A list of weapons that is found in Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl. These can be bought from Shilleka's Goods.

The "Special" column is to show if the item is offered in another way. In-game, they are shone gold, similar to conditional drops.


Spears are only available for Highlanders and Protectors.

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Special?
Wyvern Spear A magic spear that contains the terrifying power of the Wyvern.



Restrained Legs x1 220,000en Y/Hi
Moon Spear A crescent blade on the spearhead allows it to both slice and pierce. ATK+185 Ant Claw x5 52,600en --
Partizan Protrusions along the sides of the blade allow the user to parry attacks.



Blade Spiral x3 46,000en --
Winged Spear A spear with extensions at the bottom for catching enemy attacks. ATK+155 Saw Fin x3 39,000en
Pylon Spear A spear of untested power, using technology left behind by the ancients.



Story Mode Only

Unknown Shell x1

37,000en --
King's Spear A unique, single-edged spear that has recently come into style in Etria. ATK+147 Space Claw x1 33,000en --
Tonbogiri A famous spear with enough power to split anything in two. ATK+151 TEC+3 AGI+5 Chaos Eyes x1 30,300en --
Awl Pike A sharp spear that can easily pierce a soldier's armor. ATK+136 TEC+2 Drywall x5

Gold Fur x1

27,400en --
Hayakaze A god's spear that dances like a breeze, yet strikes like a gale. ATK+125 Tiny Tooth x3 21,950en --
Oomiyari A powerful spear that is twice the size of normal spears.



Steel Chip x10 Red String x1 16,400en --
Tepoztopilli A long spear with a sharpened piece of rock as a spearhead. ATK+110 Hard Rock x1 13,700en --
Black Beast A long spear that uses a sharpened beast fang as the head. ATK+101 Savage Tusk x1 10,900en --
Ahlspiess A short, yet maneuverable spear whose head is half its entire length.



Developed Jaw x3 7,680en --
Sarissa A wide-range spear with a socket-style head, allowing for quick replacement. ATK+86 Rigid Thorax x3 6,310en --
Long Spear A longer-than-average spear, made for attacking distant or airborne enemies. ATK+77 Deposit Piece x2 4,930en --
Horn Spear A spear crafted using the horn of the Jungle King. Flexible, yet firm.




Sharp Horn x1 4,260en --
Tiger Lance A spear with a head made from a tiger fang, able to pierce opponents.



Tiger Fang x1 3,290en --
Ice Fang Made from frozen ivory, it freezes those who touch the blade.



Iced Ivory x1 3,160en Y
Scorpion A number of claws and axe heads are at the end of this dangerous weapon.



Toxic Barb x1 2,860en --
Flame Spear A spear using a Firebird's plume. Its short length increases its utility.



Fire Feather x5 Light Wood x1 2,470en --
Lance A cone-shaped spear made for thrusting. Often used in sporting events.



Sharp Stinger x6 Venom Barb x1 1,640en --
Black Guisarme A useful weapon, with a spike and a scythe blade for thrusts and slashes.



Story Mode Only

Black Stinger x1

1,420en --
Fuscina A three-pronged spear, originally intended for use as a farm tool. ATK+48 Story Mode Only

Spinnerette x5

Bat Skin x2

1,200en --
Hasta The spearhead is made from a large thorn and can easily be removed. ATK+45 Thorn x3 650en --
Framea A long spear with a willow-leaf head, designed to inflict terrible wounds.



Mandrake Root x3 410en --
Harpoon A spear witha  sturdy wooden handle and a cruel barbed point. ATK+28 Hardwood x1 160en --
Short Spear A pole with a blade attached to it used mainly for hunting. ATK+22 ---- 110en --
Dismemberer A spear that takes out the enemy's legs with its saw-like blade.


Bind Legs

Dismemberer x1 100en Y
Highlander Spear A traditional spear of the Highlanders. You were given this as you set off. ATK+20 Highlander's inital weapon. Cannot be sold/bought Hi


Guns can only be wielded by Gunners.

