Wyvern is a powerful FOE that can be usually found early in the game, but which possesses boss-like stats higher than the boss of the stratum she lives in. Its FOE avatar is black, so she can be considered an extra boss.

She is a horned, draconic creature with pale green skin, orange belly and wings instead of arms. Its two legs have huge claws and it has a rather lightweight, aerodinamic frame optimized for flying.

She likes to nest in forests, as does the Wyrm. There have been multiple cases of Wyrms taking over Wyvern territory, forcing the Wyverns to relocate.

Wyvern (Etrian Odyssey)Edit

Wyvern (Etrian Odyssey I)
A beast that makes its nest in the Primitive Jungle. Be prepared before challenging it.
Enemy Data
HP 8000
AT 260
DF 107
EXP 250,000
Skills Talon, Tailwhip, Tornado
Items Tough Wing, Tough Fang
Weakness Stab
Resistance Volt
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The Wyvern nests on an open area of the Primitive Jungle. She is an optional boss that you can fight anytime with no previous requisites. You are not forced to engage it; however, her nest is close to a secret path that you need to find in order to keep going. Your options are to either lure her away from the path, or slay the creature, but fighting her when you just met will most likely result in a Game Over screen.

Later in the game, her nest is taken over by the Wyrm, and the Wyvern is forced to relocate elsewhere.

Skills Edit

  • Talon (Uses ???):
  • Tailwhip (Uses ???):
  • Tornado (Uses ???):

Conditional DropEdit

  • To get its conditional drop, for the Toungh Fang, you must kill Wyvern in 3 turns or less.

Wyvern (Etrian Odyssey II)Edit

Wyvern (Etrian Odyssey II)
An ancient dragon that soars through the skies. It can scorch the earth with its intense heat.
Enemy Data
HP 8000
AT 90
DF 90
Skills Talon, Tail Whip, Tornado
Items Tough Wing
Weakness Bash
Resistance Cut, Stab
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Skills Edit

  • Talon (Uses arms): Melee attack to 1 party member.
  • Tailwhip (Uses legs): 2 to 5 stab attacks across random party members, may poison.
  • Tornado (Uses arms): Binds random body parts of the entire party.
  • Sky Ray (Uses head): Ranged volt attack across the entire party, may paralyze.

Conditional DropEdit

  • To get her conditional drop, the Tough Wing, you must kill Wyvern in 7 turns or less.

Wyvern (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold) Edit

One of the ancient wyrms, who soar high in the sky, scorching the land below in blinding light.
Enemy Data
HP 33000
AT 80
DF 55
EXP 320,000
Skills Wing Talon, Tail Strike, Burning Ray, Sharp Roar, Whirlwind
Items Wyvern Talon, Paralyzed Wing (conditional)
Weakness Ice
Resistance Fire, Stun, Fear, Panic, Blind, Arm bind, Leg bind
Immune Volt, Instant Death, Petrify
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Wyvern returns in the remake of Etrian Odyssey II, keeping her same role as in the original game as a postgame boss and the guardian of the ultimate gun, the Agnea, one of the strongest guns in the game. Her fight is nearly identical to the one in the first untold game, with just a single new attack. However, she is a lot more powerful this time around, so great care must be taken if you wish to challenge this powerful foe.

She can only be fought in the postgame, after taking the quest "The Waiting Wyvern", and is found in the deepest room of the secret area on 1F. Prior to commencing the battle, Artelinde hands you the Yggdrasil Staff, one of the strongest staves in the game.

Before fighting her, you may want to bring protection against head or leg bind, if any characters in your party rely on skills that use said body parts. Volt Mists or skills that weaken volt attacks are useful too (Volt Wall won't be as helpful). Skills that buff your defense and lower the attack power of the boss are useful as well. If you wish to bind her, keep in mind that she resists both arm and leg bind, so a character with high luck and skills that improve binding chance may be required. Having the party at level 55 or higher (maybe 60 or higher on Expert) is the recommended state at which to engage the Wyvern.

Wyvern's main attack is Burning Ray, a very powerful, single target volt-elemental attack. This attack inflicts over 500 damage on higher difficulties, and is likely to kill most classes in a single hit, unless your level is very high. Since this attack is hard to predict, Volt Wall isn't as useful in this fight, although the Wyvern will always open the fight with this move. Wing Talon deals heavy damage to a single target as well, but since it's a physical attack, the damage can be lowered a lot easily, so it won't be as much of a problem as Burning Ray. Tail Strike deals heavy damage to a single character and splash damage to adjacent targets, and is by far the most dangerous attack, as the damage is often lethal, especially on the main target of the attack. If it targets the back row, it can easily wipe most of your weaker characters. Having a character with Provoke or similar skills help to control this attack a lot better, and protects your weaker characters from it, although it will take a very powerful tank to survive it, even with damage mitigating skills. Sharp Roar pierces across character rows, dealing heavy damage and inflicting both stun and head bind. Whirlwind is another dangerous move, as it inflicts leg bind on your entire party. This will slow them down greatly, increasing the chances of the Wyvern moving first and making it harder from healing from damage in time for the next attack. Whirlwind is always used on every 5th turn, so having a character put up a Barrier can nullify this move while the rest of the party goes on the offensive.

Skills Edit

  • Burning Ray (Uses Head): Deals massive volt damage to a single target.
  • Wing Talon (Uses Arms): Deals massive bash damage to a single target.
  • Tail Strike (Uses Legs): Massive bash damage to a single character and splash damage to adjacent targets.
  • Sharp Roar (Uses Head): Pierces across character rows, dealing heavy damage. May inflict stun and head bind.
  • Whirlwind (Uses Legs): Inflicts leg bind on the entire party.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • In order to obtain Wyvern's conditional drop, the Paralyzed Wing, you must kill her while she is inflicted with paralysis. Selling this to the shop unlocks the Kerykeion and the Wyvern Spear, which are amongst the strongest staves and spears in the game.

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