Weapons are important pieces of equipment that increase ATK and MAT, change the attribute and possibly the range of regular attacks, and enable certain skills. Some weapons can also increase stats or grant additional skills when forged.

Weapons can be bought from Syrik at the Marketplace in Iorys. All weapons can also be sold for 40% of their buy price, except for the lowest level weapons (the kind that new recruits come equipped with), which always sell for 10en.

Turn Speed Edit

Sword Gauntlet Staff Katana Bow Scythe Cannon Coffin
0 -5 -5 -5 +10 +5 -15 +5

Forging Edit

Only weapons that are made from materials (so all but the first two in each category) can be forged.

To forge a weapon, you can use either the materials that were required to unlock the weapon, or one Ingot. Every time a weapon is forged, its "bonus" goes up by +1, increasing its ATK, MAT, and granting extra effects. A weapon can be forged up to 5 times. Using a Bronze Ingot is the same as forging it with materials once. Silver Ingots are the same as forging with materials three times, and Gold Ingots fully unlock a weapon's potential in a single use.

When a weapon has hit +5 bonus, it can be recycled to give a certain number of shards. Every 10 shards you get is converted to its respective ingot. Most weapons yield bronze shards. Weapons crafted from FOE drops or from items gathered far deeper in the labyrinth give silver shards, and those crafted from incredibly rare materials, like conditional drops from stratum bosses or late-game FOEs, give gold shards.

Weapon Skills Edit

Weapons that have skills attached do not give you access to that skill until they are forged at least once. They might be copies of enemy skills, obscure techniques found nowhere else, or just skills learned by other classes. The skill level is equal to the weapon bonus.

Weapon skills go up to Lv 5; the skill level is equal to the bonus of the weapon. Like character skills, the TP cost and effectiveness of the weapon skill increase sharply at Lv 5, so if you're conservative about your TP, consider leaving weapons at Lv 4.

For a full list of weapon skills, see here.

Stat BonusesEdit


Weapon +1 +2 +3 +4 +5
+3 +4 +6 +8 +12
↑↑ +6 +8 +12 +16 +20
↑↑↑ +16 +20 +25 +30 +40


Weapon +1 +2 +3 +4 +5
+4 +7 +10 +13 +18
↑↑ +10 +13 +18 +24 +30
↑↑↑ +24 +30 +36 +45 +60


Weapon +1 +2 +3 +4 +5
+1 +2 +3 +4 +6
↑↑ +3 +4 +6 +8 +10
↑↑↑ +8 +10 +12 +15 +20


Weapon +1 +2 +3 +4 +5
+2 +3 +4 +6 +9
↑↑ +4 +6 +9 +12 +15
↑↑↑ +12 +15 +18 +23 +30

Lists of weapons Edit

All weapons are listed by cost. Clicking on a Material will take you to the stratum where you can gather it or fight the monster that drops it.

Swords Edit

Swords are usable by Fencers, Shamans, and Harbingers.

