Trees that grow where strong winds blow have strong roots. Bring me some of these roots so I can use them in construction.


Quest GuideEdit

To accept this quest, talk to Kirtida at the Dancing Peacock.

"That request is from a member of the Carpenters Guild. He wants a tree root to be used in a construction project. He specified that he wants the root to come from a tree that grows in a very windy area. Tharsis has strong winds, but if he is posting a request to explorers, I must assume they are not strong enough. Have you come across any such place in your travels? Well, I shall await your swift return."

The root that the carpenter wants is the Thujopis Root, and it can be found at the Windy Archive. There are multiple locations where you can find the root; the main one is in sector A3, in the fourth square of the fourth row. There is also a chop point in the center of the first row of B1 which has a chance to yield it. Having one or more party members with the Dendrology skill is helpful in this task.

Once you collect the root, return to the Dancing Peacock and talk to Kirtida to claim your reward.

"Welcome back. Is this the tree root the carpenter wanted? Very well. I will keep it safe as I deliver it. I assume since it comes from a place called the Windy Archive, that the winds were quite strong there... I pity any female explorers in skirts who venture in. But regardless, I again thank you for your hard work."


  • 5000 en
  • 19000 exp