An adventurer showed me a rock he brought from the Golden Lair, and I've never seen anything like it before. I want one, too!


Quest GuideEdit

Kirtida details the quest once you accept it:

"That request is from the connoisseur of stones. He seems to want a stone from B1F of the Golden Lair. It seems he saw a stone that glows red, like lava, and a stone that shines as bright as ice. They both sound highly unusual. Do you think you can indeed dig them up? Could you at least try...? Well, go with your confidence and I shall await your swift return."

You are to attain a Scorch Stone and/or a Frigid Stone from the Magma Spawn and Glacier Spawn respectively. These are conditional drops that require you to defeat the Spawns without using elemental attacks - poison damage or instant kills can qualify, but they only drop when the respective Spawn is enlarged and empowered according to the room temperature.

You gain additional rewards by turning both Stones in, so once you attain a Scorch Stone, take care not to sell it or to complete the quest prematurely before you cool the room and can fight empowered Glacier Spawns.


If only 1 of the two stones are turned in:

  • Item: 2,000en
  • Exp: 2,500 per member

If both stones are turned in:

  • Item: 3,000en
  • Exp: 3,000 per member

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