Name Price Description ATK MAT Extra Materials
Dagger 35 A short blade favored by adventurers and travelers alike, due to its ease of use. 15 15 - -
Shortsword 80 A one-handed sword of a reasonable length. Many people carry one for self-defense. 18 17 - -
Kopis 160 A sword with a curved blade designed for downward motion. 21 19 AGI ↑ Cracked Mudstone
Conical Canine
Batfang Blade 380 A sword made from bat fangs. Its blade is said to be a source of glacial winds. 26 30 Cold Front Dislodged Fang
Conical Canine
Scramasax 550 A single-edged sword suited for cutting. It's popular since it's easy to handle. 32 28 HP ↑ Curved Claw x2
Pallasch 1,160 A sharp-tipped straight longsword. Its crossguard keeps you from dropping it. 40 36 VIT ↑ Broken Claw
Jono 1,820 A curved blade rumored to have the power to disorient one's opponent. 45 35 Panic Assault Bound Hoof
Mandau 2,480 Its grip is carved from a beast carpus, and letters are etched into the blade. 49 49 INT ↑ Giant Humerus
Razor Stone
Cutlass 4,150 A sharp, one-handed broadsword. It was made from polished shards of black ore. 57 53 TP ↑↑ Obsidian x2
Urumi 6,200 A flexible, fine-edge longsword that sits comfortably at one's waist. 63 58 AGI ↑↑ Black Tail
Niabor 7,400 A guardless sword with a cloth attached for the wielder to bind enemy weapons. 69 62 Seal Arms Rusty Blade
Kampilan 12,400 A single-edged sword with a forked blade and a grip that resembles lizard scales. 76 70 VIT Up ↑↑ Chipped Blade
Shamshir 17,600 A crescent-shaped blade with high cutting power. Its pommel curves toward the pinky. 84 77 LUC ↑↑ Thorny Scapula
Kutune Shirka 20,000 Made from fangs of a forest canine. It's carved with primitive patterns. 86 93 INT ↑↑ Camouflage Fang x2
Poignard 24,800 A light, needle-like sword that one can wild easily, even in a nondominant hand. 91 66 Sting Barrage Tremor Needles
Bastard Sword 37,000 A broadsword that takes practice to use. It can be swung with one hand, or two. 103 92 HP ↑↑ Fluorescent Ore
Aslat 53,700 A single-edged longsword. It is sharpest on the outer curve, for brutal slicing. 105 99 STR ↑↑ Statue Shard,
Sharp Mandibles
Akrafena 85,000 A single-edged longsword with a sharp black blade, dotted with curious holes. 127 116 STR ↑↑↑ Devildog Fang
Billao 127,000 A dagger with a crown-like pommel, made from a monster's beak and a canesword. 145 155 INT ↑↑↑ Hard Beak,
Dread Canesword
Snake Sword 162,500 A trick sword that can switch between ensiform and flagelliform shapes. 171 150 Bellows Cut Gelatinous Leg
The Answerer 438,000 It's said to cause wounds that never heal. A magic sword dubbed "The Answerer". 196 176 Bind Claw Transient Pick
Petra Flyssa - A straight sword infused with magic in the forging process. Petrifies foes. 10 10 Petrification Effect Quest Reward
Stun Knife - When this dagger's blade is pulled from an enemy, the pain will stun them. 10 10 Stun Effect Empyreal Bridge 30F
Healing Knife - A utility dagger, modified with tools to aid in administering first-aid treatment. 16 25 Amateur Medic Tutelary Forest 2F
Seal Greaves - A unique sword designed to make ones body feel lighter, and lessen fatigue. 50 72 Unsealer Fetid Necropolis 13F

Katana Edit

Katanas are usable by Masurao.

