There are only a few weapons available to buy from Edie in the beginning of the game, but the system to unlock new items are similar to previous games; by selling the proper amount of loots taken from downed enemies.

There is also a new forging system that allows you to use Hammers found during forays into the Labyrinth or voyages across the ocean. You can use these Hammers to forge a weapon with a special effect or a status boost, such as adding Volt damage to it or even instant death. When forging, there is an en cost and a materials cost to add an effect to an item. However, all materials ever sold can be used towards covering the materials cost.


Name Price Description Effect Usable by Requirements
Dragon Blade 279,000 The ultimate sword made from the scale of a dragon worshipped as a god. ATK+189: 3 HP, 3 TP PGH Divine Scale x1, Volt Scale x1
Dragonbane 264,000 A double-handed sword sharp enough to slay even a dragon. ATK+181: 8 Free PGH Fire Scale x1, Reverse Scale x1, Thunder Scale x1
Caladbolg 178,000 This quivering, magic sword is said to be capable of splitting mountains. ATK+175: 4 FREE PGH Volt Scale x1
Durandal 125,000 A holy sword that glitters with the divine protection of a sage. ATK+170: 2 STR, 2 VIT PGH Machine Wing x1
Dvergr Sword 51,200 The legendary long sword itself. ATK+164: 3 FREE PGH Pumpkin Head x7, Infernal Scale x7
Zweihander 40,260 A custom sword designed by an experienced soldier. ATK+159: 2 FREE PGH Cursed Femur x1, Dragonfly Nest x8
Great Sword 30,910 A double-handed sword so large that it requires great skill to wield it. ATK+154: 1 FREE PGH Blue Tentacle x3, Tiny Tooth x1
Claymore 21,000 A large, double-handed steel sword with a cross-shaped guard. ATK+148: 2 FREE PGH Sharp Claw x1
Albion Sword 18,020 A massive sword with a white blade named after an ancient giant. ATK+140: 2 STUN PGH Violet Tail x2, Horned Cap x1
Bastard Sword 13,800 A long sword that can be used with one or both hands. ATK+134: 3 FREE PGH Iron Tusk x1
Hrunting 12,200 A sword made from the powerful talon of a revered guardian dragon. ATK+127: 3 FREE PGH Raging Talon x1, Shining Feather x1
Schiavona 11,160 A sword with a guard that protects its user's hand during severe combat. ATK+123: 1 HP, 1 FREE PGH Damascus Edge x1
Shamshir 9,590 A sword with a crescent-shaped blade for rending. ATK+116: 3 FREE PGH Shining Feather x3, Monster Bone x2
Katzbalger 8,050 A double-edged sword that relies on its weight for damage. ATK+107: 2 FREE PGH Dryad Liquid x3, Siamese Senna x2
Macabuin 7,800 A magic sword that rends anthing, regardless of its own wielder. ATK+104: 2 DEATH PGH Sharp Wing x1, Small Scale x1
Harvest Scythe 7,610 A farm tool necessary for harvesting rice plants. ATK+107: 2 FREE F Swordfish Skin x2
Shashqa 6,080 A single-edged sword with all of its guards removed for increased power. ATK+99: 1 FREE PGH Umbrella Lump x3
Kastane 4,910 A sword adorned with luxurious ornaments on the hilt and guard. ATK+90: 1 VIT, 1 FREE PGH Fiery Stone x2
Falchion 4,040 A wide-tipped sword designed for severing things. ATK+81: 3 FREE PGH Predatory Fang x1
Beidana 2,580 A bulky sword refashioned from a standard laborer's hatchet. ATK+72: 1 HP, 2 FREE PGH Red Bones x1, Abyssal Twig x5
Klewang 2,010 A slashing sword with a hilt decorated in coral. ATK+63: 2 FREE PGH Pungent Coral x4
Faussar 1,420 Its blade is adorned with spikes that perforate its victim. ATK+52: 1 FREE PGH Blue Arm x1
Cutlass 720 A short, one-handed sword that is sharp and easy to use. ATK+44: 1 FREE PGH Starry Case x2
Scramasax 370 A single-edged sword with a sharp blade suited for rending. ATK+37: 2 FREE PGH Bloody Blade x1
Cirius' Blade 320 A mystic sword that confuses its prey with the power of a dreadful bird. ATK+33: 2 CONFUSE PGH Slashing Nail x1, Small Shell x1
Kopis 200 A sword with a curved blade designed for downward motion. ATK+28: 1 TP, 1 FREE PGH Sharp Tooth x1
Shortsword 70 A one-handed sword that has been shortened for ease of use. ATK+21 PGH Available from Start
Large Hatchet 50 A farming tool used mainly for work in the mountains and woods. ATK+14: 1 VIT F Available from Start


