lop off the heads of unrepentant sinners. ATK+73 L 1 x Horn Shard, 1 x Glow Quill
Zeta Axe 2,960 1,184 A battleaxe that cleaves using a rounded blade. ATK+75 L 1 x Blue Fin
Snow Axe 1,690 676 Battleaxe with an ice-elemental blade. ATK+66 Type:Ice L 1 x Ice Fiber
Battle Axe 1,480 592 Double-edged axe that deals immense damage. ATK+65 STR+2 VIT+2 L 5 x Flourite, 5 x Moving Eye
Broba 1,150 460 Battleaxe with a wide, crescent-shaped blade. ATK+68 L 1 x Steel Beak
Broadaxe 780 312 A precision axe with a chiseled blade. ATK+53 L 1 x Soft Horn
Tabarzin 560 224 Short axe with a claw-shaped blade. ATK+46 Type:Fire L

1 x Red Horn

5 x Gel Core

Tshirovha 410 164 An axe that can pierce opponents when striking. ATK+39 STR+2 L

7 x Aragonite

5 x Shell Wart

Spike 220 88 An iron axe pronged with sharp blades. ATK+33 L

3 x Cactus Pin

5 x Earth Nail

Kalinga 160 64 An axe made from the sharp nail of a beast. ATK+21 L 1 x Earth Nail
Francisca 120 48 An easy-to-use small axe. ATK+18 L Available from start


Name Buy Sell Description Effect Classes Requirements
Shishinoko 338,000 135,200 Howls in the night as it seeks something. ATK+198 HP+30 R 1 x Gem Chip
Youtou 296,000 118,400 Demonic, cursed katana with abnormal sharpness. ATK+186 STR+5 TP+50 R 1 x Harpy Wing
Chidori 46,600 18,640 Infused by the lightning bolt that it once cut. ATK+142 Type:Volt R

5 x Moss Shell

10 x Dry Thorn

Hotarumaru 44,600 17,840 A firefly's glow coats this katana's blade. ATK+138 Type:Fire R 20 x Red Metal
Ichimonji 19,100 7,640 Supposedly used by an ancient military god. ATK+127 AGI+5 TP+20 R

1 x Coal Brick

10 x Moonstone

Onimaru 18,400 7,360 Anti-demon katana that only requires one swipe. ATK+129 STR+2 R

10 x Black Core

10 x Metal Chip

Nenekiri 17,200 6,880 Cuts right through an object's very essence. ATK+128 R 1 x Black Husk
Dotanuki 13,100 5,240 Can cleave the toughest helms in twain. ATK+115 R 3 x Pale Husk
Hachi 8,660 3,464 Its handle is decorated with leaves for luck. ATK+111 LUC+15 R

1 x Blue Petal

1 x Malachite

Doujigiri 8,520 3,408 It can behead even the toughest oni. ATK+105 STR+1 TP+5 R 20 x Color Hull
Juzumaru 7,870 3,148 A beautiful, unblemished katana. ATK+103 R 1 x Gold Claw
Kotsujiki 6,640 2,656 Can slice through the very bones of a beast. ATK+99 VIT+2 R

1 x Dark Scale

1 x Metal Horn

Kishindaio 5,790 2,316 Said to have been forged in one night by an oni. ATK+93 R 2 x Bee Needle
Kuzunosada 4,620 1,848 Anti-demon wards are etched into its blade. ATK+86 STR+2 R

5 x Space Husk

1 x Dew Scale

Nikkari 4,360 1,744 Said to dismember stone statues in one swipe. ATK+84 AGI+2 HP+10 R

5 x Celestine

10 x Snow Fang

Ochiba 3,860 1,544 Its strikes are rumored to cause leaves to fall. ATK+87 R 1 x Pale Arm
Ganyu 2,880 1,152 Its heavy blade can shatter even boulders. ATK+74 R 1 x Bug Nest
Shida 2,060 824 Long, slender katana made from beast claws. ATK+67 STR+2 R 1 x Sharp Nail
Zanmatou 1,480 592 A magnificent sword, made to slay demons. ATK+62 Type:Fire R 7 x Green Hide, 3 x Red Core
Nodachi 1,180 472 Katana almost as long as a person is tall. ATK+63 R 1 x Red Core
Sensui 1,020 408 Shows its true power if its user is cornered. ATK+55 STR+2 R 1 x Scythe
Tachi 790 316 Designed for large, arcing swings. ATK+51 R 3 x Soft Horn
Kurodachi 580 232 Katana with a simplified handle design. ATK+46 Type:Ice R 1 x Iron Shell
Warabide 450 180 Its tip is curved inward and rounded off. ATK+39 STR+2 R

