As with the games preceding Etrian Odyssey IV, only a few of the weapons are available for purchase at Berund Atelier in the beginning, but more can be unlocked by selling materials to Wynne. All weapons sell for 40% of their buy price. Those with no listed buy price are typically rewards from quests or found in chests, and sell for 100en.

The forging system, first introduced in Etrian Odyssey III, also makes a return in Etrian Odyssey IV with more effects that can be forged onto weapons. Requirements list the materials needed to buy and/or alter the item through forging.

Turn SpeedEdit

Equipping different weapons can affect the turn speed experienced by a character.

Sword Rapier Mace Bow Staff Knife Katana Drive Blade
0 +2 -3 0 0 +3 +2 -4


Name   Price  Description Effect Classes Requirements
Shortsword 70 A one-handed sword that has been shortened for ease of use. ATK+20 LNDI Available From Start
Kopis 180 A sword with a curved blade designed for downward motion. ATK+27 (2 Free) LNDI 2x Rat Fang
Scramasax 580 A single-edged sword with a sharp blade suited for rending. ATK+42 LNDI 1x Big Shell
Cutlass 640 A short, one-handed sword that is sharp and easy to use. ATK+43 (2 Free) LNDI 2x Writhing Bulb
Falx 1,450 A two-handed sword with a scythelike curved blade. ATK+53 (4 TP) LNDI 1x Berserker Claw
Shamshir 2,300 A sword with a crescent-shaped blade for rending. ATK+56 (2 Free) LNDI 1x Metallic Horn, 1x Mountain Claw
Talwaar 3,070 A longsword made from sharp fangs and claws for improved cutting power. ATK+66 LNDI 1x Ebony Claw, 1x Bud Tusk
Macuahuitl 4,270 A sword created by embedding razor-sharp chips of stone into a wooden club. ATK+70 (2 Free) LNDI 1x Largebill Bone, 1x Akaganeite
Viking Sword 6,290 A double-edged longsword intended to cleave its target in two in a single hit. ATK+81 LNDI 1x Tough Leg
Harpe 7,480 A sword with a sickle-like curve that is sharpened on the outside. ATK+85 (2 Stun) LNDI 1x Soft Sickle
Walloon Sword 8,660 A sword with a split guard, used with an emphasis on striking attacks. ATK+84 (3 Free) LNDI 1x Pagoda Branch
Falchion 10,510 A wide-tipped sword designed for severing things. ATK+100 LNDI 1x Thick Bone, 1x Poison Ferrule
Icy Almace 11,810 A sword with a blade carved from a supernaturally-cooled block of ice. ATK+103 (2 Ice) LNDI 1x Frigid Sickle
Bastard Sword 13,390 A long sword that can be used with one or both hands ATK+107 (1 STR; 2 Free) LNDI 1x Flame Fang
Schiavona 16,560 A sword with a guard that protects its user's hands during severe combat. ATK+119 LNDI 1x Heavy Iron Ball
Katzbalger 19,090 A double-edged sword that relies on its weight for damage ATK+122 (1 VIT; 2 Free) LNDI 2x Tiny Tooth
Macabuin 25,940 A magic sword that rends anything, regardless of it's own wielder. ATK+134 (3 Free) LNDI 1x Sharp Claw
Dvergr Sword 31,130 The legendary long sword itself. ATK+142 (2 TP; 1 Free) LNDI 1x Spear Shard, 1x Magma Shard
Cavalier Killer 34,240 A heavy longsword made to cut off an enemy's legs. ATK+1 (5 Leg Bind; 1 Free) LNDI 1x Raptor Beak
Hrunting 37,350 A sword made from the powerful claw of the king of beasts. ATK+151 (2 HP, 1 Free) LNDI 1x Lion Claw
Durandal 44,820 A holy sword that glitters with the divine protection of a sage. ATK+158 (3 ATK; 2 Free) LNDI 1x Bone Shard
Caladbolg 53,780 This quivering, magic sword is said to be capable of splitting mountains. ATK+165 (4 Free) LNDI 2x Staff Shard
Dragonbane 107,560 A double-handed sword sharp enough to slay even a dragon. ATK+173 (6 Free) LNDI 1x Fire Scale, 1x Reverse Scale, 1x Thunder Scale
Yggdrasil Sword 215,120 A sword made of material formed from condensed lifeforce of Yggdrasil. ATK+178 (8 Free) LNDI 1x Warped Core
Poison Blade -- A bizarre sword with a groove that constantly runs with poison ATK+28 (3 Poison) LNDI --
Ancient Kopis -- A sword with the capability to be altered more than others of its type. ATK+40 (3 Free) All 2x Rat Fang
Ancient Schiavona -- A sword with the capability to be altered more than others of its type. ATK+121 (3 Free) All 1x Heavy Iron Ball
King Slicer -- A large sword that can slice through any number of bodies. ATK+147 (4 Death) LNDI --