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Special?
Megido Gun An enchanted gun that sets enemies on fire.



Heat Horn x1 240,000en Y/G
Abaddon The projectiles of this gun are said to devour the souls of their victims.



Sinister Beak x1 79,700en --
Torador A motchlock using Armor Rat Plates. Its long barrel is easy to aim. ATK+195 Roller Spikes x1 57,500en --
Flechette A special weapon that fires a series of arrow-like Projectiles. ATK+174 Lady Palm x3 50,300en --
Steel Gun An improved gun that uses special steel rounds. ATK+161 Shiver Stinger x1 43,100en --
Volt Gun Accurate enough to shoot birds from the sky.



Gold Tusk x4

Red Fur x1

36,300en --
Dark Saker Its sights can detect beasts in the darkness. ATK+141 Thorn Stem x4 30,000en --
Arquebus A primitive but devastating long gun that is fired from the shoulder.



Artificial Hermit x1 23,600en --
Kuni-kuzushi A heavy weapon that fires a tiny cannon ball.




Story Mode Only

Burnt Barrel x1

22,400en --
Wyrmhunter Its bullets can pierce through thick armor. ATK+124 Hard Rock x4

Nyx Scythe x2

17,900en --
Iron Saker A pistol reinforced to fire more powerful rounds. ATK+116 Damascus Ingot x3 Steel Chip x1 15,100en --
Petronell A gun with a folding stock that allows it to be fired with greater stability.



Flamerat Skull x1 12,000en --
Thunder Saker Anyone who touches the bullets from this gun will be shocked.



Paralyzed Leg x1 10,950en Y
Handcannon Its true power shows in point-blank shots. ATK+99 Crab Leg x3 Glimmer Stone x1 8,410en --
Nalnari Fits naturally into the bearer's hand.



Scale Plate x1 6,900en --
Godhunter Can fire multiple arounds simultaneously. ATK+79 Steel Chitin x1 5,360en --
Abyss A lightweight gun that can shoot an insect out of the air.



Story Mode Only

Pink Wing x1

4,260 --
Roc's Maw A firearm named for its resemblance to a bird beak.



Glow Talon x1 3,590en --
Shotgun Capable of firing both barrels simultaneously. ATK+65 Venom Barb x2 Light Wood x2 2,700en --
Culverin A small, easily concealable firearm.




White Fang x5 2,400en --
Madfa A single-shot firearm of an almost absurdly large caliber.



Sharp Stinger x1 1,800en --
Spider Muzzle This gun uses hardened spider webbing to stabilize bullet's trajectories. ATK+52 Story Mode Only

Spinnerette x1

1,300en --
Hakenbuechse A gun with a claw attached that relieves the shock of recoil. ATK+48 Beetle Jaw x5 720en --
Volcanic A firearm with an easy-to-load breech.



Enamel Leg x4 Mandrake Root x1 450en --
Butterfly Barrel A pistol decorated with a butterfly's proboscis and other enamel ornaments. ATK+30 Steel Snout x5 Enamel Leg x2 180en --
Fire Gun A simple, muzzle-loading firearm that holds one shot at a time. ATK+24 ---- 120en --
Rock Saker A firearm that can petrify enemies with its special bullets



Rock Saker x1 100en Y


Swords are the most widely-used weapons, available to the Landsknecht, Protector, Ronin, Dark Hunter and Troubador.

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Special?
Shinryuu A longsword sharp enough to slaughter enven the great dragons.



(Fire, Ice & Volt scales

from great dragons)

200,000en All
Judgment Sword ATK+177 Gold Carapace x9 Gray Pincer x9 48,000en
Dainsleif A cursed sword seeking fresh blood to feed on. ATK+158 Blue Crystal x7 Calculus x5 42,000en --
Icy Almas A sword with a blade carved from a supernaturally-cooled block of ice.



