Scientific magicians who manipulate the etheric energy of the stars. Highly valuable in battle.
In-Game Description, Etrian Odyssey III

The Zodiac is a class from Etrian Odyssey III that specializes in astrological magic to deal elemental damage. They would be the magical component to any generic RPG party.

The Zodiac is like an Alchemist without the poisoning aspects. They are the reliable class for high elemental damage and dispatching any enemy that has a high defense or resistance to physical attacks. They wear Clothing and cannot equip any special weapons. Books are the ideal weapons for a Zodiac, as they usually come pre-forged with TEC attributes. They would have the lowest starting STR in the game if it weren't for the Farmers. While they have a high output, they cannot take too much damage, courtesy of their horribly lacking defenses and HP.


They play like an Alchemist, though with only the basic Fire, Ice and Volt elements. With their Star and Binary skills, they can inflict elemental damage upon an enemy or enemies respectively. Physical damage they deal with Meteor comes at a high price, but it is their highest-damage spell. Is best used in conjunction with a Gladiator's Charge. Their only real defensive capability comes from their elemental Prophecies, which will negate the specified elemental attack directed at the party and counter with a powerful elemental attack. They also have a skill that can nullify TP spent by a certain row. Zodiacs are a class to invest into and will pull their weight in any party with powerful skills, but they have terrible TP efficiency, somewhat buffered by the strategy of one Zodiac using Dark Ether on other Zodiacs. Aside from that, they are useful in all combat situations provided you have a living front row and your Zodiac is not a part of it.

Stat ProgressionEdit

Does not include any stat bonuses from skills, equipment, Books, or Retirement.

1 32 36 4 12 4 6 4
35 158 189 19 41 22 28 26
70 287 347 34 71 40 52 48
99 368 444 44 89 51 66 62

Skill TreeEdit

Skills are listed in the same order used in the game and do not necessarily unlock one after another. See the "Requires" column to see how to unlock a skill. If that cell has dashes in it, no other skill is needed to unlock it. Skills are normally maxed at level 10, but there are some exceptions where the level cap is 5 or even 1.

  • Class Skills are passive benefits unique to the primary class.
  • Mastery Skills are prerequisites for skills and equipment, along with a minor passive benefit.
  • Passive Skills automatically grant bonuses or effects whenever conditions are met.
  • Fire Skills, Ice Skills, and Volt Skills are elemental attacks/spells that depend on TEC for damage.
  • Bash Skills deal bash damage.
  • Special Skills encompass any ability not covered by another category.
  • Search Skills are only used out-of-battle.
  • Extra shows skill detail or any special bonuses that are gained at certain levels.
Skill Description Type Requires Extra
Ether Mastery Zodiac skill that raises all elemental affinity attacks. Class -----
Fire Mastery Prerequisite for fire skills that increases fire attack damage. Mastery -----
Ice Mastery Prerequisite for ice skills that increases ice attack damage. Mastery -----
Volt Mastery Prerequisite for volt skills that increases volt attack damage. Mastery -----
Singularity Damage increases when attacking an enemy's elemental weakness. Passive Dark Ether Lv5 Max Lv5
Etheric Return Regain TP each time you defeat an enemy. Passive Etheric Charge Lv5
Singularity Lv5
Max Lv5
Fire Star Astrological flame does fire damage to one enemy. Fire Fire Mastery Lv1
Binary Fire Astrology calls forth flames that do fire damage to all enemies. Fire Mastery Lv5
Fire Prophecy Prevent fire attacks from an enemy and counter with your own flame. Fire Star Lv5
Binary Fire Lv5
Max Lv5
Ice Star Astrological glaciers do ice damage to one enemy. Ice Ice Mastery Lv1
Binary Ice Astrology calls forth an ice spear that damages all enemies with ice. Ice Mastery Lv5
Ice Prophecy Prevent ice attacks from an enemy and counter with your own ice. Ice Star Lv5
Binary Ice Lv5
Max Lv5
Volt Star Astrological lightning does volt damage to one enemy. Volt Volt Mastery Lv1
Binary Thunder Astrology calls forth lightning for volt damage to all enemies. Volt Mastery Lv5
Volt Prophecy Prevent volt attacks from an enemy and counter with your own. Volt Star Lv5
Binary Thunder Lv5
Max Lv5
Meteor Call down meteors to deal strike damage to random enemies. Bash Horoscope Lv5
Etheric Return Lv3
Etheric Charge Concentrate to increase damage with elemental attacks. Special Dark Ether Lv5 Max Lv5
Dark Ether One row of allies will be able to use skills at no TP cost. Special ----- Max Lv5
Horoscope Reveals the location of nearby FOEs for a limited time. Search ----- Max Lv5

Subclassing Edit

As Main Class:

Gladiator: For Meteor-based builds; stacking Berserker's Vow and Charge can lead to devastating damage output. However, this is very TP heavy (which may need the support of a Ninja/Zodiac for Dark Ether) and can leave the Zodiac vulnerable when activating Berserker's Vow (which may need the support of a monk only slightly slower in speed than they for healing, or the addition of a Hoplite or Prince with Bodyguard).

Arbalist: As well as being able to equip Crossbows, this gives them access to Elemental Barrages and perhaps most importantly, Double Action. Recommended for Elemental-based Zodiacs.

As Subclass:

Ninja: Keburi no Sue mitigates a great deal of the ninja's TP consumption, rendering Dark Ether a free ticket to at least one row of your party never using TP. During turns when the rest of the party isn't using TP heavy skills, the ninja can use them to set up Otori and Kumogakure to make themselves a reliable dodgetank, or can even choose to dispense elemental damage using a nigh-unlimited TP source or deflect enemy elemental attacks with Elemental Prophecies.

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