Name   Price  Description Effect Classes Requirements
Fleuret 50 A thrusting sword suited for those who lack experience. ATK+17 LA Available From Start
Panzerstecher 180 A thrusting sword that transmits one's power well. ATK+24 (1 AGI) LA 2x Grasseater Leg
Blinding Piercer 290 A thrusting sword designed for penetrating the target's eye sockets. ATK+31 (3 Blind, 1 Free) LA 1x Bear Claw
Town Sword 480 A small thrusting sword that has been designed for ease of use. ATK+35 LA 1x Mandrake Root
Pallasch 670 A thrusting sword that is almost as effective at slashing. ATK+40 (1 TP, 1 Free) LA 2x Needle Tail
Pigsticker 1,990 A thrusting sword used to pierce the vital organs of animals during hunts. ATK+52 (2 Free) LA 2x Mountain Claw
Sting 2,480 A compact thrusting sword for swift, relentless attacks. ATK+59 (1 AGI, 1 Free) LA 1x Lizard Back Fin
Rapier 2,760 A thrusting sword that penetrates through hard matter, to an extent. ATK+65 LA 1x Boar Tusk
Espada Ropera 3,730 A thrusting sword made stronger by changing the blade's shape. ATK+69 (1 SPD, 1 Free) LA 2x Lance Shard
Verdun 5,730 A versatile thrusting sword that can be swung with one or both hands. ATK+75 (2 AGI) LA

1x Frigid Stone

Stiletto 6,940 A thrusting weapon with a circular, edgeless blade and a sharp tip. ATK+86 LA 1x Thick Bone
Panic Fleuret 8,620 A thrusting sword with a tip that panics those it strikes ATK+1 (6 Panic) LA 1x Kingly Horn
Moralltach 9,190 A sword that penetrates anything in one strike, no matter how tough. ATK+95 (1 AGI, 2 Free) LA 1x Shining Rectrix, 1x Steel Earth
Estoc 11,030 A thrusting sword with a thing blade that drives deep into enemies ATK+101 (3 Free) LA 1x Barbed Needle
Misericorde 15,040 A sword that thrusts through openings in armor to give dying knights merciful ends ATK+118 LA 1x Stone Fang
Joyeuse 17,060 A thrusting sword passed on from emperor to emperor in a great line. ATK+121 (3 AGI; 1 Free) LA 1x Golden Horn
Colichmarde 19,060 A lightened estoc that is easier to wield in one hand. ATK+124 (3 Free) LA 1x Tiny Tooth, 1x Resin Cylinder
Zirah Bouk 23,080 This light and thin thrusting sword makes it easier to land fatal blows ATK+130 (4 Free) LA 1x Mole Claw
Egeking 27,100 A thrusting sword cursed by a man who sought vengeance on his friend. ATK+138 LA 1x Thunder Tooth
Struggle 31,120 A thrusting sword that is difficult to use, but can be quite powerful ATK+141(2 AGI; 2 Free) LA 1x Crimson Fang
Ascalon 37,340 A legendary thrusting sword that pierced a fearsome dragon's skull ATK+151 (2 SPD; 2 Free) LA 1x Emperor Feather
Last Estoc 39,940 A thrusting sword with a narrower and sharper tip. ATK+158 (4 Free) LA 2x Deathly Vine
Fragarach 79,880 A magic sword that penetrates all armor and causes wounds that cannot be healed. ATK+166 (6 Free) LA 1x Fire Fang
Yggdrasil Rapier 159,760  A rapier made of material formed from condensed lifeforce of Yggdrasil.  ATK+172 (8 Free) LA 1x Warped Core
Flamberge -- A thrusting sword with a fiery blade that both slashes and burns. ATK+60 (Skill: Blazing Link Lv1) All --
Ancient Rapier -- A thrusting sword with the capability to be altered more than others of its type. ATK+65 (4 Free) All 1x Boar Tusk
Hauteclaire -- A commander's thrusting sword, decorated with precious metals. ATK+110 (3 Burst) LA --
Ancient Estoc -- A thrusting sword with the capability to be altered more than others of its type. ATK+111 (4 Free) All 1x Barbed Needle