Frost Scythe x1 37,800en --
Blazing Sword A magical sword forged with a special ore, imbuing it with the power of fire.



Wing Scale x10 Blaze Material x3 36,000en --
Great Sword A sword longer than the average person is tall. Its power comes from weight.



Space Claw x3

Obsidian Fang x2

30,000en --
Golden Sword A beautiful longsword decorated with shells that glitter like gold. ATK+127 Gold Shell x3 25,000en --
Ilwoon A decorated flat sword with a wide tip. ATK+118 Tiny Tooth x1 20,000en --
Damascus Sword An even larger blade of Damascus steel. The ripple pattern is a work of art.



Damascus Ingot x3 Magatama x2 15,000en --
Damascus Blade A longsword of Damascus steel, with beautiful ripple patterns in the metal. ATK+106 Steel Chip x3 12,500en --
Pattisa A lognsword with a curved guard. Used to crush opponents. ATK+96 Savage Tusk x3 10,000en --
Executor A two-handed sword intended for the sole purpose of slashing its targets. ATK+90 Fish Scale x3 7,000en --
Queen Saber An intricately decorated, curved blade made from the claw of an ant queen.




Death Claw x1 6,600en --
Brave Sword Wieled by fully-fledged hunters, and crafted out of monsters hunted personally.




Bloodbear Claw x3 Bug Nest x3 5,750en --
Shamshir A long, curved blade made of steel. ATK+71 Steel Chitin x3

Honey Crystal x3

4,500en --
Shotel A curved sword made from the claws of moles living in the Labyrinth. ATK+67 Story Mode Only

Curved Claw x1

3,200en --
Viking A double-edged longsword meant to cause terror while pillaging.



Tiger Fang x3 Laterite x1 3,000en --
Bone Sword A sword crafted using a variety of bones and claws. ATK+59 Bent Claw x5 Broken Wing x3 2,250en --
Tiger Fang Crafted from the giant incisors of a white tiger.




White Fang x1 2,050en --
Vorpal It has split ligendary creatures in half.




Tied Scythe x1 1,800en Y
Broadsword A double-edged length of steel with a wide blade and a cup-hilt for defense.



Scarlet Ore x1 1,500en --
Boar Spear A hunting weapon shaped like a beast's fang.



Metal Horn x5 600en --
Shortsword A fighting blade crafted from rabbit's teeth. ATK+35 Rabbit Tooth x5 370en --
Baselard A short sword crafted from beast fangs with a unique I-shaped grip. ATK+26 Small Fang x5 150en --
Slumer Knife A dagger that puts enemies to sleep before they even notice their wounds.



Slumber Knife x1 100en Y/All
Blinding Dagger A dagger that temporarily disables the opponent's optic nerve.



Blinding Dagger x1 100en Y/All
Stun Knife A dagger enchanted with a spell that seals enemy movement.



Stun Knife x1 100en Y/All
Sonic Dagger A light dagger designed for high speed attacks.


Action Speed Increase

Sonic Dagger x1 100en Y/All
Scramasax A large knife designed for combat, in use since ancient times. ATK+21 ---- 100en --
Dagger A small blade that anyone can use. ATK+14 ---- 50en All


Bows are exclusive to Survivalists and Troubadors.

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Special?
Arc Drawer The Ocean King's longbowm whose arcing arrows deeply pierce foes.

ATK+191 VIT+5


Venom Spine x1 163,000en Y
Sarnga Made from the Flower Queen, the arrows it fires grow wings.

ATK+186 TP+30

Royal Vine x1 122,000en --
Ichibal A holy bow used by those who gain the favor of the god of hunting.

ATK+170 HP+30


Crystal Plume x1

52,700en --
Aquael A complex bow with a congusing drawstring mechanism. ATK+159 Black Root x9

Roller Tail x5

39,200en --
Grendawa Its sturdy grip allows for more powerful shots. ATK+145

Calculus x1

Haze Wing x7

34,200en --
Zamiel Bow A demon's bow decorated with feathers that grant the user infinite power.