Name Price Description ATK MAT Extra Materials
Wakizashi 45 A short, sharp katana. It's versatile, and a fine choice in close combat. 18 12 - -
Yamagatana 120 A thick and durable katana, for self-defense while travelling in mountains. 23 16 - -
Uchigatana 340 A katana with an arched blade and heavy ferrule for close combat. 28 18 AGI ↑ Heavy Ferrule x2
Shell Tanto 680 A short katana with a tempered hilt of shells for dealing knockout strikes. 34 23 Knockout Blow Tempered Shell
Kodachi 830 A small but easy-to-use katana. 40 25 VIT ↑ Steely Bucktooth
Namioyogi 2,140 A katana said to be so razor-sharp, its victims cannot feel each cut. 47 32 STR ↑ Razor Stone
Sasanoyuki 3,090 A katana forged from beast claws. Rumor says it can cut through anything. 57 37 TP ↑ Black Dewclaw
Shokudaikiri 4,070 This blade supposedly cut through a bronze candelabrum to kill the villain behind it. 63 26 Power Charge Sharp Pincer
Kashagiri 6,000 A sturdy katana, forged from the sharp outer rim of a monster that shot fire. 69 43 VIT ↑↑ Sharpened Rim x2
Warabite 11,000 A katana with a round tip and a pommel designed in a swirl like young bracken. 80 50 WIS ↑↑ Vampire Crown x2
Kishindaio 17,850 Legend says it was forged overnight by an ogre who commands fire to shape metal. 89 57 HP ↑↑ Imperial Talon
Karakashiwa 25,000 A long, motted katana with no crossguard. Apparently meant to sever mosnter claws. 94 49 Claw Chip Cut-off Blade
Inabakyo 32,100 A katana forged from unknown metal. Its blade is patterned like connected cloves. 106 67 LUC ↑↑ Dull Metal,
Chipped Blade
Sanshobo 48,000 Composed of metal and magic stones. The blade's color resembles a sunset. 118 90 Fireblade Dance Bound Horseshoe
Inoshishigiri 63,300 According to legend, this katana slew a ferocious boar with a single slice. 124 78 HP ↑↑ Jagged Tusk x2,
Fluorescent Ore
Ookanehira 77,400 Despite its length, this katana is very light. It's forged from a statue's core. 130 82 AGI ↑↑ Equestrian Orb
Monohoshizao 139,000 A long, thin katana made from the fangs of a three-headed mosnter. 153 94 VIT ↑↑↑ Devildog Fang x2
Asa-arashi 155,000 A katana that shears through foes like a harsh morning wind through dew on grass. 164 139 WIS ↑↑↑ Curved Blade
Heishin Makai 187,000 A katana forged from the remains of a witch's staff, melted through magic. 175 120 TP ↑↑↑ Dread Canesword
Soboro 254,000 A magic blade made of a hideous monster's fingers. It sharpens with every kill... 200 174 Goreblade Freakish Finger
Ameno-habakiri 720,000 A mythic katana forged from a malformed abomination. It can slay even gods... 228 200 Sonic Mirage Worldeater Core
Kotegiri - A katana that has been slimmed and straightened to better cut foes' arms. 10 10 Arm bind effect Tutelary Forest 5F
Mercy Blade - A dagger that provides "mercy" to those wounded on the battlefield. 10 10 Instant kill effect Quest reward

Scythes Edit

Scythes are usable by Botanists and Harbingers.

Name Price Description ATK MAT Extra Materials
Ropecutter 30 A small sickle named for its common use of sawing through dense rope. 15 15 - -
Grasscutter 75 A sickle with a sharp blade made for cutting and harvesting grass. 19 19 - -
Ore Scythe 150 A scythe forged with ore mined from the labyrinth to sharpen its edge. 23 23 VIT ↑ Mossy Ore
Bunny Sickle 420 A sickle made from the long, sharp fangs of a ferocious bunny monster. 30 30 TP ↑ Steely Bucktooth

Curved Claw

Larva Scythe 770 A large, luminous sickle. It's said that the glow lures out rare monster breeds. 36 25 Rare Breed Rate UP Metal Pincer
Stretched Scythe 1,340 A small battle sickle with a sharp edge, made by hardening and polishing resin. 41 41 AGI ↑ Thick Sap
Magii Irana 1,940 Made from bird pterygoid and beast horn. Its blade is thinner towards the base. 45 45 STR ↑ Crested Wing