Name     Price   Description Effect Classes Requirements
Light Mace 80 A simple, heavy club. Powerful, but difficult to wield. ATK+22 FMB Available From Start
Nirrti 210 A club with numerous metal spikes driven into its tip. ATK+29 (1 Free) FMB 2x Slate
Crushing Club 440 To strike, the wielder swings a metal ring attached to a rod. ATK+38 FMB 1x Fawn Hoof, 1x Granite
Spiked Club 770 A light battle club that inexperienced soldiers use. ATK+46 (1 Free) FMB 2x Light Hardwood
Meteor Hammer 1,840 A battle club that has a spherical weight attached by a chain. ATK+57 (2 Free) FMB 1x Metallic Horn
Hex Club 2,770 A club with some slight allowance for aerodynamics, allowing for swift strikes. ATK+69 FMB 1x Bud Tusk, 1x Jet-Black Pith
Heavy Mace 4,310 Warhammer with increased weight to be more destructive. ATK+74 (2 Free) FMB 1x Largebill Bone, 1x Lazurite
Volcanic 6,560 A heat-releasing club cut out from a piece of igneous rock. ATK+91 (2 Fire) FMB 1x Scorch Stone, 1x Trileaf Stalk
Komodo Hammer 8,800 A heavy club made entirely out of metal. ATK+109 FMB 1x Poison Trihorn
Kanasaibou 11,020 A heavy club made entirely out of metal. ATK+109 FMB 1x Poison Ferrule
Dramborleg 13,220 A gigantic hammer passed own by a race inside the Labyrinth. ATK+116 FMB 1x Peach Leg
Jadagna 15,630 A battle club with a spherical tip the wielder strikes with. ATK+121 (3 Free) FMB 1x Yggdrasil Trunk
Morgenstern 19,230 A club with a spiked metal ball at it's end to inflict more grievous wounds. ATK+124 (2 VIT) FMB 1x Spiked Iron Ball
Langyabang 22,840 A battle club with animal fangs attached to the striking side. ATK+132 FMB 1x Tiny Tooth, 1x Serpentinite
Catapharact 26,440 A high performance battle club provided to able-bodied soldiers ATK+141 (4 STR) FMB 1x Stone Arm
War Pick 31,730 A sharp hammer that can rip through the sturdiest armor. ATK+150 FMB 1x Spear Pole
Eliminator 38,070 The same type of club that a legendary killer once used. ATK+156 (2 HP; 2 Free) FMB 2x Nephrite
Bolt Warhammer 45,680 A hammer that generates an electric charge when swung. ATK+167 (4 Volt) FMB 1x Petal Stone, 1x Broken Core
Yagrush 54,820 This battle hammer's name means "chaser" and "banishment". ATK+174 (3 BRS; 1 Free) FMB 1x Cursed Bone
Gennou 109,640 A golden hammer said to have destroyed the stone of impurity. ATK+178 (6 Free) FMB 1x Charged Horn
Yggdrasil Mace 219,280  A hammer made of material formed from condensed lifeforce of Yggdrasil.  ATK+183 (8 Free) FMB 1x Warped Core
Macana -- A simple club made from a hollowed out tree trunk. ATK+41 (2 VIT) FMB --
Ancient Volcanic -- A hammer with the capability to be altered more than others of its type. ATK+103 (4 Free) All 1x Scorch Stone, 1x Trileaf Stalk
Skull Crusher -- A warhammer with a long shaft. Useful for striking at an enemy's head. ATK+120 (Skill: Skull Crusher Lv1) All --
Evil Eye Club -- A steel hammer imbued with the power of a certain enemy's evil eye. ATK+158 (3 Petrify) FMB --
Bloody Hammer -- A large hammer used in torture. It has been infused with dozens of dying breaths. ATK+162 (3 Curse) FMB --


