o"Fierce winds stroke a fiercer flame"

Gusts of wind from the north blow away the unwary. The Black Flame is secured deep within; records say it has burned here for centuries

Windy Archive (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

This cave is the cave you'll go to in order to obtain the "Black Flame" so you can reach high altitude elevation. It's advised you keep a good check on your map so you'll know where you can venture so you won't be swept back to the beginning. Unlike previous caves there are no FOEs around at all, unless you want to count the strong winds as an enemy.

Gather PointsEdit


  • Pachypodium
    • A thick, thorn-covered clustered stalk
    • 250 en
  • Thujopsis Root
    • Sturdy enough to withstand gale winds
    • 750 en


  • Hyacinth Petal
    • A petal that's lovely when floating on water
    • 250 en
  • Myrciaria Fruit
    • This fruit's skin has myriad uses
    • 750 en


Small ChestEdit

  • B/1-4/2: Heretic's Mask


  • C/3-4/3: Obtain the Black Flame

Monsters FoundEdit


  • Wind resistance - Trees that grow where strong winds blow have strong roots. Bring me some of these roots so I can use them in construction.
  • Approaching danger(QR Quest) - Can you get Crimson Fur x4 from the Flame Lynx in the Windy Archive and deliver it here?

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