Shattered Horn

Harpe 3,750 Its blade curves sharply inward. Made for digging the blade in, then slicing. 56 56 LUC ↑↑ Rusted Metal
Legtaker's Scythe - A large, weathered scythe used for cutting the feet off of prisoners. 10 10 Leg Bind Effect Fetid Necropolis
Revenant Faux 5,600 A large sickle that drains the victim's life by releasing needles from its blade. 64 57 Vampiric Edge Confused Needle
Zalkyacht 7,450 A large sickle made from parts of a casket. Excels at offense and defense. 68 68 HP ↑↑ Empty Casket
Nagigama 11,200 A sickle with a sharp blade and a long hilt made out of hard, processed bark. 73 73 VIT ↑↑ Sharp Batfang x2
Shining Bark x2
Savitt 15,700 A small sickle with a blade longer than the hilt. It's meant for martial arts. 81 81 TP ↑↑ Thorny Scapula
Redglass Shell
Double Scythe 21,100 A large, unique sickle with blades on either side, both coated in neurotoxin. 90 104 Neurotoxin Zapped Dewclaw
Monochrome Sickle 28,400 A large sickle made from sturdy insectoid legs. Its appearance is oddly monochrome. 93 93 WIS ↑↑ Monochrome Leg
Moon Sickle 36,600 A small, crescent-shaped sickle, said to be able to pierce any enemy's hide. 99 99 Vicious Slash Lunar Wood
Calamity Scythe 43,800 It lets out an eerie sound when shaken. Based off a doll that brings misfortune. 105 105 LUC ↑↑ Equestrian Orb
Spectre Hunter 90,000 A large sickle with a winglike blade and a hilt split in three branches. 129 129 VIT ↑↑↑ Impish Wing
Tripod Cedar
Yamato Sickle 116,000 A large sickle that a mother supposedly used to protect her children's lives. 142 147 HP ↑↑↑ Direbug Stinger
Ape Sickle 133,500 A small scythe made of polished primate claws. A specialty weapon for stabbing. 158 135 AGI ↑↑↑ Pointed Claw
Prayer Scythe 155,000 A sharp scythe that's taken many lives. It's also used for martial arts. 170 170 Ruinous Prayer Bloody Sickle
Cradle Edge 395,000 This sickle's shape is reminiscent of a cradle, expressing a kind of tranquility. 187 195 Explosion Stun Barrier
Legtaker's Scythe - A large, weathered scythe used for cutting the feet off of prisoners. 10 10 Leg bind effect Fetid Necropolis 13F
Panic Sickle - This sickle makes a bizarre sound when cutting, which disorients some enemies. 10 10 Panic effect Quest reward
Darkness Scythe - A large sickle with a jet-black blade that steals the light from its victim. 73 75 Blind effect Fetid Necropolis 14F

Cesti Edit

Cesti are usable by Pugilists. (If you're wondering what a cestus is)

Name Price Description ATK MAT Extra Materials
Rope Bandages 25 A durable rope that wraps around the hands to protect your fists in combat. 18 12 - -
Brass Knuckles 65 A weapon that fits over one's fingers. 21 15 - -
Spiked Bandages 120 A handwrap mounted with a forest monster's thorns for attack power. 24 16 VIT ↑ Thorny Vine
Creeper Fist 470 A weapon that's been reinforced with dense, sturdy forest ivy. 33 24 HP ↑ Thick Vine
Crawler Knuckles 700 Covered with deadly Toxipede venom. Spikes amplify its destructive power. 39 27 Poison Jab Metal Pincer
Heavy Ferrule
Suntetsu 940 A rod formed from metal and claws, which you grip to reinforce your strikes. 47 34 AGI ↑ Broken Claw
Plasma Fist 1,510 A strap made from the horn of a lightning beast. It can redirect electricity. 54 49 Galvanic Finger Electric Horn
Leiomano 2,010 A cog-shaped weapon that fits onto your finger. Made from a canine skull. 59 42 TP ↑ Canine Jawbone
Savage Knuckles 4,200 Sharpened bones are set into the weapon, so each punch can also cut the enemy. 67 48 VIT ↑↑ Rotting Dogbone x2
Parasitic Vine
Gryphbreaker 5,000 Made from Hippogryph feathers. The light material makes each blow viciously sharp. 72 55 Rest Gryphon Wingpaw
Kastet 5,850 Also known as the "Skull Crusher", this is made by hollowing a monster's horn. 72 40 STR ↑↑ Blackened Horn
Mirage Fist 8,300 A strange rope, hardened through mana to the strength of steel. Resists heat. 80 68 Insulator Illusory Cloth
Quartz Knuckles 10,000 This handwrap features a layer of hard crystals to increase its durability. 86 60 LUC ↑↑ Quartz Shoot
Rage Fist 14,000 You wrap the cloth around your fist and grip the bar to strengthen your hands. 94 65 TP ↑↑ Crimson Coxcomb
Imperial Talon
Tenouchi 20,000 A metal F-shaped rod that's been hardened by shell fragments. 103 80 Shell Guard EX Rigid Shell
Chitin Bandages 25,400 A broad, flexible sash used as a handwrap. It's made by processing an insect's arm. 113 79 VIT ↑↑ Stickbug Switch
Emeici 39,000 A macelike weight made from a beast horn and sized to fit a hand. 124 81 AGI ↑↑ Twisted Horn x2
Sphairai 68,300 A unique weapon shaped like a ball. Soft padding protects your fists from impact. 143 100 HP ↑↑↑ Alien Tentacle
Blast Piledriver 100,000 Conceals a hidden magic spike. The impact of a punch drives it into your foe. 166 96 Blast Piledriver Bound Needle
Knuckle Guards 135,400 This weapon reaches from hand to elbow, in order to block while you strike. 192 130 LUC ↑↑↑ Eyeball Pauldron
Polydeuces 354,000 By stabilizing your forearm and reducing shaking, this strengthens your strikes. 219 163 Emperor Strike Pachyderm Crown
Toxic Knuckle - A weapon that fits over your fingers. The thorns secrete a powerful venom. 10 10 Poison effect Untamed Garden 21F