Name     Price   Description Effect Classes Requirements
Wood Bow 60 Standard bow carved from the trees of the forest. ATK+16 SD Available From Start
Beast Bow 170 A longbow fashioned out of a large bone from a beast. ATK+23 (1 Free) SD 1x Baboon Bone, 1x Rat Hide
Short Bow 490 Compact bow designed to be carried easily. ATK+34 SD 1x Sturdy Timber, 1x Mandrake Root
Arm Shooter 530 A bow that shoots heavy arrows designed to seal the target's arms. ATK+35 (3 Arm Bind) SD 1x Rending Claw
Recurve Bow 640 A bow that uses a monster's tongue to increase its tension. ATK+38 (1 Free) SD 1x Rickrack Tongue, 1x Supple Branch
Hindi 1,540 A strong shortbow that uses a raging bull's horn for its body. ATK+51 SD 1x Metallic Horn, 1x Teak Wood
Kamatha 2,300 A longbow strengthened for use in close combat situations. ATK+59 (1 Free) SD 1x Pliant Vine, 1x Strong Vine
Long Bow 3,840 A battle bow that pierces through multiple enemies with a single shot. ATK+67 (2 Free) SD 1x Largebill Bone, 1x Pliant Vine
Tension Bow 4,040 An advanced bow using a frog's tongue to provide increased string tension. ATK+69 (2 CRI) SD 1x Spotted Tongue
Hunter Bow 5,530 Light, easy to use bow designed for hunting. ATK+75 (3 Free) SD 1x Beetle Sickle
Fin Bow 6,640 A bow using fibers from a durable vine to increase its tension. ATK+88 (2 CRI) SD 1x Withered Vine
Higoyumi 7,970 A bow combining a frog tongue and parts from common forest plants. ATK+94 SD 1x Zapper Tongue
Apollo 9,880 A bow that incinerates all that enters its range. ATK+104 (3 Fire) SD 1x Fiery Horn
Gendawa 14,240 Its sturdy grip allows for more power. ATK+109 SD 2x Wisteria Branch
Aquael 16,920 A complex bow with a confusing mechanism. ATK+112 (3 Free) SD 1x Thujopsis Root
Heaven Bow 19,590 A legendary bow said to fire shooting stars. ATK+118 (3 CRI) SD 1x Stone Tusk
War Bow 23,510 A large battle bow used in times of war. ATK+124 SD 2x Crystal Vine
Sigurd's Bow 28,230 A bow that fires special arrows, bringing death to those it hits. AKT+131 (2 Inst. Death; 1 Free) SD 1x Locust Leg, 1x Aesculus Wood
Raijoudou 33,850 Powerful bow who's bolts can puncture the clouds. ATK+137 (3 Volt) SD 1x Moa Tendon
Zamiel Bow 40,620 It's bolts hit any target, no matter how small. ATK+147 (2 SPD; 2 Free) SD 1x Indigo Vine
Shidgedou 48,740 A long bow with incredible elasticity. ATK+158 SD 1x Polyamide Fiber
Tristan's Bow 97,480 A bow that hits all targets it is aimed at, wasting nothing. ATK+161 (6 Free) SD 1x Damascus Claw
Yggdrasil Bow 194,960  A longbow made of material formed from condensed lifeforce of Yggdrasil.  ATK+168 (8 Free) SD 1x Warped Core
Ancient Hindi -- A bow with the capability to be altered more than others of its type. ATK+66 (4 Free) All 1x Metallic Horn, 1x Teak Wood
Sylvan Bow -- A bow said to have belong to a fairy king in the forest. ATK+135 (3 STR) SD --
Yumiyawata -- A bow once used by the god of miracles. ATK+151 (5 TP) SD --