Throbbing Vine x1 29,400en --
Failnaught A legendary bow that can hit any target.



Giant Wing x1 24,550en --
Arbalest A long-range weapon that easily pierces metal armor. ATK+116 Thorn Stem x3 Death Stem x3 20,450en --
War Bow A large combar bow favored by armies. ATK+108 Strong Web x1 16,300en --
Faerie Bow A cute bow strengthed with lacquer and decorated with faerie wings.



Faerie Wings x4 Faerie Pitch x2 12,200en --
Heaven Bow A legendary bow that can loose shafts at the speed of light. ATK+96 Faerie Wings x3 10,200en --
Vine Bow A bow for advances archers reinforced with animal tendons and vines. ATK+87 Bird Tendon x1 8,180en --
Ill Wind A longbow used by an ancient, warlike tribe.




Stretchy Skin x1 7,210en --
Hunter Bow A light, easy-to-use hunting bow.



Developed Jaw x1 5,730en --
Fin Bow A longbow made out o several brances from forest foliage.


Sea Branch x3 4,700en --
Bat Bow A small bow utilizing the elasticity of bat wings. ATK+65 Bat Wing x1 3,680en --
Hindi A small bow made of coconut bark suited for close combat.



Palm Bark x1 2,450en --
Hereward's Bow A fine bow that requires great skill. A replica of a famous thief's bow.



Bird Limb x1 2,140en --
Long Bow A powerful longbow carved from a giant branch. ATK+54 Leafy Branch x3 1,840en --
Hard Sling A slong slicked with monster's ichor. ATK+45 Sticky Goo x1 1,220en --
Beast Bow A longbow created by stringing a large beast's horn.



Metal Horn x3 490en --
Short Bow An easy-to-carry bow that is strung with a small vine. ATK+32 Vine x1 300en --
Enamel Bow A small bow made from sturdy bone. ATK+24 Enamel Leg x1 120en --
Panic Bow The sound created by the arrows it fires confuses the enemy.



Panic Bow x1 100en Y
Wood Bow A common bow made from carved wood. ATK+19 ---- 80en --


Whips are only available to Dark Hunters.

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Special?
Heaven to Hell A strike from this is said to be able to knock an angel down from heaven. ATK+200 Ant's Jaws x1 181,000en Y
Volt Whip

Whip made from the Storm Emperor's barbel. Calls dowm lighting when




Barbel x1 144,000en --
Dominator Two different-colored straps braided together with beautiful decorations.

ATK+177 HP+30


VineStrand x1

Rose Whip x1

136,000en Y
Rat Whip Leather straps wrapped around an armored rat tail. It can shatter bones. ATK+169 Roller Tail x1 43,500en --
Noir Queen A black whip as aluring as it is evil. ATK+154 Black Root x1 38,000en --
Comet Whip Appears as a star falling through the night sky. ATK+141

Haze Wing x1

Shiver Stinger x3

32,600en --
Tormentor Whip used for torture that's said to lead its victims to heaven.



Angel Wing x3 27,200en --
Whip of Grief The Thorn Stems embedded all along its length cause suffering and grief. ATK+122 Thorn Stem x1 22,600en --
Knout Leather and metal strips twisted together and soaked in monster blood. ATK+113 Demon Fur x1 18,100en --
Nine Tails Royal cat o' nine tails adorned with beautiful ornaments.




Purple Thread x1 13,600en --
Antler Whip A powerful whip combining Gold Antlers and Bird Tendons ATK+101 Bird Tendon x3

Gold Antler x2

11,300en --
Evil Whip Because it uses a Hexroot vine, it is said to being disaster to the enemy. ATK+92 Sap Vine x1 9,070en --
Wind Whip Long whip tipped with crab legs that twine around its target.