All rapiers are only usable by Prince(sse)s and Buccaneers.

Name Price Description Effect Requirements
Sunblade 276,000 A sword of light with the flame of the sun imbued within its blade. ATK+180: 4 FIRE, 2 STR Fire Fang x1
Ascalon 213,000 A legendary thrusting sword that pierced a fearsome dragon's skull. ATK+168: 2 STR, 2 FREE Quake Leg x1
Zirah Bouk 165,000 This light and thin thrusting sword makes it easy to land fatal blows. ATK+162: 4 FREE Ruler's Blade x1
Egeking 50,350 A thrusting sword cursed by a man who sought vengeance on his friend. ATK+158: 2 FREE Dragonfly Wing x5
Melputtahbehmo 39,940 A two-handed thrusting sword meant to fully penetrate opponents. ATK+152: 3 FREE Cursed Femur x5
Struggle 30,540 A thrusting sword that is difficult to use, but can be quite powerful. ATK+146: 1 STR, 1 FREE Rending Jaw x3, Blue Tentacle x1
Ice Fang Rapier 30,200 A sword with an icy chill that robs its victims of their motor skills. ATK+144: 3 ICE Princess's Fang x1, Dark Fur x1
Flamberge 20,500 A long thrusting sword with a wavy, curved blade. ATK+139: 3 FREE Violet Tail x5, Sanguine Tail x5
Jolly Roger 19,000 The same type of thrusting sword once used by a famous pirate. ATK+136: 2 TP, 2 LUC, 2 FREE

Naval Ram x1 Red Iron Chip x1

Musketeer 17,600 A thrusting sword historically used by royal guards. ATK+133: 2 FREE Steel Needle x1
Estoc 13,200 A thrusting sword with a thin blade that makes it good at piercing. ATK+127: 1 FREE Rabbit Tail x3, Hazard Bulb x2
Colichemarde 10,860 An excellent piercing sword made to be held in both hands. ATK+115: 2 FREE Crystal Vine x1, Crushing Fang x5
Gorm Glas 10,100 A sword with a dull blue glow that is the bane of enemies in the dark. ATK+112: 2 ROT, 1 FREE Coral Shell x1
Verdun 9,510 A versatile thrusting sword that can be swung with one or both hands. ATK+109: 3 FREE Cast-iron Hilt x1
Tuck 7,950 A thrusting sword that works best when used with both hands. ATK+100: 1 FREE Hard Skull x1
Moralltach 7,700 A sword that pierces anything in one strike, no matter how tough. ATK+95: 4 FREE Tripartite Horn x1
Backsword 5,970 A thrusting sword that could easily pierce cheap armor. ATK+91: 1 FREE Torn Tail x5, Black Fragment x5
Sting 4,820 A compact thrusting sword for swift, relentless attacks. ATK+84: 2 AGI, 2 FREE Mole Claw x2
Epee 3,980 A thrusting sword balanced for dueling. ATK+75: 2 FREE Black Fragment x1
Espada Ropera 2,460 A thrusting sword made stronger by changing the blade's shape. ATK+66: 1 FREE Thick Throat x3
Rapier 1,920 A thrusting sword that pierces through hard matter to an extent. ATK+58: 2 FREE Sturdy Timber x1, King Core x3
Hunting Sword 1,380 A hunting sword with a tip that emphasizes thrusting. ATK+48: 1 HP, 1 FREE Jutting Tusk x1
Pallasch 740 A piercing sword that is almost as effective at slashing. ATK+40; 1 FREE Red Tail x3, Poisonous Tail x6
Small Sword 320 A smaller thrusting sword that is easy to swing. ATK+34: 2 FREE Poison Hypha x5
Panzerstecher 180 A thrusting sword that transmits one's power well. ATK+27: 1 STR, 1 FREE Poisonous Tail x4
Fleuret 50 A thrusting sword suited for those who lack experience. ATK+17 Available from Start