7 x Amazonite

15 x Rat Needle

Kodachi 270 108 Katana that's as flexible as a short sword. ATK+37 R 1 x Red Shard, 3 x Bug Nail
Wakizashi 180 72 A compact katana with a sharp, metallic blade. ATK+25 R 1 x Cactus Pin
Sasuga 90 36 Has a sharp edge despite its small size. ATK+20 R Available from start


Name Buy Sell Description Effect Classes Requirements
Yumiyawata 297,000 118,800 A bow once used by the god of miracles. ATK+190 VIT+5 TP+30 ST

5 x Shiny Vine

5 x Closed Cap

Ill Wind 266,000 106,400 ???

ATK+185 TEC+5 LUC+5


1 x 1000 Shell

3 x Kilo Horn

Zamiel Bow 231,000 92,400 Its bolts hit any target, no matter how small. ATK+181 STR+10 HP+40 ST Brute Wing x 1
Greed Bow 49,200 19,680 Said to erase one's presence if you tarry. ATK+137 ST

10 x Red Quill

3 x Deep Leaf

Unjoudou 33,300 13,320 Powerful bow whose bolts can puncture the clouds. ATK+135 ST

10 x Maroon Fur

10 x Throb Vine

Flash Bow 28,300 11,320 Anti-demon bow said to fire streams of light. ATK+129 Type:Volt ST

5 x Venom Twig

25 x Red Collar

Arc Drawer 26,700 10,680 A demonic longbow with an arc-shaped body. ATK+120 TP+30 Type:Ice ST 1 x Devil Wing
Shidgedou 17,300 6,920 A long bow with incredible elasticity. ATK+124 STR+2 ST

5 x Gum String

10 x Pale Hull

Still Bow 16,600 6,640 A large bow with a highly elastic string. ATK+123 ST 1 x Pure Shell
Snow White 13,100 5,240 Its pure beauty leaves onlookers breathless. ATK+96 TP+20 Type:Ice ST 1 x Snow Vine
Failnaught 12,200 4,880 Ranged weapon that only experts can use. ATK+109 ST 3 x Cry Root
Arbalest 8,580 3,432 Huge weapon that pierces through metal armor. ATK+100 VIT+5 HP+20 ST

10 x Sticky Web

5 x Arc Branch

War Bow 8,490 3,396 A large battle bow used in times of war. ATK+101 TEC+5 TP+10 ST 15 x Dark Spur
Heaven Bow 7,770 3,108 A legendary bow said to fire shooting stars. ATK+99 ST 1 x Dew Beak
Aquael 5,690 2,276 A complex bow with a confusing mechanism. ATK+87 ST 1 x Sticky Web
Gendawa 4,610 1,844 Its sturdy grip allows for more power. ATK+76 AGI+2 TP+10 ST

5 x Red Fin

Hades Bow 4,290 1,716 Lures living beings back to Earth. ATK+79 STR+2 ST

20 x Shell Chip

5 x Death Stem

Fin Bow 3,780 1,512 Longbow made from a large animal horn. ATK+78 ST 1 x Metal Horn
Hunter Bow 2,790 1,116 Light, easy to use bow designed for hunting. ATK+69 ST 2 x Blue Fin
Shadow Bow 2,380 952 Its arrows can pierce anything imaginable. ATK+58 STR+2 HP+10 ST 1 x Brute tail
Scorch Bow 1,720 688 Its magical arrows become balls of fire. ATK+62 Type:Fire ST 1 x Curse Nail
Self Bow 1,440 576 A bow made of a single material. ATK+56 STR+2 AGI+2 ST

15 x Ruby Shard

1 x Red Root

Vine Bow 1,130 452 High-class bow enhanced with animal horns. ATK+59 ST 1 x Steel Horn
Long Bow 770 308 This bow's large size lets it deal greater damage. ATK+52 ST 2 x Steel Fang
Hindi 560 224 A small bow used for close combat. ATK+36 AGI+3 LUC+3 ST

7 x Long Pin

7 x Bug Wing

Beast Bow 440 176 Longbow crafted from feathers and light wood. ATK+39 STR+1 ST

5 x Bent Twig

10 x Feather

Short Bow 270 108 Compact bow designed to be carried easily. ATK+34 ST

1 x Glue Quill

2 x Bug Nail

Wood Bow 170 68 An everyday bow made of the forest's branches. ATK+27 ST

1 x Bug Wing

1 x Bent Twig

Sling 90 36 Swung around one's head to let loose stones. ATK+16 ST Available from start