Coffins Edit

Coffins are usable by Necromancers.

Name Price Description ATK MAT Extra Materials
Urn Coffin 35 A small pot-shaped coffin that's easy to carry. It's noticeably cracked, however. 13 18 - -
Veil Coffin 90 A tidy, wooden coffin covered with a tasteful cloth for a dignified burial. 16 21 - -
Stone Coffin 135 A stone coffin made by scraping together mossy rocks. Sometimes the lid falls off. 18 34 HP ↑ Mossy Ore
Rib Coffin 390 A coffin wrapped in durable ivy so that it no longer opens on its own. 24 31 WIS ↑ Spiraling Vine
Scarlet Coffin 970 A coffin with a showy crimson lid that protects the wielder's body from cold. 35 38 Chill Ward Scarlet Carapace
Curved Claw
Kitty Coffin 1,280 A weirdly adorable coffin decorated with soft kitten ears on the outer surface. 32 42 LUC ↑ Feline Ear
Golem Coffin 1,680 A giant stone coffin made from a barrier that's protected the labyrinth for ages. 20 55 Hallowed Shield Stoneguard Shard
Jiishi Gaamii 2,000 A ceramic coffin, solid red in color. It has many legs on its underside. 39 51 VIT ↑ Dolomite
Karouto 2,730 A box-shaped coffin with legs, sometimes used in rituals of offering to the gods. 41 61 Holy Flame Long Nose
Floating Coffin 4,550 A coffin made from a floating skull. Its mana keeps it constantly afloat in air. 48 67 TP ↑↑ Floating Cranium x2
Ghost Coffin 8,000 A stone coffin decorated with pure white cloth, sometimes used for real funerals. 56 79 WIS ↑↑ Ivory Sack x2
Beast Coffin 13,600 A coffin with a horizontally-split lid. It's decorated with a beast's hide. 63 84 HP ↑↑ Primate Patagium
Karnice 19,100 A casket with a hidden crystalline core. It rings if the flow of mana stagnates. 69 88 INT ↑↑ Azure Core
Le Cercuei 24,600 A metal, oblong coffin of mana-storing material. It's draped in magical furs. 76 103 Split Spirits Orthrus Fur
Warped Voltstone
Cockpit 35,600 A spherical shell made out of metal. It can be opened or closed with mana. 80 109 TP ↑↑↑ Metal Nutshell
7-Star Coffin 46,900 A squarish coffin made from translucent sheet metal, decorated with seven holes. 86 117 LUC ↑↑↑ Pliable Bark
Iron Maiden 59,200 A woman-like torture device with spikes sticking out of its hollow interior. 106 123 Clinch Cracked Spike
Sorrow Cypress 93,500 A simple, rectangular coffin made out of a uniquely-shaped cypress tree. 98 143 WIS ↑↑↑ Tripod Cedar
Reliquary 140,000 A coffin brimming with an inner light. It's made for departed loved ones. 106 169 Magic Flow Azure Dew
Sarcophagus 179,000 A beautifully-decorated coffin covered in art. Its name means "eater of flesh". 170 194 HP Up ↑↑↑ Warped Ebonhorn
Pointed Claw
Brahmagiri 453,000 A beautiful casket made to grant peace to the dead. It's almost transparent. 150 210 Banefire Breath Draco Lightwing
Cursed Coffin - A terrifying coffin that curses any who touch it. An undying grudge powers it. 10 10 Curse effect Untamed Garden 21F