Name Price Description Effect Usable by Requirements
Trident 287,000 A spear belonging to a raging god who summoned storms and waves. ATK+190: 2 HP, 2 TP, 2 VIT HW Tsunami Fang x1
Rhongomyniad 259,000 ??? ATK +178: 4 FREE HW Prisoner's Arm x1
Grasida 51,890 A special spear that uses a blade normally reserved for swords. ATK+166: 1 FREE HW Cursed Vine x1, Cursed Bone x2
Fangtianhuaji 40,780 A special spear with a side blade for striking and defending. ATK+162: 3 FREE HW Wrenching Jaw x2, Star Driftwood x6
Chauve-souris 31,450 Offensive spear with extensions to improve its stabbing power. ATK+156: 2 FREE HW Polyamide Fiber x1, Rending Jaw x2
Tonbokiri 21,500 A well-known spear that splits anything in two with enough power. ATK+150: 2 FREE HW Sanguine Tail x3, Paulownia Bark x2
Drakeback Spear 18,450 A heavy spear used by cavalry in their charges. ATK+143: 2 FREE HW Aesculus Wood x1, Sanguine Tail x1
Moon Spear 14,400 A crescent blade on the spearhead allows it to both slice and pierce. ATK+134: 1 FREE HW Sanguine Tail x1, Rat's Fang x1
Partizan 11,220 This spear's oversized blade makes for an impressive attack. ATK+124: 3 FREE HW Witch's Robe x5, Cast-iron Hilt x5
Winged Spear 9,660 A spear with extensions at the bottom for catching enemy attacks. ATK+116: 1 FREE HW Ebony Shard x1
Brionac 9,300 A magic spear that obliterates all things with its scorching blade. ATK+113: 4 FIRE HW Clay Horn x1
Awl Pike 8,140 A sharp spear that could easily pierce a soldier's armor. ATK+110: 2 FREE HW Spearhead Chip x1
Hayakaze 7,210 A god's spear that dances like a breeze, yet strikes like a gale. ATK+105: 2 AGI, 2 SPD, 2 FREE HW Elastic Skin x1, Pagoda Branch x3
Oomiyari 6,130 A powerful spear that is twice the size of normal spears. ATK+100: 1 FREE HW Predatory Fang x5, Burning Fur x5
Tepoztopilli 5,080 A long spear with the dense bone of a beast forming its blade. ATK+91: 2 FREE HW Dino Calcaneus x2
Rhomphair 4,800 A spear passed down from ancient days with an offensive blade. ATK+85: 1 FREE HW Octopus' Horn x1
Ahlspiess 4,110 This piercing spear's blade is more than half its length. ATK+80: 3 FREE HW Red Iron Chip x1
Spade 3,780 A farm tool commonly used for digging. ATK+78: 3 FREE F Eggshell Piece x2
Sarissa 2,650 A spear with a long handle that allows for wide-range attacks. ATK+72: 2 FREE HW Flawless Shell x1, Indigo Pith x5
Long Spear 2,120 A longer-than-average spear that is well suited for flying enemies. ATK+65: 1 FREE HW Century Shell x2
Ga-dearg 1,890 An evil-warding spear that can even pierce through spell barriers. ATK+56: 2 VOLT HW Atrocious Fang x1, Tough Feeler x1
Do Sanga 1,510 A spear designed to pierce enemies with its forked prongs. ATK+51: 2 FREE HW Blue Core x1
Lance 1,230 A spear with a round tip that serves only for thrusting. ATK+48: 2 FREE HW Lizard Crest x1, Soft Bark x5
Pike 820 A spear with a leaf-shaped blade. ATK+43: 1 FREE HW Tough Feeler x1, Supple Branch x5
Javelin 470 A spear that can be used to defeat enemies in a variety of ways. ATK+36: 2 FREE HW Steel Shell x3
Tetsukiyari 220 A relatively small spear that can easily be used with one hand. ATK+29: 1 VIT, 1 FREE HW Mountain Claw x1
Short Spear 70 A pole with a blade attached to it used mainly for hunting. ATK+20 HW Available from Start
Pitchfork 60 A farmer's tool known for its long pole and three prongs. ATK+16: 2 LUC F Available from Start