Name Buy Sell Description Effect Classes Requirements
Dominator 350,000 140,000 Its godly winds can obliterate enemies. ATK+196 STR+8 Force+ D 3 x Curse Vine
Beam Whip 277,000 110,800 Glistens gently until its final, fatal strike. ATK+173 AGI+10 TP+30 D

1 x Red Quill

5 x Dew Bone

Volt Whip 47,800 19,120 Whips through targets at the speed of light. ATK+141 Type:Volt D 20 x Dry Thorn
Spine Whip 33,900 13,560 Long whip with the power to rip through bone. ATK+139 D 20 x Giant Horn
Noir Queen 29,100 11,640 A black whip as alluring as it is evil. ATK+133 D

5 x Red Metal

3 x Shiny Vine

Comet Whip 19,000 7,600 Appears as a star falling through the night sky. ATK+126 VIT+5 HP+30 D 1 x Coal Skull
Tormentor 18,600 7,440 Its whipcrack sends foes to the afterlife. ATK+128 LUC+5 TP+20 D

10 x Pure Shell

3 x Gum String

Dead Whip 17,300 6,920 This long whip brings ruin to all it strikes. ATK+125 D 1 x Plum Hide
Pale Queen 14,800 5,920 Its pure white exterior instills fear in foes. ATK+103 TEC+5 Type:Ice D 1 x Snow Vine
Scourge 13,200 5,280 A whip with extra lashes for increased damage. ATK+114 D 1 x Cry Root
Seven Whip 8,660 3,464 Its linked metal bars pulverize the enemy. ATK+104 VIT+2 LUC+2 D

10 x Dew Beak

3 x Arc Branch

Knout 8,530 3,412 Iron filings on the tip tear through flesh. ATK+101 AGI+5 D 15 x Razor Edge
Plant Whip 7,800 3,120 Blue whip made from a highly resilient plant. ATK+102 D 1 x Lilac Vine
Gale Whip 5,710 2,284 A whip that cuts all foes with the wind. ATK+92 D 1 x Razor Edge
Gore Chain 4,710 1884 Made from beetle horns stuffed with fibers. ATK+86 STR+2 D

1 x Stag Horn

5 x Red Mane

Tentacle 4,420 1,768 A whip said to bring death when it strikes. ATK+83 AGI+2 LUC+2 D

5 x Bison Hide

3 x Death Stem

Wolf Pain 3,840 1,536 A whip made of the fangs of a snow-white wolf. ATK+84 D 1 x Snow Fang
Rouge Whip 2,760 1104 A crimson whip said to bring ill fortune. ATK+70 D 1 x Red Mane
Beast Tail 2,310 924 A whip of beauty that tracks down monsters. ATK+65 VIT+2 LUC+2 D 1 x Brute tail, 2 x Steel fang
Snake Whip 1,680 672 Double-lashed whip made from snakeskin. ATK+66 STR+2 D 5 x Red Root, 5 x Ruby Shard
Sting Whip 1,350 540 Its horn can pierce a foe's vital points. ATK+64 VIT+2 AGI+2 D 30 x Soft Horn
Flame Whip 1,070 428 Red whip imbued with the power of flames. ATK+62 Type:Fire D 1 x Green Hide
Bird Whip 680 272 A whip covered in sharp bird feathers. ATK+51 D 1 x Tail quill
Briar Whip 520 208 Created from the vines of a gigantic flower. ATK+42 VIT+1 AGI+1 D

5 x Gum Vine

1 x Shell Wart

Slice Whip 370 148 The sharp blades at its tip can cut anything. ATK+38 STR+2 D

15 x Metal Hull

3 x Bent Twig

Bullwhip 260 104 Created from sewn-together monster hides. ATK+32 D

2 x Gum Hide

3 x Bug Wing

Nail Whip 130 52 A whip tipped with monster nails. ATK+19 D 1 x Small Nail
Plain Whip 80 32 A slender weapon used to stop enemies. ATK+17 D Available from start


Name Buy Sell Description Effect Classes Requirements
Agneyastra 331,000 132,400 Its destructive force turns everything to ash. ATK+202 STR+5  G 1 Flame Puff


232,000 92,800 Once its target is in sight, it never misses. ATK+185 AGI+10 ACC++ G

1 x Giant Bone

1 x Ice Bone

Angel Cry 53,300 21,320 Its retort is the voice of the Reaper's cry. ATK+143 G

5 x Short Nail

10 x Plum Scale

Gae Bolg 30,100 12,040 A magical gun that fires beams of light. ATK+135 G

10 x Gold Spore

Gold Gun 19,900 7,960 A golden gun that can be easily dismantled. ATK+131 VIT+5 HP+20 G 1 x Gold Arm
Agbuster 18,800 7,520 Its bullets can drive away demons. ATK+128 AGI+5 ACC+ G