Bows Edit

Bows are usable by Rovers, Botanists, and Shamans.

Name Price Description ATK MAT Extra Materials
Pigeon Bow 30 A small bow made from local plants and wood. Safe for a child's use. 13 13 - -
Wood Bow 70 A simple bow carved out of wood gathered around the City of Seven Hills. 16 15 - -
Short Bow 110 A compact bow made from tendrils of thorny vines. Designed for portability. 19 17 HP ↑ Thorny Vine
Dartfrog Bow 400 A shortbow that uses stretchy skin to increase the bowstring's elasticity. 25 24 TP ↑ Spongy Epidermis
Sequoian Bow 620 A bow made out of a piece of Yggdrasil. Commonly used to pray for safe travels. 30 35 Aegis Prayer Crooked Tree
Hepelai 990 A small bow-and-arrow set for adventurers. Adorned with feathery, flower-like charms. 34 30 LUC ↑ Turkey Feather
Crossbow 1,560 A ranged weapon that's easy to aim with. The bowstring is made from a fish's fin. 40 36 WIS ↑↑ Flying Tailfin
Killing Shot 2,120 Holding this longbow makes you more sensitive to the presence of monsters. 45 44 Wary Eye Giraffe Fur
Sturdy Branch
Hindi 4,400 A shortbow optimized for close combat. Flexibility increases its firing power. 50 62 INT ↑↑ Elastic Vine
Squirrel Bow 6,200 A longbow that requires power to wield, but can shoot across great distances. 57 50 VIT ↑↑ Tough Membrane x2
Phantom Arch 8,550 A magic bow with a hellfire enchantment, giving each arrow a vicious spin. 62 70 Hellfire Illusory Cloth
Skull Wood
Compound Bow 12,700 A bowstring that relies on pulleys to reduce the power required to fire it. 69 65 TP ↑↑ Bismuth
Elastic Wormskin x2
Long Bow 17,000 A large bow. It's especially powerful thanks to its incredibly elastic string. 80 71 HP ↑↑ Red Forewings
Beast's Bow 26,900 A longbow crafted from exoskeleton parts and reinforced with a beastly tail. 84 73 WIS ↑↑ Fluffy Coldtail x2
Monochrome Leg
Blue Moon Bow 31,600 A war bow like a clear-blue crescent moon. A soft chime accompanies each arrow fired. 90 60 Slaughtershot Azure Dragonhorn
Hunter's Bow 36,400 A small and easy-to-use bow for hunting. It's light, in case of a chase. 91 86 AGI ↑↑ Stiff Branch
Demon's Arch 46,000 If you do not keep yourself well-rested, a demon in this evil bow may seize control. 98 107 Breather Fiendish Mane
Twisted Horn x2
Space Pirate's Bow 72,500 This ranged weapon can even load harpoons made from extraterrestrial materials. 105 70 STR ↑↑↑ Alien Tentacle
Space Cartilage
Hell Shooter 104,000 A massive bow that's powerful, but tough to load. It's made from a flexible wing. 130 128 HP ↑↑↑ Hellish Hindwing
Impulse Arrow 129,000 A massive bow with a mana-infused string. Its high-speed arrows break a foe's guard. 145 167 Rain of Ruin Crushed Ribbon
Failnaught 374,000 A specialist bow for accurate shooting. It boasts stable precision and power. 169 147 Alluring Body Snakebraid Snarl
Slumber Bow - A small bow that can shoot arrows enchanted with sleep-inducing magic. 10 10 Sleep effect Quest reward
Gorgon Arrow - Legend claims if a gifted archer fires this bow, their victims turn to stone. 40 50 Gorgon Shot Jagged Reach 8F

