"But I gotcha back when it comes to weapons and armor! I gotta lady boner harder dan steel for dat stuff!"

Whynne portrait
In-game portrait of Wynne.
Personal Details
Race Human
Gender Female
Professional Details
Affiliation Tharsis
Faction Berund Atelier
Voice Actors
Japanese Suge Ayaka
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Wynne is an energetic young girl who makes a living as a smith in the Berund Atelier. Although young, she is very capable in the forge, and will craft a large multitude of items for the player, so long as they supply her with raw materials.

Personality Edit

Wynne is very beloved by the people of Tharsis. Her demeanor has been likened to that of a playful puppy, and her overall giddiness is highly infectious. She tends to have a crude way of speaking similar to Shilleka that suggests she lived a country life before working in Tharsis.

Quests Edit

She also has several requests that she'll occasionally send to the Dancing Peacock. Most of these simply ask you to gather a handful of items for the completion of a weapon, but in one quest she'll ask you to escort her through the Dense Bushland.

Although she is the only one you're able to talk to, she doesn't run the Berund Atelier. She works for the person who does; however, you never meet her master, nor does the master ever speak to you.