White Fox (Etrian Odyssey III)Edit

White Fox
This white-furred beast's age can be deduced from the number of its tails. Some live for centuries.
Enemy Data
HP 635
AT 42
DF 41
EXP 2923
Skills Lightning Call, Heavenly Bolt
Items White Fox Fur, Sanguine Tail
Weakness None
Resistance Volt
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The White Fox appears throughout the Porcelain Forest, starting on B17F, but only at night. It's one of the more dangerous monsters in the early floors of the stratum, able to use powerful lightning attacks. It often appears alongside enemies with skills that complement it, such as Rotten Fruit (which can reduce the party's volt resistance with Gel Electrolyte) and Forest Hares (which can increase its allies' elemental damage with Moon Prayer). A Hoplite with Antivolt is highly recommended, and binding its head is also a good tactic.

Skills Edit

  • Lightning Call (Uses Head): Heavy volt damage to one target.
  • Heavenly Bolt (Uses Head):

Related Monsters Edit

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