Cannons Edit

Cannons are usable by Dragoons and Warlocks.

Name Price Description ATK MAT Extra Materials
Fire Lance 45 A single-shot firearm that's roughly the same length as a spear. 15 13 - -
Hand Cannon 110 A firearm made by attaching a tube filled with gunpowder onto the tip of a spear. 17 14 - -
Madfa 165 A firearm that can shoot large bullets strengthened with heavy beast fangs. 20 16 HP ↑ Conical Canine
Hakenbuechse 460 A firearm that uses an attached hook to dampen the recoil. 25 23 VIT ↑ Forked Tusk
Shattered Shell
Scissors Cannon 1200 A crimson firearm made from a monster's sharp edges. The barrel is oddly chilly. 30 32 Ice Slicer Cut-off Claw
Zhen Tian Lei 1,970 A cylindrical firearm made from tail thorns. It fires with a roaring din. 39 40 INT ↑ Rodent Tailthorn
Parrot Cannon 2,620 An electric firearm that can handle heat. It's a muzzleloader made from bird beaks. 44 49 Ion Cannonball Electrified Beak
Howitzer 3,280 A short firearm with a blast wave barrier attached to protect the wielder. 48 33 TP ↑ Giant Humerus
Kuni Kuzushi 5,700 A firearm that uses a durable metal tube as a wide opening for ammo loading. 54 47 WIS ↑↑ Dirty Quiver
Arquebus 8,450 The barrel is made from fireproof metal, and the stock from softer material. 59 55 HP ↑↑ Vampire Crown
Mortar 13,400 A mortar that shoots cannonballs and shots of miasma to break walls or kill monsters. 65 40 Stifling Miasma Ebon Breastplate
Sharpened Rim
Wu Lei Shen Ji 17,700 Made from voltaic stone and metal. Shaped like five skinny barrels in a cluster. 70 74 INT ↑↑ Warped Voltstone
Slayer Cannon 25,600 A firearm that can parry great impacts. It can mow down hundreds of foes. 80 50 TP ↑↑ Stickbug Shield
Dargrete 28,900 A thin firearm that's easy to hold. The barrel is festooned with red feathers. 84 68 AGI ↑↑ Dull Metal
Red Forewings x2
Tzar Cannon 41,500 A gun made of ore and shells. Its huge size marks it as the "King of Firearms". 92 84 TP ↑↑ Granite
Metal Nutshell x2
Saker 56,300 A long-barreled gun that resists heat. Designed for small size and long range. 99 89 LUC ↑↑ Sharp Mandibles x2
Jagged Tusk
Troll Howitzer 71,000 A large cannon modified with a heatsink, allowing for more rapid rate of fire. 106 75 Rapid Cannonfire Wicked Armspikes
Star Bazooka 112,000 A firearm worn on the shoulder, with a mechanism connecting barrel to base. 112 90 STR ↑↑↑ Fallen Stardust x2
Zamazama 163,500 A large gun steadied with a tripod base. The barrel has an etched flower design. 135 120 VIT ↑↑↑ Meteorite
Mana Cannon 197,000 A firearm that annihilates its targets with a radiant burst of magical energy. 157 167 TP Traveler Flabby Arm
Checkered Board x2
Gustav 500,000 A large firearm made from a durable keel that boasts maximum firepower and range. 178 154 Vice Crush Dead Dragonbone
Pepper Cannon - A fire arm that can shoot out a unique shell to temporarily blind the enemy. 10 10 Blind effect Quest reward
Paralysis Mortar - A firearm made to shoot bullets that release gas containing a numbing effect. 10 10 Paralysis effect Jagged Reach 9F