Name   Price Description Effect Classes Requirements
Wand 40 A staff designed to focus the user's magic. ATK+10 All Available From Start
Bone Staff 160 A staff made from bone ATK+20 (1 TEC, 1 Free) All 1x Baboon Bone
Amud Staff 250 The crystal on its tip acts as a magical focus. ATK+26 (1 TEC, 1 TP) All 1x Sturdy Timber
Feather Staff 540 A wooden staff carved in the shape of feathers from forest birds. ATK+34 (2 TP) All 1x Light Hardwood, 1x Soft Plume
Rune Wand 1,210 A staff strengthened by engraving ancient letters into it. ATK+41 (2 TP, 1 Free) All 1x Muddle Hypha, 1x Lazurite
Fragrant Wand 1,960 A popular staff that releases a scent that helps increase concentration. ATK+46 (2 TEC) All 2x Dangerous Petal
Mist Rod 2,180 A staff made from a strange material dropped by a mysterious enemy. ATK+51 (2 TEC, 1 LUC) All 1x Mist Wand Shard
Wind Rod 3,190 A staff with giant feathers attached, creating a strong wind with every swing. ATK+56 (2 TEC, 1 TP) All 1x Lance Shard, 1x Green Feather
Luck Staff 4,420 A mysterious staff that brings good fortune to its bearer. ATK+63 (2 TEC, 2 LUC) All 1x Tiger's Eye
Jewel Staff 5,590 A short staff with a monster's shining glass eye decorating the tip. ATK+71 (2 TEC, 1 TP) All 1x Glassy Eye
Vajra 6,620 A staff that grants its bearer the power to abolish worldly desires. ATK+79 (2 TEC, 2 Free) All 1x Thick Bone, 1x Steel Earth
Purple Rod 7,950 Despite it's appearance, it holds strong magic. ATK+88 (3 TEC, 2 TP) All 1x Thujopsis Root
Mirage Rod 12,210 Illusionary staff that protects the user. ATK+96 (2 TEC, 1 Free) All 1x Metallic Cord
Khakkhara 16,480 A noisy staff that ancient practitioners of austerities carried on long journeys. ATK+104 (2 TEC, 2 Free) All 1x Curse Hypha, 1x Wisteria Branch
Thyrsos 19,780 A staff made from dawn redwood that bears the raging powers of nature. ATK+112 (3 TEC, 2 Free) All 1x Sequoia Limb
Death Wand 23,730 An evil staff that can occasionally cause it's target to simply die. ATK+113 (3 Inst. Death, 1 Free) All 1x Desouler Claw
Arcana Rod 28,480 A mage staff that's said to contain divine power. ATK+121 (4 TEC, 1 Free) All 1x Crimson Fang, 1x Black Root
Sage Wand 34,170 Phantasmal staff that heightens magical power. ATK+129 (5 TEC) All 1x Deathly Vine
Ogre Vajra 41,010 A holy instrument that leads bearers to enlightenment by abolishing desires. ATK+136 (3 TEC, 2 Free) All 1x Cursed Femur
Kerykeion 82,020 Holds a god's power to control men's hearts ATK+146 (6 Free) All 1x Pale Bone, 1x Cursed Vine, 1x Pumpkin Head
Yggdrasil Branch 164,040 A staff made of material formed from the condensed lifeforce of Yggdrasil. ATK+158 (8 Free) All 1x Warped Core
Healing Wand -- A holy staff that heals allies during battle. ATK+15 (Skill: Healing Lv1) All --
Old Wand -- A staff passed down by the Vessels for generations, currently in Wufan's care. ATK+52 (3 LUC) All --