All Knives are usable by all classes.

Name Price Description Effect Requirements
Danda-chakra 266,000 ??? Atk +163: 2 HP, 2 TP, 2 FREE Execution Jaw x1
Futsuno Mitama 236,000 ??? ATK +158: 6 FREE Holy Horn x1, Wrenching Jaw x1
Shuriken 49,600 ??? ATK +134: 2 ATK, 1 FREE Infinite Tongue x4
Kukuri 38,900 ??? ATK +129: 2 FREE Stink Scutellum x1, Infernal Scale x1
Liuyedao 29,450 ??? ATK +122: 3 FREE Starry Shell x5, Thorny Bone x1
Balisong 19,800 ??? ATK +116: 3 PSN Poison Branch x4
Keris 17,100 A dagger with a wavy blade said to have mysterious powers. ATK +110: 3 FREE Biting Vine x2, Iron Tusk x1
Baselard 12,800 A larger-than-average dagger with great offensive capabilities. ATK +105: 2 FREE Rat's Fang x1
Ballock Knife 10,630 A dagger exclusively used by male warriors and knights. ATK +96: 3 FREE Wheel Blade x1
Roundel Dagger 10,380 A dagger with discs on the hilt, allowing for a stronger grip. ATK +93: 3 FREE Rending Fin x1, Muddle Hypha x1
Aikuchi 9,370 An extremely small dagger commonly carried by assassins. ATK +89: 3 FREE Charmed String x1
Azoth 9,000 ??? ATK +84: 4 FREE Clay Plating x1
Dirk 7,880 A single-edged dagger favored by warriors in the north. ATK +81: 2 FREE Gold Caruncle x1, Swordfish Skin x3
Parazonium 5,610 A dagger with a uncommon, triangular blade. ATK+75: 3 FREE Fiery Stone x5
Katar 4,720 A stabbing dagger used as though one is punching the opponent. ATK+69: 2 FREE Mole Claw x1
Machete 4,580 A dagger with a thick blade, perfect for battles and quests. ATK+65: 3 FREE Blue Shell x1
Kunai 3,710 A dagger with a strong blade formed by using only pure materials. ATK+61: 3 FREE Eggshell Piece x1
Cinquedea 3,660 A dagger with a wide blade adorned with vivid decorations. ATK+58: 2 HP, 2 FREE Depth Scale x1, Red Core x5
Tusk Knife 2,310 A knife processed from the sharp tusk of a oceanic beast. ATK+55: 2 FREE Jutting Tusk x 5, Sea Beast Fur x5
Ring Dagger 1,840 A double-edged dagger with a ring on it for hanging from one's armour. ATK+46: 2 FREE Muscled Arm x2, Jutting Tusk x2
Spatha 1,220 A thin dagger designed to strike precisely at fatal points. ATK+40: 1 FREE Shell Piece x2
Antennae Dagger 1,160 A thin dagger that can still withstand reckless use. ATK+38: 1 DEATH, 2 FREE Prying Needle x1
Main Gauche 590 A very useful dagger for both offense and defense. ATK+32: 1 VIT, 1 FREE Soft Bark x1, Large Jaw x2
Eared Dagger 260 A dagger named for its disc-like ornaments that resemble ears. ATK+26: 3 FREE Tough Feeler x1
Makiri 170 A dagger commonly used in a foreign country. ATK+20: 1 STR, 1 FREE Green Thorn x1
Dagger 50 A short, everyday knife cheap enough for anyone to use. ATK+13 Available from Start