Rock Coral x3 Crab Leg x1 6,300en --
Vine Whip Whip with hard throns embedded in it for a higher kill rate.




Squeezing Ivy x1 5,830en --
Shred Whip A whip with a Bloodbear Claw at its end that rips everything apart. ATK+78 Gum Throat x3 Bloodbear Claw x1 5,210en --
Gum Whip Elastic bands woven into the leather reduce weight and increase elasticity. ATK+69 Elastic Skin x1 4,080en --
Toxic Whip A chain with a deadly purple stinger attached for a higher kill rate.



Venom Barb x3

Scrap Iron x5

2,720en --
Plant Whip A whip made froma highly resilient plant. ATK+56 Flex Vine x1 2,040en --
Nail Whip A whip with a large monster claw attached to its tip. ATK+47 Bent Claw x1 1,360en --
Insect Whip A whip with a beetle mandible affixed to the end.



Beetle Jaw x1 550en --
Bullwhip A strong whip made from woven leather straps.  ATK+34 Gum Hide x2 340en --
Fang Whip A whip with a small beast fang attached to its tip. ATK+25 Small Fang x1 140en --
Paralyze A whip that wraps around enemies and  bites at them with a paralytic poison.



Paralyzer x1 100en Y
Light Whip A weapon made from vines, used to attack and restrict enemy movements. ATK+20 ---- 90en --


Katanas are available only to Ronin.

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Special?
Ameno Habakiri A long, ancient katana, noted for being able to slay even gods. ATK+255 HP+80 Story Mode Only

Demon Core x1

295,000en --
Hisamemaru An illusionary katana said to bring rain in battle.



Drake Wing x1 221,000en --
Munechika A katana with a blade shaped lie a crescent moon. Its curve is enchanting. ATk+221 TP+20 Blue Blood x1 108,000en --
Doujigiri It can behead even the toughest oni. ATK+210 Ant Claw x1 70,700en --
Juzumaru A beautiful, unblemished katana. ATK+198 Blue Crystal x1 62,000en --
Kotsujiki A katana made from a Saw Fin that can slice through a beast's very bones.

ATK+181 STR+3

Saw Fin x1 53,000en --
Kijin Daiou Said to have been forged in one night by an oni. ATK+170 Obsidian Fang x1 44,200en --
Kuzunosada Anti-demon wards are etched into its blade. ATK+159 Gold Tusk x1 36,800en --
Zanmatou A magnificent sword, made to slay demons. ATK+148 Crimson Eye x3 29,500en --
Kamui Ranketam A katana granted to those who have achieved recognition from the gods.



Steel Claw x1 27,000en --
Nikkari Said to dismember stone statues in one swipe. ATK+141 Nyx Scythe x1 22,100en --
Monohoshizao A long, slender katana made from ancient technology.

ATK+132 AGI+3

Damascus Ingot x1 18,400en --
Kishido Blade A long, heavy, two-handed sword created through foreigh swordmaking techniques. ATK+120 VIT+2 Hard Shard x3 14,700en --
Ochiba Its strikes are rumored to cause leaves to fall from the trees. ATK+113 Red Blade x1 10,300en --
Iwa-otoshi Its heavy blade can cleave even boulders in two. ATK+102 Bug Nest x1 8,470en --
Oodachi A long-bladed katana made from monster bone. ATK+90 Bone Shard x1 6,570en --
Sensui Shows its true power if its user is cornered.

ATK+84 AGI+2

Tiger Fang x4 4,420en --
Ganryu-jima A long, wooden sword carved by a gamous swordsman on the way to a duel.

ATK+79 HP+20


Jomon Oak x1 3,920en Y
Kurodachi A katana with a simplified grip. It is painted entirely black for stealth. ATK+75 Scrap Iron x1 3,300en --
Nagawakizashi A wakizashi that is the size of an average katana. ATK+64 Violet Ore x3 Leafy Branch x1 2,190en --
Warabite Its tip is curved inward and rounded off.