Name   Price Description Effect Classes Requirements
Dagger 40 A short-bladed knife that is easy to wield without hindering the user. ATK+13 All Available From Start
Makiri 150 A dagger commonly used in a foreign country. ATK+22 (3 Free) All 1x Grasseater Jaw
Pugio 230 A simple dagger fit for stabbing. ATK+28 (2 Free) All 3x Sealed Neck
Balisong 560 An eccentric dagger with a split handle but only one blade. ATK+37 (3 Poison) All 1x Writhing Bulb, 1x Gritty Scales
Machete 1,220 A hefty chopping knife, useful for clearing foliage and hacking at foes. ATK+47 (2 Leg Bind, 1 Free) All 1x Mountain Claw
Spatha 1,840 A thin dagger designed to strike precisely at fatal points. ATK+59 (1 Free) All 2x Bud Tusk
Ballock Knife 2,540 A dagger exclusively used by male warriors and knights. ATK+61 (2 LUC, 2 Free) All 1x Lance Shard, 1x Dolomite
Ring Dagger 3,050 A double-edged dagger witha ring on it for hanging from one's armor. ATK+69 (3 Free) All 1x Bat Fang
Kunai 4,390 A dagger with a strong blade formed by using only pure material. ATK+81 (2 LUC, 1 Free) All 1x Poinciana Pod
Jamadhar 6,730 A push-dagger with a blade that splits to deal more damage with a single punch. ATK+89 (2 VIT, 1 Free) All 1x Beetle Sickle, 1x Steel Earth
Parazonium 8,080 A dagger with an uncommon, triangular blade. ATK+92 (4 Free) All  1x Flame Claw
Aikuchi 11,630 An extremely small dagger commonly carried by assassins. ATK+105 (2 Death, 1 Free) All 1x Stone Fang
Dirk 13,960 A single-edged dagger favored by warriors in the north. ATK+113 (3 Free) All 1x Wallaby Fist
Baselard 16,750 A larger-than-average dagger with great offensive capabilities. ATK+121 (3 VIT, 1 Free) All 1x Glacier Core
Keris 20,100 A dagger with a wavy blade said to have mysterious powers. ATK+125 (4 Curse) All 1x Killer Blade
Kukuri 24,120 A distinct ritual dagger with a blade on the short side of the curve. ATK+129 (4 Free) All 1x Beetle Shell
Narcoleps 26,790 A dagger that releases nerve toxins to rob those it strikes of consciousness. ATK+128 (3 Sleep, 2 Free) All 1x Thorny Bone
Khanjar 29,450 A dagger with a curved blade with elaborate inlaid work. ATK+134 (5 Free) All 1x Sky Iron Claw
Liuyedao 38,900 An extremely light dagger that is very multi-purpose. ATK+142 (5 Free) All 1x Poison Branch
Futsuno Mitama 77,800 A dagger with a spiritual power so great, it can ward off evil gods.  ATK+151 (6 Free) All 1x Stony Scythe, 1x Sky Iron Nail
Yggdrasil Knife 155,600  A dagger made of material formed from condensed lifeforce of Yggdrasil.  ATK+162 (8 Free) All 1x Warped Core
Main Gauche -- A very useful dagger for both offense and defense. ATK+25 (3 VIT) All --
Ancient Makiri -- A dagger with the capability to be altered more than others of its type. ATK+32 (4 Free) All 1x Grasseater Jaw
Ancient Kunai -- A dagger with the capability to be altered more than others of its type. ATK+84 (4 Free) All 1x Poinciana Pod
Assassin Dagger -- A black dagger used by assassins to finish off their targets. ATK+136 (Skill: Assassinate Lv1) All --
Epetam -- A brutal, yet powerful dagger that can fly around in search of blood. ATK+147 (5 AGI) All --