All Katanas are only usable by Ninjas and Shoguns.

Name Price Description Effect Requirements
Ameno Habakiri 284,000 A long, ancient katana, noted for being able to slay even gods. ATK+225: 8 FREE Darkstar Bead x 1
Hachiyou 256,000 A katana decorated with eight leaves, said to bring good fortune. ATK+180: 8 LUCK Flower Scythe x 1
Kurikara 112,000 A katana made of sea dragon bone, it floats like the dragon itself. ATK+172: 2 TP, 2 FREE Dragon Weave x1, Cursed Bone x1
Monohoshizao 51,500 A katana with a long blade that only a master swordsman can wield. ATK+159: 2 LUCK Vicious Claw x5
Kamewari 40,650 A katana so sharp that rubbing it against a bottle will split it. ATK+154: 3 FREE Infernal Scale x3
Youtou Nihiru 38,900 A magic katana that crushes all opponents with its engraved curses. ATK+150: 4 CURSE Cursed Shard x1
Doutanuki 31,300 A rustic, yet sturdy katana that is said to fell enemies in one strike. ATK+149: 1 FREE Dragonfly Nest x3
Zanmatou 30,000 Longer than a person's full height, this katana is for monster combat. ATK+146: 3 FREE Soft Scythe x1
Jintachi 21,300 A katana with no frills, designed solely for battle. ATK+143: 2 FREE Dangerous Bud x1, Rat's Fang x5
Nenekirimaru 20,200 An incredibly long katana designed to slay evil spirits. ATK+141: 2 LIM, 2 FREE Mother's Horn x1
Kuroushi Oodachi 18,400 A body-length katana covered entirely with black lacquer. ATK+136: 3 FREE Biting Vine x4, Needle Tail x3
Kijin Daiou 16,600 A legendary sword said to have been forged overnight by an ogre. ATK+131: 3 FREE Proboscis x1, Gold Caruncle x1
Mumeitou 14,200 A katana with a superior sharpness, but its maker is unknown. ATK+129: 1 FREE Pink Bird's Leg x1
Kaminari Otoshi 13,500 A katana with the power to cut down even the heavens' monsters. ATK+123: 3 FREE Curved Horn x1, Ebony Shard x2
Warabite 11,200 A katana with a round, circular tip. ATK+120: 1 FREE Magic Shard x5
Dangosashi 10,900 This katana's wielder feels no resistance when striking. ATK+117: 4 FREE Execution Claw x1
Uchigatana 9,640 A katana with an arched, cast-iron blade for close combat. ATK+111: 2 FREE Castiron Hilt x5
Wakizashi 8,110 A sharp, short katana with a metallic blade. ATK+102: 1 FREE Crushing Fang x1, Spearhead Chip x2


All Crossbows are only usable by Arbalists.