ATK+57 VIT+1

Bronzite x3 Thorn x1 870en --
Kodachi A katana witht he flexibility of a short sword. ATK+47 Bronzite x1 550en --
Wakizashi A short, sharp katana with a metal blade. Can be used in confined spaces.

ATK+35 AGI+1

Steel Snout x1 220en --
Sasuga Has a sharp edge, despite its small size. ATK+28 ---- 150en --
Kotegiri A katana made with less curvature in order to easily target the arms.


Bind Arms

Kotegiri x1 100en Y


Axes can only be equipped by Landsknechts.

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Special?
Meteor Axe An axe that can shatter the very stars, made from a gigantis ctatue's arm.

ATK+240 HP+50


Statue Arm x1 260,000en Y
Flame Axe A legenday battle-axe that burns when striking a foe.

ATK+229 TP+30


Fire Fang x1 163,000en --
Earth Axe Grants its user the power of the earth. ATK+195 Gray Pincer x1 62,600en --
Corsesca An axe designed to break through any armor. ATK+178 Shiver Stinger x5 54,800en --
Giant Axe Designed with a longer hangle for more power. ATK+166 Sawfish Scale x5 47,020en --
Executioner Axe An axe used to judge the sins of evildoers.

ATK+162 HP+30


Judge Claw x1 44,800en --
Space Axe An axe used to judge the sins of evildoers.



Red Blood x5

Space Husk x3

39,000en --
Bhuj A war axe with a long blade and a knife concealed in the handle. ATK+148 Artificial Hermit x5 Strong Web x3 32,500en --
Francisca An axe made from a special material with a unique curved shape. ATK+137 Drywall x1 26,000en --
Labyris An axe with a beautiful, double-edged blade made of rippling Damascus steel.

ATK+130 VIT+2

Pearl Carapace x3 19,500en --
Breaker A large axe known as "the blade that cracks boulders." ATK+123 Hard Rock x3 16,200en --
Halberd A long weapon that combines a spear with an axe. ATK+112 Gold Antler x1 13,000en --
Great Axe A two-handed steel battle-axe with a heavy hard to deliver powerful blows. ATK+95 Bone Shard x5 Deposit Piece x1 7,510en --
Bardiche A large battle-axe with a rough, crescent-shaped blade.



Black Carapace x1 6,720en --
Tabar A steel axe with a crescent-shaped blade. ATK+84 Steel Chitin x5 5,870en --
Biliomg An axe strengthed with resilient bird claws and wood.

ATK+77 VIT+2

Glow Talon x3

Palm Bark x2

3,900en --
Battle Axe A steel battle axe with a heavy blade designed to sever enemys' limbs. ATK+70 Iron Shell x4

Bent Claw x3

2,930en --
Broadaxe A steel axe with a sharp blade designed to crush enemies. ATK+59 Violet Ore x1 1,950en --
Sekifu An axe made from stone and wolf fangs, stronger than your average iron ore.

ATK+55 VIT+3

Broken Tusk x1 1,200en --
Celtis An L-shaped axe crafted from wolf fangs. ATK+51 Wolf Fang x1 780en --
Hand Axe A small axe made from pyroxene. Stronger and heftier than a Bone Axe.

ATK+44 HP+10

Beetle Whisker x5 Pyroxene x3 490en --
Mantis Axe An axe that was once a living weapon on the arms of a great enemy. ATK+36 AGI+3 Classic Mode OnlyBlood Plate x1 300en --
Bone Axe A small hand axe made from animal bone. ATK+33 Beast Bone x3 Beetle Whisker x2 200en --
Hatchet A light, easy-to-use hand axe. ATK+26 ---- 130en --
Axe of Shivers A crooked axe that shrieks witht he voices of the dead at its victims.



Axe of Shivers x1 100en Y


Staves can be equipped by Alchemists, Medics, Hexers and Troubadors.