20 x Bat Fangs

5 x Tourmaline

Dragoon 18,100 7,240 A high-tech gun with a compact design. ATK+129 G 2 x True Shard
Zamiel Gun 17,100 6,840 A firearm that hits the smallest vital points. ATK+109 STR+5 ACC- G 1 x Shot Shard
Apollo Gun 15,600 6,240 Its divine essence can thwart any darkness. ATK+110 HP+10 G 1 x 100 Shell
Steel Gun 14,000 5,600 Improved gun that uses special steel rounds. ATK+116 G 1 x Pale Hull
Volt Gun 9,190 3,676 Accurate enough to shoot birds from the sky. ATK+103 Type:Volt G

1 x Wind Blade

3 x Malachite

Dark Saker 8,900 3,560 Its sights can detect beasts in the darkness. ATK+104 AGI+3 ACC+ G 10 x Gold Claw
Arquebus 8,250 3,300 A gun that's fired from the user's shoulder. ATK+106 G 1 x Dark Spur
Wyrmhunter 6,220 2,488 Its bullets can pierce through thick armor. ATK+95 G

1 x Bee Needle

1 x Gold Crest

Iron Saker 4,780 1,912 Gun reinforced to fire more powerful rounds. ATK+90 TP+10 G

3 x Metal Horn

1 x Red Scale

Fire Saker 4,550 1,820 A firearm equipped to shoot bullets of flame. ATK+87 VIT+2 Type:Fire G

10 x Blue Core

3 x Adularia

Handcannon 4,030 1,612 Its true power shows in point-blank shots. ATK+88 G 1 x Shell Chip
Nalnari 3,020 1,208 Fits naturally into the bearer's hand. ATK+74 G 2 x White Gem
Godhunter 1,920 768 Can fire multiple rounds simultaneously. ATK+66 AGI+2 ACC+ G 1 x Armor Bone, 3 x Flourite
Ice Musket 1,610 644 Its frozen barrel allows it to fire ice rounds. ATK+68 STR+2 Type:Ice G 10 x Steel Horn
Shotgun 1,290 516 Capable of firing both barrels simultaneously. ATK+65 G 1 x Brute Bone
Madfa 870 348 A firearm capable of firing huge bullets.z ATK+55 G 1 x Moving Eye
Matchlock 530 212 Its claw decreases the impact from enemy hits. ATK+46 STR+3 G

3 x Lymph

3 x Amazonite

Volcanic 370 148 A firearm with an easy-to-load breech. ATK+43 G Feather x 1
Culverin 240 96 A small, easily concealable firearm. ATK+35 G 1 x Bug Nail
Fire Gun 130 52 A simple firearm that holds a single shell. ATK+21 G Available from start


Name Buy Sell Description Effect Classes Requirements
Blood Nail 46,900 18,760 A wild claw that awakens one's thirst for blood. ATK+139 B

10 x Red Lymph

5 x Jade Thews

Comet Nail 19,800 7,920 Light, compact claw with a sharp edge. ATK+127 VIT+5 HP+30 B

10 x Comet Chip

20 x Lemon Core

Sonic Claw 17,900 7,160 Stealth claw that makes no sound when used. ATK+126 B 2 x Bat Fangs
Risk Claw 9,500 3,800 Even steel melts upon contact with this claw. ATK+105 HP+20 TP+20 B

5 x Hazard Eye

1 x Prelinite

Wind Claw 7,890 3,156 Absorbs and channels the air around it to attack. ATK+106 B 2 x Razor Edge
Hard Nail 4,380 1,752 A claw made out of the finest materials. ATK+91 B 5 x Pale Arm
Aqua Claw 3,650 1,460 Fires high-pressure jets of water at enemies. ATK+86 Type:Ice B 1 x Space Husk
Hell Claw 1,210 484 A claw left by an envoy of Hell. ATK+61 Type:Fire B 1 x Brass Fang, 2 x Gel Core
Breaker 1,020 408 This claw cuts as well as smashes enemies. ATK+65 ACC+ B 2 x Armor Hull, 1 x Red Ball
Iron Claw 990 396 A claw tempered for greater resilience. ATK+64 STR+1 B 1 x Steel Fang
Royal Claw 420 168 Made from modifying and sharpening a hard shell. ATK+47 B 1 x Metal Hull

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