Name Price Description Effect


Ameno Makagoyumi

298,000 A crossbow that expels the world's evil with god-like miracles. ATK+199: 3 TP, 3 HIT

Fullmoon Crown x1

Joukahainen Bow 256,000 A cursed crossbow that uses the wielder's grudges as ammunition. ATK+183: 2 CURSE, 2 FREE Dimension Disc x1
Basilisk 52,200 A crossbow that riddles opponents with extremely hard arrows. ATK+171: 2 FREE Longhorn Hull x4
Mons Meg 41,300 A gigantic crossbow created for destroying enemy bases. ATK+165: 3 FREE Invader's Eye x6

Polyamide Fiber x6

Shaternal 32,000 A well-rounded crossbow that excels in both mobility and rapid fire. ATK+161: 2 FREE Star Driftwood x1
Dreadnought 21,800 A high-level crossbow that can fire arrows through steel. ATK+155: 3 FREE Paulownia Bark x3

Biting Vine x3

Serpentine 18,800 A crossbow that can rapid-fire due to its mechanical bowstring. ATK+147: 2 FREE Poison Branch x1
Naien 15,500 A crossbow that brings down one's prey with rather large arrows. ATK+142: 3 FREE Butterfly Wing x1

Deathly Stem x1

Senpuuhou 14,700 This crossbow.s angle can be adjusted with a ground-based prop. ATK+138: 1 FREE Stun Hypha x1
Apollo's Bow 13,100 A crossbow that incinerates all within the inferno it fires. ATK+135: 4 FIRE Inferno Bead x1

Ebony Shard x1

Dardanelles Bow 11,310 A crossbow so powerful it can crack bedrock. ATK+129: 2 FREE Siamese Senna x5
Ribauldequin 9,690 A shotgun-type crossbow that fires tons of small shells at once. ATK+122: 3 FREE Broken Rock x3
Trebuchet 8,240 A crossbow that makes use of levers so that heavy shells can be fired. ATK+114: 1 FREE Ebony Nail x1
Bombard 6,190 A crossbow that has a bowstring strong enough to fire boulders. ATK+104: 3 FREE Igneous Rock x10
Shoushido 5,210 A crossbow attached to a launcher to lessen the recoil when fired. ATK+95: 1 FREE Long Tongue x1


5,130 A crossbow with multiple bows that fire randomly, mowing down enemies. ATK+92: 4 LEG Ghost Keel x1

Century Shell x1

Spear-thrower 4,180 A crossbow that loads spearheads to fire at enemies. ATK+85: 2 FREE Trileaf Stalk x1

Red Fragment x1

Gandivam 4,010 A hero's crossbow that pierces its targets at lightspeed. ATK+81: 4 FREE Pig Iron Fang x1
Cranequin 2,690 This crossbow's bowstring must be drawn by cranking a manual handle. ATK+75: 3 FREE Icicle Fang x1
Ballista 2,220 A crossbow that can fire destructive artillery shells. ATK+68: 2 FREE Sharp Knob x1
Reshef's Bow 2,080 A crossbow loaded with so many arrows, they fire as a storm. ATK+63: 2 HIT, 4 FREE Volt Whisker x 1
Scorpion 1,600 A crossbow that has been scaled down to lighten its burden. ATK+56 Coral Arm x 1
Ahtlatl 880 A crossbow made to fire arrows fast enough to bring down wild beasts. ATK+47: 2 FREE Sharp Fang x1
Repeater Bow 510 A crossbow with improved mechanisms allowing for quick fire and reload. ATK+41: 1 AGI, 1 FREE Tough Tooth x1, Pungent Ivy x3
Ooyumi 250 A crossbow that fires large arrows with its tightly strung bow. ATK+30: 2 HIT, 1 FREE Pungent Ivy x1
Crossbow 90 A long distance weapon that fires arrows mechanically. ATK+23 Available from Start