Name   Price  Description Effect Classes Requirements
Wakizashi 13,440 A sharp, short katana with a metallic blade. ATK+102 (2 HIT) B Unlock Bushi
Uchigatana 16,200 A katana with an arched, cast-iron blade for close combat. ATK+111 (4 Free) B 1x Flame Fang
Warabite 19,870 A katana with a round, circular tip. ATK+122 B 1x Purple Hyoid
Nikkari 22,080 Said to dismember stone statues in one swipe ATK+127 (2 AGI; 1 HP) B 1x Unusual Metal
Dangosashi 26,490 This katana's wielder feels no resistance when striking. ATK+132 (3 Free) B 2x Wallaby Fist
Kumo Otoshi 31,790 A katana with the power to cut down even the heaven's monsters ATK+140 (4 Free) B 1x Magma Core, 1x Sharp Claw
Kijin Daiou 38,150 A legendary sword said to have been forged overnight an ogre. ATK+152 B 1x Ape Bone
Monohoshizao 44,820 A katana with a long blade that only a master swordsman can wield. ATK+155 (2 STR; 1 Free) B 1x Death's Scythe
Ichimonji 45,780 Supposedly used by an ancient military god. ATK+163 (4 Free) B 1x Sky Iron Claw, 1x Sky Iron Nail
Youtou Nihiru 54,950 A magic katana that crushes all opponents with it's engraved curses. ATK+165(3 Curse; 2 Free) B 1x Toxic Eye
Nenekirimaru 57,690 An incredibly long katana designed to slay evil spirits. ATK+169 (2 STR; 2 Free) B 2x Sky Iron Nail
Ameno Habakiri 173,070 A long, ancient katana, noted for being able to slay even gods. ATK+176 (6 Free) B 1x Fallen Scale
Yggdrasil Reitou 230,760 A katana made of a material formed from the condensed lifeforce of Yggdrasil ATK+180 (8 Free) B 1x Warped Core
Mumeitou -- A generic katana used widely by the Sentinels. ATK+103 B --

Drive BladesEdit

Drive Blades are so immense and heavy that a sub-weapon cannot be equipped when wielding one.

Name   Price  Description Effect Classes Requirements
Imperial Blade 14,400 An extremely heavy drive blade issued to Imperial soldiers. ATK+134 (2 ELM) I Unlock Imperial
Peacemaker 31,730 A simple and elegant drive blade with a history of reliability. ATK+142 (3 VIT; 1 Free) I 1x Sharp Claw, 1x Mole Claw
Dragoon 38,070 A powerful drive blade that utilizes explosive forces to defeat enemies. ATK+152 (3 ELM; 1 Free) I 1x Guardian Shell
Shiden 45,070 A prototype drive blade that features new technologies ATK+158 I 1x Lion Claw, 1 Crimson Fang
Paralyzer 49,570 A drive blade designed specifically to paralyze its targets. ATK+161 (3 Paralyze; 2 Free) I 1x Sand Horn
Reppu 54,080 A drive blade using advances in technology to release relentless attacks. ATK+164 (2 ELM; 2 TP) I 1x Drive Gear
Fomalhaut 64,900 A drive blade wit both extreme power and flexibility in battle ATK+171 (4 Free) I 2x Staff Shard, 1x Sky Iron Claw
Shiden EX 129,800 The newest in drive blade science, with special enhancements and strengths ATK+178 (6 Free) I 1x Sealed Core
Yggdrasil Prince 256,600 A drive blade made of a material formed from the condensed lifeforce of Yggdrasil ATK+186 (8 Free) I 1x Warped Core