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Special?
Sage Wand A legenday wand with a monster's eye, said to confer wosdom upon its bearer.

ATK+170 TP+200


Beast Eye x1 131,000en Y
Asclepius A staff with a snake ornament said to reveal the secrets of life and death.

ATK+148 TP+140


Gold Carapace x3 Roller Spikes x3 31,400en --
War Flail A staff that sharpens the user's senses.

ATK+176 HP+80


Black Root x3

Red Crystal x1

27,500en --
Quest Rod An adventurer's staff that can crush boulders.

ATK+127 TP+100


Throbbing Vine x3 Wing Scale x1 23,600en --
Dragonbone Staff A powerful staff that can shatter an opponent's bones in one strike.

ATK+143 HP+60


Dragon Tail x1 22,000en --
Gold Wand Strengthened with magically charged gold.

ATK+118 TP+80


Gold Tusk x3

Gem Core x3

19,650en --
War Hammer A heavy battle hammer for smashing foes.

ATK+132 HP+40


Space Husk x1 16,300en --
Mystic Rod A cane decorated with a crystal to help focus mental abilities.

ATK+98 TP+50


Crimson Eye x4

Shiny Vine x1

13,100en --
Mirage Rod The dark green gems that adorn this staff project illusions at targets.

ATK+92 TEC+3


Sand Twig x5

Magatama x1

9,820en --
Godendag A staff with a spiked crystal at its tip, used to strike enemies.

ATK+111 HP+50


Sandfish Crystal x3 Sand Twig x3 8,200en --
Luck Staff A mysterious rod said to bring good fortune to its bearer.

ATK+79 LUC+20

Pure Root x3

Dried Peachtree x1

6,550en --
Gridarvol A staff whose sheer size strikes fear in enemies.

ATK+101 HP+40


Story Mode Only

Bull Horn x1

6,240en --
War Mace A steel rod with great weight, used to strike down enemies.

ATK+72 HP+30


Bone Shard x2 3,750en --
Gem Staff A short, thin staff tipped with a perfectly transparent gem.

ATK+59 TEC+3

Sea Pyroxene x1 2,900en --
Rainbow Stick A staff with a crystal orb that refracts light into a pretty rainbow.

ATK+57 TP+40


Clear Core x1 2,450en Y
Pearlescent Staff An oaken staff inlaid with an iridescent coating.

ATK+54 TP+30


Light Wood x4 Rainbow Gel x1 1,950en --
Bone Flail A striking weapon made by linking the wing bones of monsters.

ATK+56 HP+20


Broken Wing x1 1,400en --
Down Staff A two-handed staff decorated with monster feathers.

ATK+40 TP+20


Stretchy Feather x3 980en --
Staghorn A light and durable staff made by repurposing a gallant deer antler.

ATK+31 TP+10


Deer Antler x1 560en --
Amud Staff The crystal on its tip acts as a magical focus.

ATK+36 TP+20

Pyroxene x5

Metal Horn x1

390en --
Camel Flail A striking staff with a camel's tail attatched to it.

ATK+42 HP+20


Story Mode Only

Split Tail x1

350en --
Bone Mace A heavy blunt weapon made with various bones around a wooden handle.

ATK+37 HP+15


Hardwood x5 Monkey Bone x3 240en --
Cranial Hammer A mystical metal hammer that can bind an enemy's head through physical harm.


Bind Head

Cranial Hammer x1 100en Y
Hex Staff A staff with cursed writing all over it.



Hex Staff x1 100en Y
Bone Staff A slightly macabre staff crafted from animal bones.

ATK+21 TP+10


Beast Bone x5 Monkey Bone x1 90en --
Staff A two-handed staff for adventurers who lean towards magic, or just lean. ATK+16 TP+5


---- 60en --
Wand A small staff for focusing the user's magic. Simple, but easy to use. ATK+12 ---- 40en --

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