Name Price Description Effect Usable by Requirements
Ukonvasara 289,000 ATK+202: 4 HP, 2 TP GM Thunder Horn x1
Yagrush 253,000 This hammer's name means "chaser" and "banishment". ATK+186: 2 LIM, 2 FREE GM Trembling Fin x1
Curved Bone 8,220 A balanced club made of the hardest substance within monster bones. ATK+117: 2 FREE GM
Langyabang 5,200 A battle club with animal fangs attached to the striking side. ATK+100: 2 FREE GM
Goudendag 4,140 A flail with a metallic, blunt weapon attached to its long hilt. ATK+89: 3 FREE GM
Heavy Mace 2,670 A battle club made heavier for increased destructive power. ATK+80: 2 FREE GM
Black Breaker 2,480 A powerful battle hammer that crushes with its black head. ATK+75: 2 STR, 2 VIT GM
Tewhatewha 2,180 A club with lower wind resistance for increased striking speed. ATK+70: 2 AGI, 1 FREE GM
Meteor Hammer 1,530 A battle club that has a spherical weight attached by a chain. ATK+58: 1 FREE GM
Stalk Cutter 1,290 A farm tool commonly used to cut out tree stumps. ATK+57: 2 FREE F Red Core x2
Tauret Hammer 1,220 A powerful hammer made from the teeth of stubborn hippopotamuses. ATK+55: 2 HIT, 2 FREE GM
Light Mace 860 A light battle club that inexperienced soldiers use. ATK+50: 1 FREE GM Bloody Blade x3, Steel Shell x3
Crushing Club 490 To strike, the wielder swings a metal ring attached to a rod. ATK+44: 1 FREE GM Palm Trunk x1, Tough Tooth x4
Spiked Club 230 A club with numerous metal spikes driven into its tip. ATK+32: 1 HIT, 2 FREE GM Gigapede Leg x1
Macana 90 A simple club made from a hollowed out tree trunk. ATK+26 GM Available from Start


All Guns are only usable by Buccaneers.

Name Price Description Effect Requirements
Arquebus 1450en A gun improved by a hakenbuechse that increases its firepower. ATK+44: 2 FREE Red Core x1
Flame Lance 760en An improved Fire Lance that shoots strong fire with excess gun powder. ATK+36: 4 FIRE Pseudopod x1, Palm Trunk x3
Hakenbuechse 380en A gun with a claw attached that relieves the recoil shock. ATK+29: 2 FREE Elastic Tongue x1
Culverin 210en A small gun that is easier to carry around. ATK+24: 2 TP, 1 FREE Small Shell x1
Fire Lance 80en A single-round gun with a simple structure and a long barrel. ATK+15 Available from Start


All Tomes are usable by all classes.

Name Price Description Effect Requirements
Fortune Book 600en The account of a billionaire who used odds to amass great wealth. ATK+28: 4 LUC, 1 FREE Violet Comb x1, Red Scale x10
Knowledge Book 280en A book that recoreded the laws governing monster actions. ATK+24: 1 TEC, 1 TP, 1 FREE Purple Scale x1
Intellect Book 180en A book written about the laws an adventurer should adhere to. ATK+17: 1 TEC, 2 FREE Frog Cheek x2
Wisdom Book 50en A book written about the basics of Labyrinth adventuring. ATK+10: 1 TEC Available from Start

Reward WeaponsEdit

These are special golden weapons rewarded after completing any Sea Quest for the first time or from quests. They are mostly valued for their forged effects, though the sea quest weapons bear comparable attack power. The cherry-tap weapons are useful for getting conditional drops.

Name Description Effect Usable by Requirement
Stun Blade A bizarre sword with a blade that secretes a paralyzing poison. ATK+1: 4 PARALYZE PGH Chest (BF2-C5)
Pedant's Book A boring book that makes those around the reader very sleepy. ATK+1: 6 SLEEP PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) Ho! The gigapede! (Quest)
Pollux's Records A record give to you by the younger of two astronomer siblings. ATK+24: 2 TP, 2 TEC PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) Stargazers (Sea Quest)
Albert's Mace An heirloom of a warrior who came from the north with a princess. ATK+30: 2 ICE GM A princess' trial (Sea Quest)

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