Staves Edit

Staves are usable by Warlocks, Shamans and Botanists.

Name Price Description ATK MAT Extra Materials
Wand 40 A staff made from durable wood, used to increase a spellcaster's focus. 12 18 - -
Staff 100 A staff for explorers of the labyrinth. Plain, but light and durable. 15 22 - -
Lactarius Staff 285 A stone made from fungal extracts is set into this staff for arcane power. 18 27 TP ↑ Heavy Ferrule
Feather Staff 1,000 A beautiful, two-handed staff adorned with feathers and an arcane symbol of fire. 25 44 Heat Wave Bear Feather
Herculean Staff 1,800 An octagonal staff made of forest wood. Popular with both climbers and ascetics. 32 50 VIT ↑ Sturdy Branch
Parrot Wand 2,600 A curved staff with bright macaw feathers. Used for both rituals and child's play. 38 57 AGI ↑ Colorful Crest
Scorpio Rod 4,300 A unique staff that can release voltaic energy, made from an electric beast. 41 62 Bolt Smash Sharp Pincer
Rodent Tailthorn
Baculus 6,250 A fiddlehead-shaped staff for festivals. It's affixed with an enchanted skull. 45 70 HP ↑↑ Skull Wood
Cursed Scepter 12,000 An ominous-looking staff, crafted from materials noted for mana conductivity. 48 84 Cursed Flame Bound Manastone
Zhezl 18,000 A snake ornament winds at this staff's tip. It's made of translucent materials. 54 86 INT ↑↑ Selenite
King's Rod 20,000 A haunting death mask is mounted on this staff. It's said to revive the dead. 40 98 Cavalry Arrival Royal Deathmask
Ratatoskr Staff 23,500 A long, crooked staff, shaped like a fire beast's horn. Used for combat and dancing. 93 93 TP ↑↑ Fiery Horn
Reptile Rod 27,000 A staff of processed lizard tails. Looks a bit dubious, but helps channel mana. 67 101 LUC ↑↑ Lizard Tail
Vigil Baculus 31,500 Made from the head of an insect monster. It accelerates the wielder's mana. 55 108 New Challenger Silenced Siren
Rune Wand 38,000 A staff created from stones that channel mana, using carved runes as conduits. 75 113 AGI ↑↑ Rockhorse Ear
Pudding Staff 51,500 A rod with a refined yellow core set into it. Holding it calms the wielder's heart. 79 122 WIS ↑↑ Soft Yellow Core
Stiff Branch
Flower Zhezl 104,000 A staff topped with a bowl-shaped lid. Handy in the rain, or in meteor showers. 94 155 VIT ↑↑↑ Flowering Branch
Creation Rod 186,500 A unique staff affixed with a sheet that generates mana, allowing swift casting. 114 190 WIS ↑↑↑ Checkered Board x2
Filia's Zhezl 531,000 A staff said to be an embodiment of love. The bud at its tip occasionally moves. 154 223 Thunderbolt Bewitching Bud
Crownlock Staff - A staff with simple magic infused to bind an enemy's head with only a light tap. 10 10 Head bind effect Quest reward
Seal Breaker - A staff that banishes all discomfort. It was made to purge fatigue from the body. 20 35 Unsealer Tutelary Forest 4F
Assault Wand - A staff geared for hand-to-hand combat, supposedly designed for crushing blows. 230 1 Heavy Strike Empyreal Bridge 28F